Global Money Week

Piggy banks and money boxes have been around for thousands of years! The origins of the name 'piggy bank' dates back to the Middle Ages when Pygg, and orange colored clay, was used to make pots to store money. The name pygg jars evolved to be known as 'Pig Banks', and the rest is history!

The history of money boxes highlights that savings has been important for centuries across many cultures, countries - during Global Money Week (GMW) we want to highlight the role piggy banks and money boxes play in helping young people across the world to save smart.

Do you save? What does your money box look like? Join us for the My Money Box Challenge and share creative ways to create money boxes.

This challenge is open to individuals and groups alike! We encourage community organizations and schools to use the challenge as a great opportunity for young people to think about how they save and the function of money boxes.

GMW Money Box Challenge - PortugueseDownload here

What do you win?

The winner will win a feature in the GMW Report 2017 and photos shared across all of our social media channels.