Global Money Week

2017 Pakistan Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
National Rural Development Program (NRDP)

Participating Organizations:
National Rural Development Program (NRDP)
Actions for Community Transformation (ACT) Pakistan
Relief Solution
NRDP Regional office Sindh province
NRDP Regional Office Sahiwal
NRDP Office Islamabad
Voice Network Sindh
NRDP field microfinance offices
Help for poor

Throughout the Global Money Week 2017, the National Rural Development Program (NRDP) along with partners plans to reach 6581 children and youth through visits to banks, financial service providers, entrepreneurs and other activities.

During the GMW 2017, financial literacy awareness sessions will be offered to children, youth and adults this included sessions on financial literacy, importance of savings, livelihood and entrepreneurial skills.

Additionally, 115 workshops, discussions, seminars, sport events, art competition and educational sessions were organized under the GMW 2017 theme “Learn, Save, Earn” in different parts of the country and in cities and rural areas to educate and engage children, youth and other people.

Through celebration of GMW 2017 and plan activities, the NRDP have aimed to educate the children and young people about:

  • Educate children and youth about their social and economic rights, banking and financial system, importance of savings, money, enterprise and its value to invest in their futures.

  • their futures. To build saving habits and money managing skills to children and youth

  • Develop livelihood and entrepreneurial skills to children and youth for their on future careers

NRDP has been formed GMW 2017 organizing committee with 08 members under the leadership of Mr. Mirza Moqeem Baig Executive Director NRDP. The GMW 2017 organizing committee is responsible to supervise, monitor and execute the plan activities as per organizational standers. The plan activities will be reported to Child & Youth Finance International, local and national media and uploaded at social media.

2016 Pakistan Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Pakistan Microfinance Network

Participanting Organization:
Youth in Action Balochistan (YIAB)
Balochistan Boy Scouts Association

Date of the event:
15th - 17th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 13 211
Total indirect reach: 10 500

Annually, Global Money Week in Pakistan has been celebrated through various activities across the country. Each year, the focus has differed depending on those who participated. Leading the celebrations this year was the Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN) and its network of members, who were asked to conduct various activities that focused on improving the financial literacy of children.

This year, the Pakistan Microfinance Network and its wealth of members chose to highlight the advancement of financial capability of young girls within the country. PMN invited its microfinance institution members across the country to organize a number of activities that specifically shed light on girls' financial literacy and why it is important for them. This was done through a series of school visits from microfinance institution officials in various parts of the country. In these talks, the officials not only educated young girls about the importance of taking charge of their economic future, but also talked to young boys about understanding the role they have to ensure that they view girls’ equally with respect. Secondly, an essay-writing competition was launched before GMW, wherein the winner was awarded at the end of Global Money Week. The essay-writing competition asked young girls what they wanted to save for and what they think regarding being able to learn about financial matters at a young age. In addition to the young girls being able to share their thoughts, this was also a way for them to be able to share their experiences and aspirations to the rest of the population. The winning piece was circulated to the participating schools in the competition and school visits.

Furthermore, the Youth in Action Balochistan also took part in the celebrations. As done in the past, Youth in Action coordinated activities with the Balochistan Boy Scouts Association. During Global Money Week, they involved children and parents in fun and interactive activities that focused on savings, health and children and parents could help each other as a family in smart money management. The games focused on the joint effort that children and parents should make to be able to ensure that the family will be able to have healthy and financially sound futures.


2015 Pakistan Money Week

National Rural Development Program (NRDP) of Pakistan
Youth in Action Balochistan (YIAB)
Pakistan Microfinance Network
Balochistan Boy Scouts Association
Bank AL-Habib Limited
Bank Alfalah
Habib Bank Limited
Date of the event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:
1 273

With new organizations participating in this year’s Global Money Week celebrations, the reach and depth of activities across Pakistan was remarkable. The activities were organized under the leadership of the National Rural Development Program (NRDP) of Pakistan, Youth in Action Balochistan (YIAB), and the Pakistan Microfiannce Network.

The Youth in Action Balochistan organized an event in association with the Balochistan Coy Scouts Association engaging about 200 children and 550 parents and adults in a fun and interactive event that highlighted the importance of savings and helped foster healthy money management behavior. Representatives from civil society organizations, local and national government, media, and teacher associations were involved in the event.

The National Rural Development Program (NRDP) of Pakistan organized multiple activities focusing on young Pakistanis in rural areas, especially those outside of Karachi. The activities included children visiting the branches of Bank AL-HABIB Limited, Bank ALFALAH, and Habib Bank Limited where they received orientation about basic banking operations, the concepts and methods of saving, the purpose of having a bank account, and the various banking services.

Following this, a conference for rural youth entrepreneurs was organized which included an award distribution for Best Young Entrepreneurs within its network. The goal of the conference was to educate them more about running a business and promote entrepreneurship in the local community.

In continuing to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of young Pakistanis, a new batch of children were given the chance to visit successful entrepreneurs to inspire them that taking initiative today through savings today for a safer and brighter future. A financial literacy seminar for the youth was arranged to motivate to save along with games and case studies to underline the importance of savings.

Gender gap issue which continues to be a challenge in Pakistan was also addressed by a specific seminar for financial literacy and entrepreneurial skill for young rural women. The young women learned how to determine their goals, tracking their expenses, and how to be wise with money when become an entrepreneur.

With growing support for Global Money Week, it is expected that the movement for financial education and empowerment will continue to grow and succeed in Pakistan.


2014 Pakistan Money Week

Pakistan Microfinance Network
Mazars Pakistan
Date of the event:
10th - 17th of March

Pakistan Microfinance Network celebrated GMW2014 in Pakistan with a Writing Competition for youth during 10-17 March. The competition gave young people from diverse backgrounds a platform to express their views and dreams for the future. It offered young people the opportunity to make their voice heard on a global platform and engage with financial issues that are important to them.

Aimed at involving children in low cost private schools funded by some of PMN’s member microfinance practitioners, this competition was divided into 3 categories for youth from different age groups: Junior (ages 10-12), Middle (ages 13-15) and Senior (ages 16-18). The choice of essay topics were: My first memory of money; Why I save?; and Who is the most responsible with money in your family and friends, and why?

As part of the Global Money Week 2014 celebrations, Mazars in Pakistan organized an event on March 17th in which 60 Grade 8 students from the Saint Joseph's Convent Girls High School visited the State Bank of Pakistan Museum. The goal of this event was to educate the students about the importance of money and banking, for a better future not only for them, but also for the future of Pakistan's economy. Aside from a guided tour of the museum, a documentary on coin making was shown, and the Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan addressed the students.


2013 Pakistan Money Week

Name of organizing entity - Fundamental Human Rights & Rural Development Association (FHRRDA)
Partners - HBL Banking; The Innovation Window of the Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC)
Date of the event - 15th – 21st of March
Number of children reached - 100

The Innovation Window of the Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) aims to identify and support promising new ideas that improve learning and the qualities of education provided to marginalized girls and achieve sustainability both in terms of financial sustainability and through behavior and social change.

Social mobilization for increasing 3000 net girls’ enrollment in 100 schools and gender equality and girls’ education Formation and strengthening of existing PTAs and SMCs, best teacher, best SMCs and best activist awards. During Global Money Week water, latrines, boundary walls, equipment, furniture shelter, and playground facilities were provided to girls’ schools.

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