Global Money Week

2017 Sweden Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:

Participating Organizations:
Kungliga Myntkabinettet
Sveriges Elevkårer
Unga Aktiesparare
Ung Ekonomi
Ung Privatekonomi
Schools nationwide

Throughout the Global Money Week 2017, the Finansinspektionen along with partners plans to reach children and youth at the age of 16-18 through lectures with Ung Ekonomi and Ung Privatekonomi at their schools. Also all Swedish high schools and their students nationwide are invited to participate in the competition “Money Week Challenge”, a competition about personal finance and savings. The students will get a mission based on this Global Money Weeks theme “Learn Save Earn”. When finished with their idea they will publish their presentation on YouTube.

The final takes place in Stockholm on 31th of March. The winning class will receive a cup and their class photo published in Times Square. To participate in the competition, the teacher must have booked an inspirational lecture about personal finances by Ung Privatekonomi or Ung Ekonomi. The lecture is free of charge and so is entering the competition.

The competition is arranged by Finansinspektionen, Ung Privatekonomi, Ung Ekonomi, Unga Aktiesparare, Sveriges Elevkårer, Nasdaq and the Royal Coin Cabinett.

2016 Sweden Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Sweden's financial supervisory authority (Finansinspektionen)

Participating Organizations:
Ung Privatekonomi
Swedbank/ Ung Ekonomi
The Royal Coin Cabinet
Sveriges Elevkårer
Ministry of finance
The Swedish Bankers´ association

Date of the event:
14th - 21th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 23 605
Total indirect reach: 21 420

In Sweden, financial education is an ongoing agenda item as financial education is part of the school curriculum from the first grade. Several organizations visited schools “on demand” and, this year, Sweden launched a map for teachers and others to make it even easier to find a guest teacher on financial education.

Global Money Week in Sweden kicked off with a round table discussion organized by the banks and the Swedish Bankers’ Association at the Royal Coin Cabinet. The discussion subject was: do young people leaving school, moving from home, have sufficient knowledge about personal finance to be able to make the right decisions and avoid ending up in debt? Panel participants included the Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs, Per Bolund, private economists from the bank and high profile representatives from the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Swedish Enforcement Authority, the Consumer Agency, the Swedish National Agency for Education, the Organisation for Municipal budget and debt advisers and, of course, students. The moderator was the well-known media personality Staffan Dopping. The aim of the panel was to take a common step forward: Who does what, what can be improved and how do we communicate personal finance matters in a way that is engaging for students?

The Global Money Week challenge was a new competition for high school students starting on a small scale for GMW2016. There was a round table discussion, an event for small children at The Royal Coin Cabinet and several visits to schools. Furthermore, Ung Privatekonom and Ung Ekonomi educate in high schools around Sweden as an on-going endeavour, but the expected youth participants joined only throughout 14 - 18 March as part of the GMW celebrations. SBAB also invited students to their office for Global Money Week.

2015 Sweden Global Money Week

Leading organizations:
Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange (Stockholm)
Global Child Forum
Ministry for Financial Markets and Consumer Affair
Unga Aktiesparare (the Young Shareholders Association)
Date of event:
11th of March
Number of children reached:

On 11th of March, the Swedish Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs marked the celebrations of Global Money Week in Sweden by leading the ‘ringing of the bell’ ceremony to open the day’s trading at NASDAQ Stockholm. Leading Swedish organizations supporting children’s rights, financial education and youth entrepreneurship, like Global Child Forum and Swedbank also joined around 40 youth and young entrepreneurs at the ceremony.


2014 Sweden Global Money Week

NASDAQ OMX Nordic Stock Exchange (Stockholm)
Date of event:
12th of March

The President of NASDAX OMX Stockholm welcomed participants to join the ‘ringing of the bell’ ceremony in Stockholm, in commending the Global Money Week Initiative and goals of the child and youth finance Movement. A representative of the CYFI Secretariat updated participants on the activities and participation of organizations around the world in Global Money Week. He highlighted the tremendous growth in participation of Global Money Week since its launch in 2012. A Global Child Forum representative commended the initiative and shared the Forum’s interest in promoting and supporting youth entrepreneurship. The Sweden Postkodlotteriet, shared details of the support that the Novamedia Group provides to charity organizations dedicated to the protection and development of young people. The bell rang sharply at the opening of the market to applause of the other participants from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI), the Swedish Bankers Association, and Unga Aktiesparare (the Young Shareholders Association).

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