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Organize Savings, Drawing, Photo, Video & Essay Competitions

Launch drawing, photo and essay competitions around creative themes like: ‘Why is it important to save?’, ‘My dream bank’, ‘My money tree with dreams’, ‘What are you saving for?’, ‘Money Matters Matter’, ‘If I were an entrepreneur, which business I would own?’, ‘My dream job in the future’ or ‘My business idea.’ Also, savings competitions would be a great idea! And, so many more!

Albania GMW2017

The activities of the Global Money Week were very diverse and included:
• A drawing completion called “My money” for elementary school pupils.
• “The best Video” competition on the topic of “Save for bad days! Save for better days” for high school students.
• A tri-high school competition that selected the elective subject “Personal Finance in your hands” which was transmitted on the “Ora News” TV channel.
• An essay competition on the topic of “Should financial education be part of the academic curriculum?” for university students.
• A debate competition “Acting like bankers” for university students.

Armenia GMW2017

This year, the Central Bank of Albania also held five competitions: a photo competition: “The only free cheese is in the mousetrap”, an art competition: “Where does money come from?”, infographics competitions and a recycling competition. The winners of the contests were granted different awards including stationaries, financial books and more.

The Emirates Foundation UAE GMW2015

The Emirates Foundation met with the young girls from the Umm Ommara School two weeks prior to Global Money Week and organized a savings competition. Students were given two weeks to save as much money as they could, and the top 5 savers were awarded prizes. The students made a total saving amounting to $163. Students also participated in an activity, where they were asked “why they wanted to save” and to depict that through a drawing.

Fiji GMW2017

Activities organized this year were built on those of previous years that have proven to be successful. “Be Money Wi$e – Securing My Future Goals Today”, an essay competition on GMW 2016’s theme of “Take Part. Save Smart.” was launched prior to the start of GMW2017, where students from across the country could participate. These essays were then judged and awarded at the end of GMW. Additionally, these essays were used by the bank to listen to the voices of the youth and understand their concerns and aspirations towards saving and money habits.

Georgia in GMW2017

NBG and the National Youth and Children’s Palace continued the tradition of holding creative competitions in drawing, photography and essays on the topic of “Learn. Save. Earn”. The authors of select works were awarded special prizes, prepared in cooperation with Finca Bank Georgia, and were invited to an exciting field-trip to the Money Museum of Kvareli, Georgia. Furthermore, NBG visited several schools and, in cooperation with Business and Technology University, supported the development of regional financial literacy clubs. Moreover, NBG visited BTU Kids’ club and talked about financial and entrepreneurial affairs with young innovators and inventors.