Global Money Week

2017 Cameroon Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Youth Business Cameroon

Participating Organizations:
Youth Employment Service (YES Cameroon)
Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE Cameroon)
Faculty of Law and science university of Douala
Mentor aleader
Lycée Leclerc
Lycée Bilingue de Yaounde
College La Gaeite
Tassah Accademy
Quality International C

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Youth, AIESEC Cameroon and Youth Business Cameroon will organize Global Money Week activities in Douala and Yaoundé.

During GMW week AIESEC will carry out events ranging from outdoors to indoors to increase the scope and widen the number of children reach in Douala. AIESEC will partner with many sectors in the country to achieve this, from Government down to public and NGOs, organizations such as MINJEC, mentor a leader, JCI, faculty of law and science in the university of Douala. They will engage intensively two different cities which are Douala and Yaounde and impacted over 10 different high schools with various activities. During GMW students will also have the opportunity to visit financial institutions, and to attend seminars, and debates about finance. The Douala Stock Exchange will also receive over 20 students for a visit.

Youth Business Cameroon will participate to Global Money Week with several activities organized in Yaoudé. They will carry out discussions in schools regarding finance. Furthermore, seminars on entrepreneurship and financial education will be held. A closure conference will be organised at the end of the week.

2016 Cameroon Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Hon. Parliamentary Deputy Fusi Naamukong
African Dream – CCEMMED/SEEDS
Centre for Youth Finance and Entrepreneurship Development (CYFID)
Syndicat National Autonome de L’Enseignement Secondaire (SNAES)
YES Cameroun
Youth Business Cameroon

Participating Organizations:
Government representation in Bamenda (Divisional Delegation of Employment and Vocational Training in Bamenda, Divisional Delegation of Youth Affairs, Regional Division of Youth Affairs)
The National Employment Fund (NEF) in Bamenda
Banque des Etats de l’Afrique Centrale
Afriland First Bank
M2B Conseils Sarl
MTN Cameroon
Publicity and Design Sarl
Ecole Supérieure de Gestion (ESG), JSF Polytechnic, University of Bamenda
Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) in Bamenda
Young Entrepreneurs Club (YEC), Jump Start Club

Date of the event:
14th - 18th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 19 034
Total indirect reach: 50 000

Cameroon participated in Global Money Week for the third year in a row – this year expanding the celebrations on a national level to five regions within the country. Throughout the Week, activities and events took place in the center (Yaoundé), Littoral (Douala), the West (Bafoussam et Dschang), the North-West (Bamenda) and the South-West (Buéa). A national coalition of NGOs, including CYFI champion Fon Amos Anye, helped to achieve this initiative by bringing the GMW campaign to half of the country’s regions!

Global Money Week started in Cameroon with a round table, various games and theatre plays at the Lycée Technique de Koumassi in Douala. The results of an essay competition on “money, savings and entrepreneurship” were publically launched in the beginning of March so that the students had enough time to prepare convincing papers.

On 15 March, Youth Business Cameroon (YBC) organized an open forum under the main theme of GMW 2016 “Take part. Save smart!” at the bilingual government high school of Nylon in Douala. Students were taught about savings, savings options and the importance to own a bank account. Students in Dschang also visited the local agency of Afriland First Bank. These visits provided students with a real-life experience regarding how these institutions operate and allowed them to better apprehend the financial system

On 16 March, two cities, Buéa and Bafoussam, planned their key GMW events together with schools, universities and partners. Activities such as skits, presentations, debates about entrepreneurship and financial education, and quizzes on money-related topics were conducted, as well as bank visits – including a visit to the Central Bank (BEAC) in the nation’s capital of Yaoundé . Furthermore, with the help of MTN Cameroon, YBC organized, a round table discussion in Douala which brought together experts, bankers and students from the Lycée Bilingue de Nylon Brazzaville.

On 17 March, the same activity was organized in Douala with the Aflateen youth group of the Lycée Joss. Simultaneously, in Bamenda, the large closing event of the 2016 GMW celebrations in Cameroon took place: a conference on Youth Financial Inclusion for Economic Citizenship at the Presbyterian Hall Ntamulung. This final event had more than 268 youths, adults, teachers and representatives of financial institutions, NGOs and governmental bodies present.

Still on the 17th, an Entrepreneurship and Financial Education Forum was organised in Yaoundé by YES Cameroon, in partnership with the savings cooperative UNICS. The forum informed the youth, mostly secondary and high school children, on the value of entrepreneurship, financial literacy and management. Selected students then had the opportunity to visit the office of UNICS the following day. The students were very satisfied and left with a different impression about money and finance.

