Global Money Week

2015 Sierra Leone Money Week

Children's Agenda International
Guarantee Trust Bank
British Council of Sierra Leone
Union Trust Bank
Date of the event:
14th - 17th March
Number of children reached:

Children’s Agenda International celebrated Global Money Week in Sierra Leone through financial education workshops in schools, radio shows directed at children and youth (in collaboration with the British Council) and press releases to promote Global Money Week throughout the country. The workshops focused on how money works, the important opening a savings account, operating ATMs and creating opportunities for a sustainable livelihood. All the activities and events were focused on the topic of financial education and explained how money works, introduced the Pikin (which means children in the local language) Savings Account, and expressed the importance of the ATM system and entrepreneurship. There was also a radio talk and a press release to summarize the 4 days of financial education and inclusion awareness to mark the end of the celebrations.

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