Global Money Week

2017 Lybia Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Central Bank Of Libya
Ministry Of Education

Participating Organizations:

Administrative Control Authority, Afriqiyah Airlines, Benghazi University, Court of Audit, Libya al-Ahrar TV channel, Libyan Airlines, Libyan Economic and Social Development fund, Libyan Red Crescent (Junior Section), Libyana, National Commercial Bank, National Oil Corporation, Omar Al Mukhtar University, Ahbab Allah” School, Ajdabya University, Al-Madar Al-Jadid, Ben Ali Al Sanai University, General Commissioner for Scouts and Guides, Higher College for Administrative and Financial careers (Compote, Benghazi), Higher College for girls (Benghazi), House of Representatives, Libya Channel, NGOs for economic development Professional High Schools of Alkafra, Derna, Tobruk, Ajdabiya , Albayda, Almarj, Salowq, Altmemy, Amusaid Scouts of Libya, Solidarity and Social Fund, Schools from the following districts (599 schools):

Benghazi, Albayda, Tobruk, Shahhat, Ajdabia, Almaraj, Aljaghbub, Amsaead, Alabyar, Alssahil, Alwahat, Alabriq, Alssidra, Gaminas, Albariqa, Alrrajban, Zahar Aljabal, Alzzantan, Tazrabu, Durn, Alkafara, Tukarh, Jurdus Aleabid, Tobruk University, Unity Bank

Global Money Week (GMW) GMW2017 has two main sponsors in Libya: Central Bank of Libya and the Ministry of Education

Stakeholders and participants: Business and Charitable Organizations will be involved;

Supporters: Libyan Economic and Social Development fund, the House of Representatives, the Court of Audit, Administrative Control Authority, the National Oil Corporation, Solidarity and Social Fund, Al-Madar, Libyana, General Commissioner for Scouts and Guides, Youth Libyan Red Crescent, National Commercial Bank, Unity Bank, “Ahbab Allah” School, Libya Channel, Libya Business TV, Libya al-Ahrar TV channel, Afriqiyah Airlines, Libyan Airlines.


  • Understand financial and banking sectors basic principles.
  • Understand how to manage personal savings and invest wisely. and change the associated concepts of the phenomenon of compactness depth I have a lot of members of the community.
  • Improve the rates of financial inclusion and strengthening the financial, economic and social stability in the country.
  • Create a community that is financially aware enough to contribute to the development of both the financial and economic sectors in the country.
The plan: to involve young people and children in schools, civic clubs and charitable institutions; To target people with special needs and orphans in foster care

Preliminary things: It is important that we guide our children in learning more about finance and economics through definitions that must be understood. This is when they understand how to manage their saving and not just to save. They should become familiar with concepts as budget, loan, credit and debit card, taxes, investment and stock market. There are some steps that should be taken in order make the children understand finance: 1. Take the kids shopping to show them how to spend wisely. 2. Take the kids to the bank to learn how to manage the account and use some of the financial services 3. There should be many educational activities and ideas at school. Visits: Banks - the House of Representatives - the Central Bank of Libya - Companies - Stock market - Supervisory authorities. - Open forums where students will feel free to ask question to experts. Each school can set up a Facebook page to illustrate the GMW2017 activities.

Institutions of civil society : Events during GMW2017 should include lessons on how to open a bank account, what a savings account is, etc. Letter-writing campaign: to teach young people how to address the banks requesting services or products.

2013 Libya Global Money Week

Name of organizing entity - Child Right Association

Children visited the Stock Exchange market and spoke with the Stock Exchange Director Mr. Najeeb Ubaidah who explained to them how the Stock Exchange market works.