Considering all these planned activities, and thanks to the tremendous action of a national coalition of partners organizing these events, this year’s edition of GMW achieved the largest Global Money Week outreach in the country so far!

2015 Cameroon Global Money Week

The African Dream/ Cameroon Center for Microfinance Management (CCEMMED), and SEEDS
DSE Douala stock exchange
Syndicat National Autonome de l’Enseignement Secondaire (SNAES)
Le Club Aflatoun du Lycée Bilingue de Dschang
YES Cameroon
Youth Business Cameroon micro Entrepreneurs
Government representation: (Regional Delegation of Youth Affairs; Divisional Delegation of Youth Affairs; Regional Delegation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Handicrafts and Social Economy; Divisional Delegation of Employment and Vocational Training; Regional Delegation of Trade).
BICEC (Banque internationale du Cameroun pour l’épargne et le crédit)
Caisse d’épargne, de Crédit et d'Investissement (CADECI)
Bamenda Police Cooperative Credit Union
Plan Cameroon-Bamenda Branch Office
Honor Bilingual College
JCI Douala
JCI Bamenda Royal
Institute of Professional Studies (IPS)
FLEXCOM Institute
FABTRAC Institute
The Catholic University Of Cameroon Bamenda.
Educare Bilingual Nursery and Primary School-Nkwen
Government Bilingual High School Bamenda
Government Technical High School Nkwen
National Polytechnic Bambui
HIBUMS Polytechnic Bamenda
Lycée Bilingue de Dschang
Lycée Classique de Dschang
Collège Albert Camus de Dschang
Lycée de Zengme à Dschang
Fomuyoh Foundation
Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Nkwen
Christ Memorial Baptist Church Musang
Press & Media:
The Fomunyoh Foundation Radio
Ndefcam Radio-Bamenda
Radio Hot Cocoa
Radio Yemba
Radio Hot Cocoa
Date of the event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:
7 113

Once again Cameroon joined the Global Money Week celebrations. 2015 Global Money Week in Cameroon witnessed an increase in participating organizations and youth outreach. Diverse activities were held including visits to banks, an activity which added a practical angle to the discussion and talks. These visits provided children the opportunity to interact with practitioners in the field of finance and to observe daily operations. Youth also had the opportunity to ask questions and formulate suggestions to officials of banking institutions.

Certain Global Money Week activities started much earlier in Cameroon. The African Dream/ Cameroon Center for Microfinance Management (CCEMMED), and SEEDS initiated some activities as early as January. Their goal was to conduct a continuum of activities that would yield impact by March during Global Money Week. Another activity of GMW that started earlier was led and done by the Youth Business Cameroon (Y.B.C) During the Women’s day celebrations on 8 March, YBC took the opportunity to celebrate GMW by engaging with women in a financial talk to enhance their saving habits and also on entrepreneurship. The discussions also addressed how Cameroonian youth could unleash their full entrepreneurship potential. More than 20,000 youth received financial literacy trainings, fostering a culture of saving in Cameroonian youth.

In addition to these discussions on entrepreneurship and saving, PROVICT in Partnership with Eddy Hope Foundation organized a talk on Career option and Money Psychology. The career talk, guided the students on how to discover their potentials and skills and how they use the skills in the right way to earn money even while in school. He also advised the students on how to choose careers which make use of their skills.

The Syndicat National Autonome de l’Enseignement Secondaire (SNAES) marked their participation to the celebration by a variety of activities. They organized banks visits and 80 children visited la BICEC (Banque internationale du Cameroun pour l’épargne et le crédit), and around 5000 youth and children were reached throughout other events of the week such as radio talks, documentary presentation on GMW and Aflatoun day, sketches, theaters, Aflatoun day celebration, quiz and drama etc.


2014 Cameroon Global Money Week

Cameroon Center for Microfinance Management and Entrepreneurship Development (CCEMED)
Abakwa Radio FM 99
Date of the event:
14th of March
Number of children reached:

On Friday 14th March the Cameroon Center for Microfinance Management and Entrepreneurship Development (CCEMMED) and YOULEAD delivered educational talks on the following themes: financial literacy, how money works, and, the different ways that youth can save. The talks were held at 3 different high schools in Bamenda, namely Government Bilingual High School (GBHS), Longla Comprehensive College and City College of Commerce.

'Youth Entrepreneurship’ was the title of a seminar held in Bamenda on Saturday, the 15th March. The seminar focused on teaching youth how to generate business ideas, the character traits of successful entrepreneurs and how to conduct feasibility studies. African Dream, a Cameroonian NGO, was given 30 minutes of prime time on the national broadcaster Abakwa Radio FM 99 to discuss financial literacy and savings to raise awareness for Global Money Week.

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