Global Money Week

2017 Samoa Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Central Bank of Samoa

Participating Organizations:
Public and Private School levels Years 3-8
Public and Private Schools Levels Years 9-13

The Central Bank of Samoa participates again in this year’s Global Money Week celebrations. Under the leadership of the Central Bank of Samoa, they have set-up activities involving primary and secondary school students.

Primary School Level – Activities

Be Money Wi$e (BMW) Poster Competition

The Be Money Wi$e poster competition is a creative arts activity for primary schools, for students from years 3-6. Students have to create a poster that relates to the competition theme, for example 2015 theme was ‘Think before you spend”. The BMW poster competition will continue this year, with the theme “Save for your Dreams”.

School “Money Talk” for Years 7 and 8

Last year CBS introduced “Money Talk”. Money talk is a financial literacy workshop that conducted by CBS departments; FSD and BCD. Money Talk is an interactive and educational workshop that teaches students about our local currency, and also about financial literacy. Last year Money Talk was held for three days from the 15th – 17th March 2016. With the positive feedback of the students school teachers that supervised last year, Money Talk will occur again this year from the 27th -29th March 2017.

Secondary School Level- Activities

Build Your Savings Competition Piggy Bank/Money Box Art Competition High schoolers from years 9-12 will take on the challenge of building or creating their own piggy bank or money box! This is an initiative for youth to be creative about saving money in different shapes, forms or sizes. What better way to start saving than making your own piggy bank. This competition is to replace the previous Money $mart Comic Competition for high schoolers that had been running since 2015-2016. The comic competition was not successful with many entries not meeting the required criteria.

GMW Speech Competition 2017 for Year 13 students

This year FSD will like to introduce a speech competition for year 13 called Speak Money, this competition is to get the conversation rolling about why financial literacy is important. The speech competition is encouraged to build not only their public speaking skills and confidence but also to engage in expansive thinking. The competition will have a few topics for students to select from; such as planning for the future, future entrepreneurs and the culture of saving. The event will be conducted for 3 hours to allow flexibility of time during the competition, with the maximum of 15 students.

2016 Samoa Money Week

Leading Organization:
Central Bank of Samoa

Date of the event:
14th - 18th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 2 539
Total indirect reach: 4 000

To celebrate Global Money Week, the Central Bank of Samoa introduced its “Money Talk” program for the first time, Tuesday 15 – Thursday 17 March 2016. As part of the program, 19 schools were invited for a two-hour session comprised of financial literacy presentations and activities. The visit provided an opportunity for Years 7 and 8 students to tour the Central Bank and learn about the key and fun facts about money and how to manage it wisely. The money talk was hosted by two departments of the Central Bank of Samoa: the Financial System Development Department and the Banking & Currency Department.

The week of celebrations was concluded with an awards ceremony of the financial literacy competitions. Each winning entry of the `Be Money Wi$e` Poster Competition was awarded $100 tala cash prize by the Central Bank. The winning schools were also rewarded $100 for incorporating the financial literacy competitions into their lessons, and winners of the Money $mart Comic Competition received a $200 cash prize from the bank.

All winners of the 2016 Money $mart Comic Competition and Be Money Wi$e Poster competition were selected from 427 entries from both Upolu and Savaii.


2015 Samoa Money Week

Central Bank of Samoa
Date of the event:
10th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:

Building on the success of the initiatives launched last year during Global Money Week, the Central Bank of Samoa organized the Be Money Wi$e Poster Competition for primary school children in the age group of 3 and 8 years. In addition, the Central Bank of Samoa expanded their reach this year by organizing the Money $mart Comic Competition, which targeted high school students. All activities focused on this year’s theme of “Save Today. Safe Tomorrow.”

The theme for Be Money Wi$e Competition, the financial literacy poster competition, was "Think Before You Spend". The entries were divided into 3 categories; Category 1 for Years 3 & 4, Category 2 for Years 5 & 6, Category 3 for Years 7 & 8. The top 5 winners from each category received a cash prize of $100 from the Central Bank plus a $30 gift voucher and a stationery pack sponsored by Business Systems Ltd.

The Money $mart Comic Competition, which was a one-frame comic competition for high school students, centered around the theme of "Why Make Saving a Priority?" There were 10 winners selected who won $150 cash prize and $150 towards their school tuition. The award ceremony took place on 17 March, the closing day of Global Money Week.

These initiatives, of course, go hand-in-hand with the various initiatives of the Central Bank of Samoa to promote financial literacy for both adults and young children. Each recipient is given four brochures that highlight the main themes of the Central Bank of Samoa’s initiatives:

  • Saving Money: Make saving a priority!
  • Spending Money: Spend with caution.
  • Borrowing Money: Borrow smart when you borrow money
  • Managing Money: Manage money, manage financial stress


2014 Samoa Money Week

Central Bank of Samoa
Date of the event:
10th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:

Central Bank of Samoa organized the Be Money Wi$e competition to encourage children to use their imaginations and knowledge about money choices and ways to invest and grow money. Be Money Wi$e was a financial literacy poster competition for primary schools in Samoa during 10-17 March for kids between the ages of 3-8 years. A total of 550 entries were submitted by children from 11 primary schools. Prizes were awarded to 15 winners (5 each from 3 categories) as the schools the winning children. The winning posters were displayed in the building of Central Bank of Samoa.

Central Bank of Samoa conducted the prize giving ceremony on Friday the 14th March for its first ‘Be Money Wise’ Financial Literacy Poster Competition, with the 2014 theme “I can grow my money by….” The poster competition was a creative outlet for kids to demonstrate their imaginations and knowledge about money choices and ways to invest and grow money. The poster competition is one of the many programs by the Central Bank to promote financial literacy under the Financial Fitness campaign.

The 2014 ‘Be Money Wise’ financial literacy poster competition targeted primary schools in the country and was divided into 3 categories;

  • Category 1 – Years 3 & 4
  • Category 2 – Years 5 & 6
  • Category 3 – Years 7 & 8

The top 5 winners from each category win a cash prize of $100 tala from the Central Bank plus $50 Gift voucher, trophy and other great prizes sponsored by Business Systems Ltd. The winners’ respective schools were also awarded 100 tala cash prize by the Central Bank for each winning entry as well as boxes of financial literacy board games.

The Governor of CBS stated that financial literacy “is an important life-skill in our diverse capacities as students, employees, consumers, savers and investors and more” and that we must “plant now the financial literacy seed, and we will watch as our children and students grow and bloom into responsible economic citizens”. The Governor also acknowledged the parents, principals, teachers and children, for their entering and enthusiastically participating in the competition. In total the CBS received 550 poster entries from 11 primary schools.

A minimum of 550 children and youth were reached during this week’s celebrations. This number does not yet reflect all the kids that were reached through traditional and social media.

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