2017 Zimbabwe Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
People’s Own Savings Bank
Junior Achievement Zimbabwe
Participating Organizations:
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education
Radio Zimbabwe
Stanbic Bank and Thrive Microfinance for Women and University of Zimbabwe
Number of children reached directly: 309 800
Number of children reached Indirectly: 186 656

During GMW 2017 in Zimbabwe, amazing celebrations were organized and led by the People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB) and Junior Achievement (JA) Zimbabwe, in partnership with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Education and the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, giving children and youth the opportunity to attend financial education lectures at 105 schools in Zimbabwe. On 28 March, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange was festively opened by students from three schools. In addition, People’s Own Savings Bank hosted groups of students at their various branches for educational sessions to explain the day-to-day operations of a financial institution. The students had the unique opportunity to go around to each of the bank’s work stations and met with the Senior Branch Manager for a final presentation and discussion. Furthermore, during GMW 2017, students from 10 universities attended a debate competition live on radio under the theme Learn.Earn.Save. Additionally, via Facebook and Twitter posts, POSB and JA Zimbabwe provided financial advice to the Zimbabwean youth, and organized online competitions to raise awareness on the GMW 2017 theme.

2016 Zimbabwe Global Money Week

Lead Organisation(s):
The People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB)
Junior Achievement (JA) Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
Zwteens, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation, National Youth Council, Star FM, Kidzcan Association, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe,Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Ministry of Finance
Date of event:
14th - 20th of March
Total number of children & youth engaged: 45 000
Total indirect reach: 2 500 000

The People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB) Zimbabwe partnered with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, the Ministry of Youth, Indigenization and Empowerment and other organizations to celebrate Global Money Week 2016 in Zimbabwe. Nationwide, ten different activities were held by POSB and its collaborating institutions. Students in all provinces of the country were given the opportunity to participate in an essay competition on the subject of saving and winners of the competition received various prizes. Two finalists from each province were given $50 seed money to open a Juniorsave account with POSB. This year, all POSB branches across Zimbabwe opened their doors to schools in their communities, for students to visit POSB banking halls and observe the day-to-day operations of the bank. A total of 96 schools visited POSB branches across the country during the week. The Bank’s branch officials also visited two schools in low income and rural areas to give financial education lessons to students. POSB Zimbabwe also launched a youth credit scheme in partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Indigenization and Economic Empowerment.

Junior Achievement Zimbabwe, in partnership with MBCA Bank and POSB, organized financial education workshops in the cities of Harare, Mutare, Bulawaya and Kwekwe. More than 9000 students attended these workshops, which were aimed at raising awareness about financial literacy issues – including financial ethics, money, saving, budgeting and spending. Participating students were given the opportunity to open savings accounts and give practical lessons on how to operate an ATM. Other activities held in Zimbabwe to commemorate the week included football and network tournaments, and a bazaar to promote indigenous business.


2015 Zimbabwe Global Money Week

The People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB), Junior Achievement (JA) Zimbabwe (Aflatoun Partner), Zwteens, Bank of Zimbabwe; Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, MBCA Bank
Date of event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:
10 000

Zimbabwe joined the world in celebrating the Global Money Week in 2015. The Minister for Primary and Secondary Education officially launched the Global Money Week celebrations at a ceremony organized by the People Own Savings Bank (POSB). 120 students from various local high schools attended the launch and spent the day at the POSB. The student underwent a financial literacy program focusing on the significance of saving and how to develop a business proposal. In groups of 10, the students were tasked to simulate business proposals. The top 3 winning groups won funded Youth Accounts. The students were also given a presentation on career choices in the banking sector. People Own Savings Bank launched a youth friendly banking product called the Youth Account on 9 March.

The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe played host to youngsters from zwTEENS. The Governor stressed on the need for young people to be proactive and push for the implementation of policies that focused on their socio-economic empowerment. He noted that there was need for banks to have low cost banking products and services to ensure financial inclusion of children and youth. The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange also opened its offices to students from Hilbright Science College and held a ceremonial bell ringing event to commence trading. The students had first hand exposure to trading on the floor. The Product Development Manager of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange gave a presentation on the history of the capital market and how they operate. He also talked about the investment opportunities that are available for the youth and answered questions from the students.

Junior Achievement (JA) Zimbabwe and ZwTeens organized school trips to the MBCA Bank to learn more about banking and savings. The trip also provided an opportunity for the student to receive career counseling and assistance on how to write CVs, prepare for job interviews and professional etiquette. In total, 7 schools attended the bank visit.


2014 Zimbabwe Global Money Week

Junior Achievement Zimbabwe
Plan Zimbabwe
Mutasa PU
The Merchant Bank of Central Africa
Barclays Bank
Date of the event:
10th – 17th of March
Number of children reached:

Zimbabwe hosted a number of activities in various provinces supported by Plan Zimbabwe, Camfed, The Merchant Bank of Central Africa (MBCA), Barclays Bank and other financial institutions. Junior Achievement Zimbabwe celebrated Global Money Week at their 4 branches: Mutare, Kwekwe, Bulawayo and Harare. The JA office in Mutare collaborated with Plan Zimbabwe and The Merchant Bank of Central Africa (MBCA- a subsidiary of Nedbank) to host bank visits. The event was to help demystify the notion that banking is the preserve for adults only and that banks are not accessible to young people. After the bank visit the children met in the Plan Zimbabwe boardroom for the Skype call which was quite successful and interesting. The children managed to communicate with their counterparts from Ethiopia, Philippines and Afghanistan. Young people learnt how to communicate, the value of savings and budgeting. In the Midlands Province (Kwekwe), there was a joint activity with Barclays Bank, Amalgamated Motor Corporation motive and 6 high schools in Kwekwe. The students had a special day named 'Make a Difference Day' where they visited the bank to discuss topics regarding what inspired them to get into the small businesses the students were running, and what challenges were they facing in their businesses now. There were also exhibitions from the different companies in the schools and speeches were made during the event.

The Seed Money Program celebrated Global Money Week by boosting awareness of their program within the young Zimbabwean female entrepreneurial network by increasing their profile they have in directly improving the youth's basic knowledge of financial literacy.


2013 Zimbabwe Global Money Week

Name of organizing entity - Camfed Zimbabwe

Date of the event - 15th - 21st of March

Number of children reached - 10 000

During Global Money Week in Zimbabwe young women mentored their peers to access and effectively deploy micro grants for business in 24 districts through the Seed Money Program.