GMW Toolkit 2018

Guidebook for everyone interested in participating in GMW2018. The Toolkit will help you plan your GMW events and celebrations in your community. It provides an overview of the potential activities you can organize to ensure that children and youth in your country participate and learn more about finance and entrepreneurship!

Who can use this toolkit?
Everyone who wishes to participate in GMW2018. Whether you are from government institutions, financial institutions, corporate companies, SMEs, universities, schools, non-for-profit organizations, money museums, etc. If you a student, teacher or parent you may find this Toolkit helpful.

Tip! Check out the Print Pack – supplements the Toolkit, and consists of printable resources.

Download here:
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GMW Team has created a special GMW Africa Toolkit 2018 for participants from the Africa region. It consists facts about GMW growth, examples of organizations and country cases.

Read and download the file here: