2017 Uganda Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Participating Organizations:
Youth Venture , Ashoka , Anzisha Prize under African Leadership Academy , PEDN , USAID/Feed the Future Youth Leadership for Agriculture , Aflatoun International , Department of International Development (Dfid), Bank Of Uganda , Opportunity Bank (U) Ltd , Finance Trust Bank , Airsave , NCDC , Ministry Of Education and Sports , Amani Initiative , Organisation name , Vision Group , GIZ , Uganda Scouts Association , Uganda Girl Guides Association ,Youth Partnership Uganda (YPU), Capital Markets Authority , Makerere University Business School , EducationPlus Schools , Ministry of Finance and Economic Development , Ministry of Gender , Uganda Broadcasting Corporation and Radio , ACI Uganda , Jack & Jill Primary , Organisation name, Organisation name, I Profile Foundation,United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Bolton Uganda, Finance Trust Bank, Centenary Bank, Diamond Trust Bank (DTB), Citibank (U) Ltd, Citi Foundation, NCDC, FINCA, Spouts Filter, PEDN, The East African Business Week, BRAC Uganda microfinance limited, AIESEC, TTMS, 73rd Parliament Uganda, Capital Markets Authority, Makerere University Business School ,Girls not Brides, Goodie Farm.
Number of children reached directly: 17000
Number of children reached Indirectly: 60 000

The Private Education Development Network (PEDN) coordinated the 2017 Global Money Week activities in Uganda under the theme “Learn, Save, Earn”, bringing together partners in Uganda such as Bank of Uganda, National Curriculum Development Center, Financial Institutions, Civil Society Organizations, Media Houses and many others.

The Global Money Week in Uganda was officially launched on 27th March, 2017 at a high profile event at Makerere University Business School by officials from the Bank of Uganda, financial institutions, United Nations Representatives, NGO’s and youth. This event was also used to launch the #BankTheYouth Campaign by United Nations Capital Development Fund and the SchoolBank project by PEDN and CYFI.

Throughout the Global Money Week PEDN along with other partner’s carried out 15 events with over 179 activities allover Uganda. The activities included: drama skits, debates, radio talk shows, inspirational talks, and exposure visits, songs, among others.

High-level discussions, seminars, and other educational sessions were organized for the youth through inspirational talks with bank officials and corporate leaders and mentors, job imitations with their role models to help them have a clear perception of life and that they can be able to achieve the goals if they set their plans form the start. Financial education articles competitions in schools, skits and plays, poems, songs were organized at the different schools and organizations to bring out the fun that comes with the Global Money Week Celebrations. Articles about the Global Money Week and money appeared in the national newspapers throughout the week leading to a wider awareness about the campaign and money as a whole country wide.

The Bank of Uganda also opened up its doors by inviting the general public to visit the Bank of Uganda Money Museum where they learned about the evolution of money, as well as received financial literacy.

I Profile Foundation along with partners reached 1000 children and youth through visits to different schools and communities. Financial literacy awareness sessions and sessions for money history, saving, budgeting, spending and entrepreneurship skills were held. Be your own boss challenge, where kids were tasked to do different entrepreneurship activities, was a highlight of Foundation’s activities.

2016 Uganda Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Private Education Development Network (PEDN)
The National Curriculum Development Centre
Participanting Organizations:
Aflatoun, East Africa Business Week, Opportunity Bank Uganda Limited, Citi Foundation, DFID, The New Vision (Pakasa Vision), Opportunity International, Amani Initiative, Private Education Development Network (Aflatoun partner)
Date of event:
14th - 19th of March
Total number of children & youth engaged: 1 000 000

Uganda observed yet another exciting Global Money Week this year, reaching more than a thousand children and youth through GMW activities such as debates, drama, poetry, youth dialogues, an essay writing competition, educational visits to banks and media campaigns on savings. Students under the Aflateen and ‪GEC‬ programs spent quality time at Citibank Uganda, Opportunity Bank Uganda Ltd. and the New Vision for a ‪”Meet ‬& Mentor” session with the CEOs of these organizations. The students were treated to educational and motivational presentations on topics including finance, banking as well as career choices. ‬‬‬‬‬

2015 Uganda Money Week

National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC)
Kiggo Lunya Primary
Star Primary
Date of the event:
15th – 16th of March
Number of children reached:

Uganda Global Money Week activities were led by the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) with a debate and an essay competition on 15th and 16th March. The following schools took part: Kiggo Lunya Primary, Star Primary, Lake Victoria Entebbe Primary, Kibiri Church of Uganda Primary, Namasuba Primary, and Mutungo Primary. These activities were organized to show the learners the benefits of saving for their future from a young age. Learners received tips on how they can save using the little money they get and what they can do with their savings. This will inspire them to start small saving habits and enable them to start entrepreneurship activities so that they can earn money and save for needs that their parents cannot provide for.

The local Children International office in Kampala, Uganda just began implementation of the Aflatoun program in 2014. To kick-start the program, eight children participated in the International Aflatoun Skype call with children from Moldova. The children learned more about what Aflatoun is and how the children of Moldova save money and create enterprises


2013 Uganda Money Week

Name of organizing entity - National Curriculum Development Centre

Partners - Bank of Uganda, GIZ (German organisation), PEDN, City Bank

Date of the event : 15th - 21st of March

Number of children reached - 700

Music, Dance and Drama Competition within ten schools took place during Global Money Week 2014. The activity was organized by National Curriculum Centre and was sponsored by Bank of Uganda and GIZ. National Curriculum through the music specialist developed a set piece, which was sung by all schools. Schools, both primary and secondary, had to come up with a drama, a creative dance and a poem.

The activities of the day started with a rally along the roads of Kamwokya,a Kampala suburb. All the children were holding posters calling upon people to join them in reshaping the future of finance. The activities started with an opening speech by the organizers and by singing the set piece by the schools.

All participants received certificates, and trophies were given to winners.