2017 United States of America Global Money Week

Participating Organizations:
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Monetary Museum
Children directly reached: 154

Throughout the Global Money Week 2017, local children and youth will engage in the initiative through guided tours of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Monetary Museum.

During the Week, young people will be able to engage themselves at the Story of Money and Cash Overlook exhibits to explore the evolution of money and the Federal Reserve System’s work in support of the United States’ payment system.

2016 United States Global Money Week

Leading Organization:
Operation Hope
Date of the event:
14th – 20th of March
Total number of children & youth engaged: 3 372
Total indirect reach: 485

Across 10 cities in the United States, Operation HOPE, a global leader in financial empowerment, conducted 46 events in celebration of Global Money Week. Throughout the week, students ranging from 4th grade through the college level participated in a variety of events, including financial education workshops. In these workshops, Operation HOPE’s “5 module financial empowerment curricula” was taught by volunteer instructors from banks, financial institutions and the broader community. Other events included entrepreneurship workshops where Operation HOPE’s “6 module entrepreneurial education curriculum” was taught by volunteer instructors from the business sector. In Atlanta, Georgia, where Operation HOPE is headquartered, HOPE Founder and CEO, John Hope Bryant spoke to a group of students at Clark Atlanta University about their financial futures and discussed his book “How the Poor Can Save Capitalism”. Additionally, high school youth in Atlanta had the opportunity to attend a career fair where Operation HOPE shred their wisdom on how making wise financial decisions can impact your financial future and career path. This event was hosted in conjunction with the Atlanta Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Additionally, a live-stream workshop entitled “Budgeting your Goals” was conducted by Mr. Jose Fulgencio (Oklahoma State University Educational Media and Technology Association), a certified financial education instructor. For his first time participating in Global Money Week, he hosted a live stream workshop for participants to learn how to budget their money effectively in order to reach their budgeting goals. “Budgeting your Goals” was an interactive webcast with a live twitter chat that showed participants how to set up a budget using google spreadsheets to meet their budgeting goals for 2016. He addressed questions about how to establish budget goals, the difference between needs versus wants in a budget, and why it is important to budget for a rainy day. Participants are able to copy the spreadsheet and work on it on their own.

"Overall, the experience was a success. Our SunTrust team and Ushers New Look guides were able to really interact with the students and work on a personal level. The result, true life empowerment!"Atlanta Youth Empowerment Group Team, United States of America
“Over the past 20 years, I’ve volunteered with a number of different organizations – all of which had worthy causes. However, I struggled to find satisfaction in act of volunteering itself, and I never got to see the results of my efforts. Operation HOPE has given me the opportunity to have a direct impact on student’s understanding of personal finance. Watching a young child comprehend a new idea is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences, and I get to share these moments with the students every time I volunteer. Personal finance is a subject that is relevant to every single person on the planet today. Operation HOPE helps countless students learn how to manage their money and live dignified lives.”Joel Hornbostel, HOPE Corps Volunteer, Banking on Our Future, United States of America

2015 United States Global Money Week

Operation Hope
Operation Hope DC
Operation Hope Oakland/Bay Area
K@W High School
Dr. Barbara O'Neill
Date of the event:
9th – 17th of March
Number of children reached:
2 700

Activities and events were held from coast to coast across the United States to celebrate 2015 Global Money Week led by Operation HOPE, Inc., a non-profit organization. Operation HOPE provides financial literacy empowerment and economic education to youth and adults.

Operation Hope organized Global Money Week activities throughout the United States. Operation Hope’s leading program, Banking On Our Future, is led by HOPE Corps volunteers who have comprehensive training in financial literacy and teaching techniques. BOOF students are given the tools they need to take control of their financial futures - by learning about empowerment, responsibility, and hope.

2600 students in Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver, Los Angeles and Philadelphia took part in HOPE Business In A Box trainings - four hour primer courses on entrepreneurship and business management. Students learned the process of turning personal interests, dreams and skills into viable business ideas, while learning the art of pitching their ideas. These courses were taught by local professionals and business owners and help kids develop skills in public speaking, critical thinking, and project management.

K@W High School in Philadelphia Pennsylvania offered lesson plans for high school teachers interested in teaching students about money.

Dr Barbara O'Neill provided lectures on the topic of financial literacy at Rutgers University in New Jersey. She also shared her "52-week Money Challenge" on social media, inspiring wider audiences to take up her challenge to think about money.


2014 United States Global Money Week

Operation Hope
Sammy Rabbit
Youth Tech Conference
$altMoney.org Promo Event at Kansas State University Graduation Fair
Allowance for Good
Date of the event:
10th – 11th of March

During Global Money Week several organizations with headquarters in the United States participated in the global celebrations, organizing a range of innovative activities. Operation HOPE hosted the Banking on Our Future program in Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver, Los Angeles, Oakland, Philadelphia, Portland and Washington DC. 1000 young people, ranging from elementary school through to high school, were empowered with information on budgeting, managing bank accounts, credit, investment and savings. While Sammy the Rabbit taught children about saving habits through fun and interactive activities.

A YouthTech conference was attended by 30 ICT experts and international development professionals. The conference was an intimate, informal and personal discussion lead by speakers from Making Cents International, Bankable Frontier Associates and Intermedia. The main discussion point was “Mobiles and Youth Financial Inclusion”.

Kansas State University's student run peer-to-peer financial counseling center called Powercat Financial Counseling hosted a table at the Kansas State Graduate Fair. They provided resources to students about their peer-to-peer financial services. They also had a computer at the stand to encourage students to learn about and register for the free financial tool called SaltMoney.org. SaltMoney.org ($ALT) is an interactive platform created by non-profit American Student Assistance which has videos, lesson and tools on a variety of financial topics including student loans, credit, budgeting, job negotiating, identity theft, etc.

Allowance for Good (AfG), an Evanston (IL) based non-profit, promoted their financial literacy lessons during Global Money Week. The unit on financial literacy is targeted to 13-18 year olds and includes sections which encourage pupils to define and think about how they keep track of their money, how they budget, the importance of banking and saving accounts, and the importance of financial literacy in the larger framework of philanthropy and individual giving. Students have received homework about tracking theirs, and their families’, expenses for the week to make them more aware of how much money they spend individually, and overall what their family spends.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, the Aflatoun members celebrated Aflatoun Day by launching their business, Mighty Plants. The club took a specially-planned field trip to the local Farmer Supply store to do some pricing on veggie and herb plants. Mighty Plants will deliver 15 sets of “Sangria Peppers” and potted herbs to residents in our neighborhood who need help starting new family gardens. This is through a partnership with the University Garden Club, who will be donating garden kits and free compost from the City of Little Rock, Arkansas.

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2013 United States Money Week

Name of organizing entity - Operation HOPE

Partners - Operation HOPE Blog

Number of children reached - 2 400

Banking on Our Future classes were held during Global Money Week in 11 cities in the U.S., which were free of charge for schools and communities. They are led by HOPE Corps volunteers who have undergone comprehensive training in financial literacy and teaching techniques.

The students were given the tools they need to take control of their financial futures—with a message of empowerment, responsibility, dignity and hope.