Global Money Week

Global Money Week Activities

Global Activities

Below is a list of ideas to inspire your GMW events and activities that you can coordinate on a regional, national or local level.


• Visits to banks • Visits to parliaments • Visits to the stock exchange and ringing the opening bell to signal the beginning of trade • Visits to money museums • Visit to businesses (e.g. Job Shadow Activity, Mentor Programme for young entrepreneurs, Networking Events for youth, etc) • Visits to schools and universities


• Launch drawing competitions around creative themes like: ‘My dream money’, ‘My dream bank’, ‘My money tree with dreams’, ‘Learn.Save.Earn’ to capture the artistic talent of other youth – then plan exhibition during GMW • Organize a photo competition! Take fun photos with the GMW logos and share these with others • Engage with other budding writers through essay competitions on topics like: ‘Why is it important to save?’, ‘What are you saving for?’, ‘Save today. Safe tomorrow.’ ‘If I were an entrepreneur, which business I would own?’, ‘My dream job in the future’, ‘My business idea’, ‘Learn.Save.Earn.’ • Art Exhibitions • Theatre


• Contests and competitions • Financial education games • Open market: children and youth can hold an Open Market at school - where they can run their own lemonade stands, sell homemade jewelry or baked goods.


• Radio talk shows • Social Media e.g. participate in GMW Selfie Challenge (photo competition in social media); My Money Box (photo competition in social media) • TV shows • Video Making: e.g. GMW school video; participate in NEW! GMW Video Challenge (video competition in YouTube) • Approach a local or national celebrity to endorse your GMW activities.


• Dialogue with policy makers • Peer debates • Youth budget to parliament • Publications • Petition • Policy pledge • Book bank - make a special exhibition of books at your school library, which teaches children about money and savings. Books about well-known entrepreneurs can be informative and inspiring! • Research projects - give students research projects about ‘Money history’, ‘Different currencies in the world’, etc. Similarly, teachers could choose to teach children about different currencies and the history of money. Visits to money museum can be a great idea for an exciting educational day out too! • Youth Talks via Google Hangouts - contact your partner schools, other organizations or educational branches abroad and connect students over Google Hangouts. You can call these online conversations as Youth Talks. • Offer a series of lessons or workshops that will help to empower kids, with practical skills involving money and livelihoods. Examples could include: ‘how to open a bank account’, ‘how to balance a check book’, ‘starting a business’, ‘applying for a job’, etc. Hold an informative workshop on the financial products banks offer, and what they can mean for young people. • Hold a savings campaign where children and youth can visit local branches to open their first savings accounts in an easy, fast and secure manner.


  • Prep Talks (online webinars via WebEx) before GMW2017
  • GMW Selfie Challenge (photo competition in social media)
  • My Money Box (photo competition in social media)
  • NEW! GMW Video Challenge (video competition in YouTube)

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