Global Money Week

Who is CYFI?

CYFI is a global system change organization working with partners in 132 countries. We have taken on the challenge of ensuring that everyone works together to reshape financial systems in order to economically and socially empower children and youth worldwide.

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The 3 roles of CYFI are:

    1. Advocate
    2. Network Connector & Expert Hub
    3. Network advisor

CYFI's main initiatives are:

    1. Global Money Week (GMW)
    2.Ye! for Young Entrepreneurs
    4.Global Inclusion Awards

CYFI Facts

  • Ranked mumber 45 in NGO Advisor's Top 500 NGOs in the world
  • Letters of Support from former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during CYFI Annual Summits
  • Affiliated Member to the GPFI, the inclusive platform for all G20 countries
  • Held a High Level Stakeholders and Youth Meeting at the United Nations Headquarters in May 2014
  • Received support from Prominent Supporters, notably Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Herman van Rompuy - Former President of the European Council, Mario Draghi - President of the European Central Bank, Amina J. Mohammed - Deputy Secretary-General’s of the United Nations and, Ahmed Alhendawi - the United Nation Secretary General's Envoy on Youth
  • Strategic partnership with the OECD and the European Parliament
  • Opened the NASDAQ stock exchange for two consecutive years to mark Global Money Week – it is not the tradition that children and youth open stock exchanges around the world during this Week
  • CYFI’s Founder, Jeroo Billimoria was ranked 3rd in the charity and non-profit category of Opzij’s Top 100 Influential Women, and awarded by the Union of Arab Banks for the achievements of the CYF Movement

Connect with CYFI


PO Box 16524 • 1001 RA Amsterdam the Netherlands | E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | T + 31 (0)20 5203900