Global Money Week

2017 South Korea Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Korea Securities Depository

Participating Organizations:
BAIKYANG elementary school
HAANBUK elementary school

For Global Money Week 2017, the Korea Securities Depository once again is taking the lead in celebrating GMW in the country this year. The Korea Securities Depository will partner with child centers in Seoul to be able to teach and reach an estimated 115 students. In these sessions, they aim to teach students how to manage their pocket money, inform them about financial institutions, and to create a fun environment so children will be able to learn about financial concepts easily through games and fun interaction.

2016 South Korea Money Week

Leading Organization:
Korea Securities Depository

Participanting Organizations:
Kidsky Childcare center
Eruda School

Date of the event:
14th - 21st of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 450

The Korea Securities Depository took the lead in celebrating GMW2016 in the country this year. The Korea Securities Depository partnered with the Haneul Child Care Centers and the Lrada School in Goyang to reach children for their celebrations throughout the Week.

As part of their GMW celebrations, the Korea Securities Depository organized multiple visits for kids to the country's Currency and Securities Museum for them to learn more about the history of the currency of Korea and its importance for them as young people. After the museum visits, the Korea Securities Depository provided their young visitors with classroom sessions on financial education to encourage smart saving behavior.

Two batches were hosted by the KSD to facilitate this:

  • (Kidsky Childcare center): After looking around the museum, children were educated about wise money-spending habits and the presented with the creation of an expense note. This was further facilitated by a board game that KSD foundation has created
(Eruda School): After looking around the museum, children were educated on how to cultivate wise consumption habits and introduced to the concept of saving through price comparison exercises.

2014 South Korea Money Week

Financial Quotient Council
Date of the event:
14th - 15th of March
Number of children reached:

Financial Quotient Council (FQC) organized 2 great events focusing on financial education of children and youth:

  1. FQC trained 40 staff members from a local bank to become financial instructors. These new instructors then visited primary, middle, and high schools in rural areas and taught students lessons on financial education and financial inclusion. The students were all from financially vulnerable families from rural and non-urban areas.
  2. FQC also organized an experiential finance class for primary school children from the 3rd to 4th grade. Parents of the students also took part in the class. The class focused on topics such as ‘how to manage an allowance’, ‘plan a financial design according to the stages of your life’ and more. The children were then encouraged to put their lessons into practice by playing in a simulated environment called a ‘Financial Village’.