Global Money Week

GMW Prep Pack consist of all helpful materials (Part 1) and tips (Part 2) that can support you in planning for your Global Money Week events and activities.


(1) GMW2017 Reporting Form

(2) Possible questions for and from children and youth during GMW2017

(3) Standard Photo Release Form For Minor Children


(4) Information about GMW Challenges

(5) GMW2017 Resources and Materials

(6) GMW and CYFI High Quality Logos

(7) Tips for photos and videos

(8) Sample text for your newsletter

(9) About Social Media #GMW2017 #GlobalMoneyWeek #LearnSaveEarn


We have compiled for you various files that might support you while preparing for you GMW events and activities.

(1) GMW2017 Reporting Form (.doc)

Please note the dates:

  • PART 1 – to be filled out BEFORE Global Money Week by 20 February 2017
  • PART 2 – to be filled out AFTER Global Money Week by 10 April 2017

(2) Possible questions for and from children and youth during GMW2017(.pdf)

(3) Standard Photo Release Form For Minor Children (.doc)

For all media which includes young people, please ensure that appropriate permissions are obtained from Schools, parents, legal guardians, and/or the photographer that the photo/video may be widely published both online (i.e. Global Money Week and Child & Youth Finance websites, press, social media, etc.) and in publications. Photography Release Form Template can be found online. CYFI reserves the right to use received photos and videos for online and offline publication.


(4) Information about GMW Challenges

Check out ‘Events’ section for more information about GMW Challenges 2017. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your respective CYFI team member. We look forward to hearing from you and your GMW events!

(5) GMW2017 Resources and Materials

Check out helpful materials and get to know more about this year’s GMW! Go to under ‘Resources’ and look up all available resources, such as: GMW Toolkits, GMW Print Pack, GMW Brochure, GMW Reports 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016, GMW Presentations, GMW Classroom Materials, GMW Designs, GMW Tips & Tricks, GMW Logos, and GMW Photos and Videos.

(6) GMW and CYFI High Quality Logos

GMW and CYFI logos are available on the Logos and Designs page. Please don’t forget to take fun photos with GMW logos and share them with CYFI Secretariat via email, Dropbox, WeTransfer or other channels.

(7) Tips for photos and videos

Take fun and cheerful photos or videos of children and youth in action during your GMW events and activities. This way you can help us capture awesome GMW moments!

Don’t forget to:

1. Print colorful GMW logos for your events and activities

2. Take high quality photos/large files which can be used for both online and print purposes.

3. Take fun photos together with children, youth, their parents and your colleagues.

4. Share these amazing and memorable pictures with others who are celebrating the Week

TIP! How can you send your photos or videos to CYFI Secretariat?

  • Option 1: If you have a couple of photos then email them to your personal contact at CYFI Secretariat.
  • Option 2: If the files are too large, please use to forward your files to your contact at the CYFI Secretariat! does not require opening an account. It is fast and great way to transfer big files.
  • Option 3: Upload your photos to DropBox and share the link with your contact at CYFI. Do not forget to use ‘Standard Photo Release Form For Minor Children’

(8) Sample text for your newsletter

Please use this sample text if you want to include Global Money Week in your newsletter:

Global Money Week (GMW) is an annual money matters awareness campaign initiated by Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) which will take place this year in 27 March – 2 April 2017. During this week, worldwide activities are held to engage children, youth and their communities in learning how money works, the importance of saving (every child and youth should have a savings account and be taught how to use it!), how to create a sustainable livelihood, how to gain employment, and how to become an entrepreneur. This year’s theme is ‘Earn.Save.Learn’

In 2016, Global Money Week engaged over 7 million children and youth through more than 33,278 activities organized by 13,950 organizations in 132 countries. Past activities have included visits to banks, parliaments, businesses, stock exchanges; photo, essay and art competitions; video chats, education and savings activities at schools, and many more. For many of the participating countries Global Money Week provided a platform for multi-sectorial national stakeholders to collaborate, many for the first time, on developing financial education and inclusion initiatives and policies in their countries.

(9) About Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social networking sites can help you reach your audience quickly, even with limited resources. Through your group’s or organization’s accounts, or your own account, you can help to spread information about your event and your participation Global Money Week 2017. Be sure to update your Facebook and Twitter statuses regularly, and remember to cross-promote all of your social media content.

Tip! Not sure what to post? Here are some examples of messages you could share:

  • Global Money Week is important because…. #GlobalMoneyWeek #GMW2017
  • Children and youth should save because… #GlobalMoneyWeek #GMW2017
  • We´re bringing financial education to our offices/stores/institution (delete as appropriate) during #GlobalMoneyWeek! #GMW2017. Find details of our event here…
  • 7 million children & youth from 132 countries participated in #GMW2017. Come on and get involved in the #GMW2017 celebrations #LearnSaveEarn
  • Help a child open a savings account this week! #FinancialInclusion begins with the ability to save! #GlobalMoneyWeek #LearnSaveEarn
  • Join us at (your business/organization/institution name here) in our celebrations for #GlobalMoneyWeek #GMW2017
  • Our #GlobalMoneyWeek event on… encourages children and youth to #LearnSaveEarn #GMW2017

Don’t forget to follow GMW activities on and check 2017 GMW Calendar. Also, like and follow our GMW page in Facebook, retweet our tweets @GlobalMoneyWeek, and post your photos with hastags #GMW2017 #GlobalMoneyWeek to be shared on Instagram.

Feel free to share your Facebook and Twitter accounts with CYFI Secretariat! We would like to connect with you and share all the relevant news!