Palestine flag2017 Palestine Global Money Week




  • 75 024


  • 20 000

A team consisting of around 594 employees from the Palestine Monetary Authority and banks visited 1,235 schools throughout Palestine. During the Global Money Week, a series of lectures about financial terms, banking services, including a screening of three movies on banking and financial awareness were organised.

A kick-off ceremonial event of the Week followed by a press conference at the Hall in Ramallah was attended by stakeholders from the Palestine Monetary Authority, the Ministry of Education, the Association of Banks, the Palestine Deposit Insurance Corporation, banks and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

During the week 100,000 copies of a unified brochure on basic banking and financial information were distributed at schools and bank branches. In addition, pre- and post-questionnaires were distributed among 2,000 students to measure and assess their knowledge enhancement and enrichment.

In addition to one working hour per day allocated to receive children, youth, and parents and educating them about different banking operations and services, 295 bank branches used posters, flags, and roll ups to attract the attention of children and youth throughout the Week.

For the first time the National Saving Day was celebrated on 16 March. On the day, all banks encouraged young people to start saving. Furthermore, banks launched special products or campaigns, e.g., instant cash back as a percentage from the saving amount.

Virtual bank branches were established in a big fair hall, featuring 15 main banking services providers in Palestine. Real ATMs were installed, where children could test how to use a debit card. The virtual bank branches worked as follows:

The branches worked for two days and approximately 7 hours a day.

Apart from receiving general visitors at the branches, the Ministry of Education also organized visits for school students from all cities (600 students from the West Bank).

Visitors received clear, simple and short descriptions about offered services. In the cinema section, they watched short films about saving, budgeting and E-Banking services.

Visitors participated in a competition to win 100$ on their savings account in one of the 45 banks in Ramallah.

Student visitors received paper notebooks.

In addition, representatives from the Palestine Monetary Authority, the Association of Banks and Deposit Insurance Corporation explained to visitors the role, targets and services of each institution at special information desks.

2016 Palestine Global Money Week



  • 14th - 20th March

This year during GMW, a team will be formed, consisting of around 600 employees from PMA and private banks whom will visit nearly 1500 schools all around Palestine, that will provide lectures focusing on financial terms, banking services and three banking and financial awareness movies throughout the Child and Youth Banking Week.

A kick-off ceremonial event for the Child and Youth Banking Week will be held in one of the schools in the sububrs of Jerusalem, with participation of all stakeholders (Ministry of Education, Association of Banks, private banks and UNRWA).

During the Week, 100,000 copies of a unified brochure, which includes basic banking and financial information, will be distributed to bank branches and schools, in addition to pre and post questionnaires that were distributed to a sample of 2,000 students, in order to measure and assess knowledge enhancement and enrichment on finance amongst school students.

Also, 274 banks branches will be decorated in a way to attract the attention of children and youth such as posters, flags, roll ups and posters throughout the Week. In addition, bank employees will meet with children, youth, and parents during the Week to educate them on different banking operations and services.

2015 Palestine Global Money Week


  • Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA)
  • Ministry of Education
  • Association of Banks
  • United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA)
  • Commercial Banks
  • Palestine Bank
  • Housing Bank


  • 15th - 19th of March


  • 80 000

Global Money Week was celebrated in Palestine under the “The Banking Week for Children and Youth” from 15 to 19 March. The kickoff ceremony event at the Spanish School in Ramallah City enjoyed the participation of all stakeholders – Palestine Monetary Authority, Ministry of Education, Association of Banks, Banks and Unrwa.

Around 1,000 employees from Palestine Monetary Authority and the banks formed a team and visited 1,241 schools in and around Palestine. They gave lectures on financial terms and banking services throughout the week. 140,000 copies of a unified brochure that includes basic banking and financial information were distributed to bank branches and schools. In addition, a survey was conducted among 2000 students, to measure, assess knowledge, and enrichment before and after the sessions.

A Facebook contest was created for children to like and share their most favorite information from the brochure which was transformed into a Facebook album named “Read and Learn”. The contest targeted children and youth between the ages of 12 and 17. This was done to encourage children to read and learn new financial information and to increase awareness among them. 15 photos from the albums were chosen and the 15 winners were rewarded from with savings accounts of USD 100 by the banks.

During the celebrations, 260 banks branches were decorated with flags, roll ups, posters, and balloons. One working hour per day was allocated to welcoming children, youth, and parents, and educating them about different banking operations and services.

2014 Palestine Global Money Week


  • Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA)
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Association of Banks
  • UNRWA schools
  • Mother’s School Society


  • All banks operating in Palestine


  • 16th – 20th of March


  • 156 200

Many fun and exciting activities were planned across Palestine for Global Money Week 2014. Activities and events and participating organizations include:

Palestine celebrated Global Money Week in the form Child and Youth Banking Week 2014 (16-20 March 2014). The national celebration included a fun and entertaining ceremonial event where a wide variety of drama, folk dance and the financial activities were organized by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, Association of Banks, Banks, and UNRWA schools. The interactive performance called "Insuring Dreams" taught the youth and children about the importance of savings and planning their expenses in a lively way. Palestine really took the ‘inclusion’ theme of GMW to heart by ensuring that no one was left out of the educational activities – especially not the children and youth with special needs. All participants were awarded by PMA and the national banks with their own savings account with a generous start up investment of 200 USD.

The PMA designed and launched a financial awareness game on the social network Facebook which helps children and youth get acquainted with financial terminology. The PMA also created and distributed 160 000 Global Money Week piggybanks and brochures that explained basic banking and financial information. 214 bank branches were decorated with balloons, posters, flags and colorful, informative banners.

The PMA conducted activities to enrich children’s financial literacy. A few of these activities were:

  1. Pre- and post-questionnaires were filled in by a sample of 2,500 students, in order to measure and assess the financial knowledge of Palestine’s children and youth.
  2. 57,600 children, youth, and parents were received at 241 bank branches in order to educate them about the various banking operations and services.
  3. 1,644 schools were visited by PMA and bank employees to conduct financial and banking terminology lessons.
  4. Distributing around 160,000 brochures and cartoon piggybanks during the kick off ceremony, schools and banks visits.

The Mothers' School Society put great efforts into bringing financial education a variety of different locations in the West Bank, including refugee camps. They help financial literacy lessons, organized workshops and held a drawing competition based on the lessons learnt.

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2013 Palestine Global Money Week


  • Palestine Monetary Authority


  • Ministry of Education; United Nations Relief Works Agency; Association of Banks in Palestine


  • 16th – 21st of March


  • 95 000

“Most of the students who visited the bank had heard about it but had never entered it before; they were very interested to compare with what they've heard and learned with the reality,” shared the organizers, Palestine joined the celebrations of Global Money Week with a ceremonial event. During the week, a drawing competition was held for 8th-grade students in order to choose a logo for Palestine’s Global Money Week. Participants in the logo-drawing competition were honored – each one of the 18 participants received a saving account, worth 300USD. The top winner was presented with a laptop and her logo was adopted as the Child &Youth Banking Week logo.

During the event two working hours per day were allocated to receive children, youth and parents at 235 banks' branches and educate them about different banking operations.

A team of 1,175 employees from PMA and Banks, visited 1,681 schools all around Palestine and lectured about financial terms and banking services.

During the week, 235 banks’ branches were decorated in a way that attracted the attention of children and youth.

“The future is mine.” a child commented.