Slovenia flag2017 Slovenia Global Money Week



  • ALTA Invest,
  • KD Funds,
  • Prva osebna zavarovalnica
  • Stock Exchange Members' Association.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange organized four open days for students between 27-30 March 2017. The Stock Exchange prepared an exciting full-day programme featuring a bell ringing ceremony, a general quiz on the stock exchange including prizes as well as a variety of lectures that expanded students’ financial knowledge.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness about the importance of financial literacy for the successful future of every individual and increase the level of financial literacy among youth. Additionally, the purpose of this event was to bring the stock exchange closer to the young, to present its operations and importance. For this reason, many prominent experts from the financial field, including experts from ALTA Invest, KD Funds, Prva osebna zavarovalnica, Stock Exchange Members' Association and the Ljubljana Stock Exchange held lectures at the event. During the event, more than 255 motivated students from 13 different high schools participated in the event.

In a similar manner, the National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia launched the Week on 27 March by organising a workshop for teachers in Ljubljana on “Importance of financial and consumer literacy”. About 30 teachers from all regions took part in it. Moreover, the Institute sent out invitations to all schools encouraging them to take part in the Week, organize activities, and promote GMW online challenges, such as selfie and video challenges. All schools were also encouraged to connect with the nearest bank branch and arrange visits to them during the Week.

Furthermore, on 27 March 2017 the Bankers Association of Slovenia launched the Week with a roundtable on “The role of financial sector in the financial literacy project” inviting both private and public stakeholders.

2016 Slovenia Global Money Week




  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 6 000

This year, the National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia once again took a lead to promote Global Money Week in schools all over Slovenia. Information about the GMW campaign and the suggestions for financial education classes was published on the website of the Institute, and teachers were encouraged to conduct activities that would cover the topics of money, coins and banknotes, functions of money, virtual money, insurance, income and expenses, family budget, deposits and other banking products, and other interesting topics. Teachers in Slovenian schools prepared several activities in the classes of home economics, civic education and other subjects, with a particular aim and emphasis on the importance of financial literacy for youth.

Activities that were suggested by the Institute, and that were actively implemented in schools in different regions of the country, included Global Money Week promotion via school radios, classroom hours with a focus on money matters, poster making and visits to financial institutions in the areas near the schools. Moreover, lectures for parents were conducted on the importance of financial education as well.

The Bank Association of Slovenia also actively participated in European and Global Money Week by organizing bankers’ visits to schools, financial education lectures and presentations and other activities with the participation of the Securities Market Agency Slovenia and other players from the financial sector within the country.

2015 Slovenia Global Money Week



  • 9th and 12th of March

National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia was once again leading Global Money Week celebrations in Slovenia in 2015. On 9 March, the institute organized the National Symposium on the importance of financial literacy and financial education in Ljubljana. The Symposium was supported by the Minister of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia and the Director of the Bank Association of Slovenia. Other participants of the National Symposium included the Ministry of Finance of Slovenia, which is leading the national program on financial education, home economics professors, teachers, experts, and representatives of education and banking sector.

On 12 March, the Bank Association of Slovenia in association with the Securities Market Agency of Slovenia, banks, insurance companies, educational institutions and other stakeholders, hosted a course for teachers and professors on financial literacy and education. Securities Market Agency launched special website dedicated to the financial education of investors. The website has all the important information about investing in stock markets, organization of financial markets participants and regulations in the financial market.

2014 Slovenia Global Money Week



  • 10th – 17th of March


  • 5 000

National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia encouraged finance lessons to be taught to school children from around the country during Global Money Week. Home economics teachers dedicated a lesson to financial education and other Global Money Week activities such as entrepreneurship. The National Education Institute publicized information on their website for the teachers to base their lesson plans on. The Institute supplied the local TV and radio stations with news of Global Money Week which they scheduled into their programming.