Global Money Week

2017 Argentina Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Banco Macro
JA Argentina

Participating Organizations:
Ministerio de Educación de la Provincia de Salta
Fundación Brazos Abiertos
Colegio Santa Rosa
Bolsa de Comercio
Municipalidad de Vicente Lopez
Museo de la moneda
Buenos Aires
Escuela Secundaria AMBA
Public and private schools
Museo del Banco Central

As a pioneer entity in the country, Banco Macro will participate for the second consecutive year in Global Money Week with its Education and Financial Inclusion Program Cuentas Sanas (Healthy Accounts). The 2017 edition will quadruple the activities carried out in 2016, including face-to-face and virtual activities targeting teachers and trainers working with young people between the ages of 16 and 24; the aim is to multiply the results, impact and effectiveness of the program.

In addition, there will be face-to-face workshops held by specialized counselors from the Cuentas Sanas Team, in order to raise awareness and interest the youth.

All activities are based on the "Cuentas Sanas Training Program for Your Future" which was declared an "Educational Interest" by the authorities of six Argentinian provinces.

The Program includes practical tools and resources about personal economics for young people in topics such as personal and professional goals, first employment and sources of income, economic decision-making, savings and entrepreneurship management. It also includes a specific module for teachers with the dual objective of strengthening their own personal economy by addressing issues such as family budgeting and debt management, as well as providing them with technical, pedagogical and methodological tools to convey the notions of personal economics end entrepreneurship to their students.

Through the face-to-face workshops with dynamic and friendly activities, “Cuentas Sanas for your future” will bring concepts of personal economy to young people and teachers from three Argentinian provinces: Misiones, Tucumán and Buenos Aires. Likewise, through the virtual activities the program will reach teachers and trainers from different geographic areas of the whole country.

For Global Money Week, the CNV together with BCBA, MATBA, CAFCI, IAMC, the Ministry of Education as well other institutions plan to provide financial education to 300 children and youth through diversed visits to several representative institutions from Argentina’s financial sector.

During GMW 2017, the sections regarding financial education will be offered to children and youth, and it includes sections about the capital market, guided visits to different stock exchanges and markets, youth dialogues about common investing funds, games, etc.

Throughout the week, young people will be able to experience and learn about how the capital market works, how to save, how to invest , among other things.

Junior Achievement Argentina, in line with its mission and with the objective of strengthening financial education in the country, assumes an active role in Global Money Week. The Foundation will bring together financial and municipal institutions, along with secondary schools to explore the slogans of the GMW2017: learn, save and earn. Among other things, we will develop an Economic Education Forum and guided tours of the central bank and Money Museum, and a visit to the stock exchange. During GMW 2017, the sections regarding financial education will be offered to children and youth, and it includes sections about the capital market, guided visits to different stock exchanges and markets, youth dialogues about common investing funds, games, etc.

The Economic Education Forum will be held at the Centro Universitario de Vicente Lopez (University Centre of Vicente Lopez). Professionals from the main economic institutions of Argentina will be invited to present practical tools that will contribute to the financial education of young people focused on savings. The Forum will also have two leading exhibitors from the world of business and entrepreneurs. All activities of the week will be carried out with public and private schools.

2016 Argentina Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Commission National de Valores
Banco Macro

Participating Organizations:
Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas de la Universidad de Buenos Aires
Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económicas de CABA
Instituto Argentino de Mercado de Capitales del Mercado de Valores de Buenos Aires (MERVAL)
De Catedral al Norte. José Manuel Estrada. Escuela Pública Primaria, Saint Mary of the Hills School. Escuela Privada, Primaria y Secundaria, Sarmiento School, Temperley, Buenos Aires, EndFragment

Date of the event:
14th - 20th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 150 790
Total indirect reach: 222 000

The Comisión Nacional de Valores Argentina, with the objective of strengthening financial education in the country, took on the leading role for Global Money Week this year from the financial sector. The Comisión brought together financial institutions and primary school, high school and university students to become part of the Global Money Week celebrations. Various events were organized in a collaborative and participatory way with the educational institutions, such as visits to the Stock Exchange and PRO.DI.BUR, interviews on the radio and a selfie-competition. All of these activities were sponsored and co-hosted by the leading participants such as the Economy Faculty of the University of Buenos Aires, presidents from the Stock Exchange, authorities from the Professional Board for Economic Sciences from CABA, directors from the Argentine Institute for Capital Markets from MERVA, the Argentine Mutual Funds Association. The Cuentas Sanas team of Banco Macro organized several separate events in their first participation this year in Global Money Week.

“Leading the first Cuentas Sanas’ workshop for trainers was inspiring, we could prove there is so much potential in them working as allies. At the same time, through technology we are able to reach trainers (and their students) all over the country” Webinar keynote speaker
“I liked the part where we talked about social networks related to job search, it was very useful” Male, 17 years old, Temperley, Argentina
“The most interesting was learning about the different types of bank accounts and debit and credit cards” Male, 15 years old, Temperley Argentina

2015 Argentina Global Money Week

Bettina Langerfeldt
Date of event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:

Family is one of the most important things on the life of children and youth. In this developmental phase, the example of parents and tutors are of utmost importance. In Argentina Global Money Week celebrations have an especial focus on how the family context affects the development of children and youth financial lives. Special workshops were given to heads of household, entrepreneurs, and youth. In these workshops different topics, such as budgeting, spending, saving and business planning; were touched to illustrate what can be done on difference stages of a person financial life.