Global Money Week

2017 Tanzania Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
BRAC Tanzania Finance Limited

Participating Organizations:
BRAC Education Programme

This year in Tanzania, students of the Brac Education Programme will be participating in Global Money Week is different ways. BRAC will raise financial awareness during the Week focusing on how to deposit money for future, how students can properly utilize apprentice opportunities and how the financial markets function. Additionally, students will learn about different types of financial products, services and the importance of saving and pragmatic financial behaviour. The focus during the Week is placed not only on the preservation of money (saving) but also on the preservation of the planet.

BRAC has various education programs directed at alleviating poverty and improving standards of education that will contribute to their participation in the Global Money Week activities such as the Girls Education Challenge, BRAC Maendeleo, the main objective being to provide materials to initiative library programs, the Accelerated Learning Process (ALP) Project, the main objective being to give exclusive support those who are drop out from secondary school, livelihoods and skill enhancement together with financial literacy, as well as the “play lab” school under the BRAC education programme which provides free education targeted to marginal and vulnerable children.

2015 Tanzania Money Week

Plan International, Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), the Youth Saving and Loans Associations (YSLAs), Tanzania Youth Vision Association, University of Dar es Salaam and Buni Innovations
Date of event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:

The organization leading the Global Money Week 2015 celebrations in Tanzania were Plan International Tanzania, Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) and the Youth Saving and Loans Associations (YSLAs). Other participants included the Tanzania Youth Vision Association, University of Dar es Salaam and Buni Innovations.

Activities marking the week included youth workshops and training sessions and exhibition. There activities were held in Dar es Salaam, Temeke and Mbeya. Members of the Youth Savings and Loans Association (YSLAs) participated in exhibitions and workshops on entrepreneurship skills and financial literacy. Plan Tanzania interviewed female entrepreneurs who were members of YSLAs. The interviews established income generating enterprises through Banking on Change initiative in Temeke. The interview essentially touched on the lives of these young entrepreneurs, their experiences as business owners and being members of the YSLAs and Banking on Change initiative. The interview was published and promoted during the week to motivate other youngsters to start their own business. Furthermore, it has served to inform youngsters of the various opportunities and assistance that exist for young entrepreneurs.


2014 Tanzania Money Week

BRAC Tanzania
Micro-credit Summit Campaign
Date of the event:
12th of March
Number of children reached:

BRAC Tanzania participated in a webinar co-hosted by Child & Youth Finance International with the Microcredit Summit Campaign. This webinar explored how microfinance can be more inclusive to children and youth and featured a presentation from BRAC Tanzania on their “Empowerment and Livelihoods for Adolescents Program” which works to socially and financially empower youth (age 11-19), mostly girls, through a combination of life skills education, livelihoods training, financial literacy, credit support, club activities, and community participation. The program aims to build girls’ confidence, instill a sense of self-worth, encourage positive behavior changes, and improve their quality of life. BRAC Tanzania discussed with CYFI and the youth the main program features and some key successes, lessons learned and challenges and opportunities ahead.


2013 Tanzania Money Week

Name of organizing entity - ICS Meatu

Partners - Aflatoun

Date of the event - 17th and 18th of March

The event during Global Money Week included competitions in which Aflatoun clubs from each school participated in a competition based on an understanding of Aflatoun concepts. Judges for the competition from the district’s sport and game department judged the event and declared the winners. The winners from each group won balls, drums and volleyball nets Parents. Teachers village leaders and other non Aflatoun children were invited to celebrate the day.

The activities that will involve during the day included:

  • Singing the Aflatoun song and motto
  • Exhibition of Aflatoun children art works (Financial enterprises)
  • Choir, drumming, and poetry( Social Enterprises) to spread key messages

Name of organizing entity - Camfed Tanzania

Young women ran the Revolving Loan Scheme to bring safe saving and borrowing options to their peers in 10 rural districts.

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