2017 Gambia Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
ChildFund The Gambia
Participating Organizations:
Reliance Financial Services
Gunjur Radio Jannehkoto FM
Kombo North Federation
Number of children reached directly: 42

Throughout the Global Money Week 2017, ChildFund The Gambia, along with its local partner Kombo North Federation, organized interesting and fun events as part of the Week’s celebration. The youth participants and their parents had the opportunity to take part in an intergenerational dialogue with a non-bank financial institution, Reliance Financial Services. During this main activity, the importance of saving money and building a culture of saving and investment was emphasized. Another event that marked this year’s Global Money Week campaign was a radio talk show that took place on the Gunjur Radio Jannehkoto FM, a community radio station located at Gunjur, Kombo in the south western region of The Gambia. Three different panels, composed of four children each, discussed various topics including finances, indirectly reaching out to Gambian children and youth and increasing awareness on money related matters.

2014 Gambia Money Week

Family Therapy Association of Gambia
Youth Movement Against Crime (YMAC)
Centre for Peace and Development Studies (CPDS)
Date of the event:
19th of March
Number of children reached:

Gambia’s Global Money Week lead organization The Family Therapy Association of Gambia organized a financial education awareness workshop on the 19th March, in collaboration with the Youth Movement against Crime, and the Centre for Peace and Development Studies. The workshop was attended by children and youth, who have physically challenged parents, to sensitize them on the importance of saving money, and how, if they start with small amounts their savings will add up and have a big impact on their life in future.

The reason why the majority of children targeted in this event are children whose parents are often disabled or blind is because these children are often encouraged to support their parents by begging and asking for money. The Family Therapy Association feels that one of the ways that they can offer support to these children is by sensitizing them to the importance of saving money and how it will impact their life in future.

There is no financial support available to disabled parents or their children so this campaign aims to raise awareness to bring optimum support for everybody regardless of their race, color or financial background. The Family Therapy Association of Gambia believes that by educating children about their financial options they will be better equipped to fight poverty and unemployment in the future.


2013 Gambia Money Week

Name of organizing entity - Family Therapy Association of the Gambia Partners - Youth Movement Against Crime; Imam Malic school; Trust Bank; KMC; Julbrew
Date of the event - 15th - 21st of March
Number of children reached - 50

The aim of the project in Gambia during Global Money Week was to help to raise awareness that vulnerable children should have the opportunity to attend school and to bring unity and cohesion to each family by providing education and financial education to each family. Topics discussed were the financial problems of vulnerable children and youth and how to start their own saving accounts. They also discussed issues affecting children in their social life problems like child bullying, effective parenting, family planning, good economic planning for children and youth, child support trough family bank government and private individuals. Handouts were distributed to families to educate them on financial and mental health.

Name of organizing entity - ChildFund the Gambia
Partners - Aflatoun
Date of the event - 11th of April

In Gambia ChildFund the Gambia celebrated Global Money Week and Aflatoun Day on the 11th of April with round table discussions, group discussions, presentations by children, drama by Aflatoun children, and group work on the theme “Your choice in a coin”. The celebration was marked by the speeches by the MC of the opening ceremony – Lamin Darboe, the Director of Regional Education Directorate, the UNICEF Country Representative and the Minister of Basic and Secondary Education. Exciting presentations were given by the President of GCCI by different Banks in the Gambia (GTB, Trust B, Access B, and Central Bank), and a NACCUG Statement by Director Regional Education Directorate.