Global Money Week

2017 Mauritius Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Bank of Mauritius
AIESEC in Mauritius

Participating Organizations:
University of Mauritius
Charles Telfair Institute
University of Technology, Mauritius
Middlesex University
Atlantis Business School

During Global Money Week 2017, AIESEC in Mauritius along with the Central Bank of Mauritius plans to reach at least 5000 children and youth through awareness programs and social media.

During GMW 2017, Financial literacy awareness sessions will be offered to children, youth and for adults this included sessions on banking and finance, saving money and stock marketing. Furthermore, this year university students will have the opportunity to attend various talks and seminars organized by AIESEC in Mauritius & the Bank of Mauritius.

At the close of the week, additional Financial Fairs will be held in universities across the country