Global Money Week

2017 Czech Republic Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
EFPA Czech Republic

Participating Organizations:
Czech National Bank
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Finance
Zlata koruna
KFP s.r.o
ING Bank a.s.
Financni svoboda, s.r.o.
BIVS Prague
Gymnazium Postupicka, Gymnazium Teplice, DD and SJ Solenice, Gymnazium JP Melnik, EFAWAY s.r.o. Banys Media, s.r.o. ZS and MS Povrly, ZS Horicky, ZS and MS Kozlovice, Gymnazium and SSZE Vyskov, Masarykova ZS and MS Velka Bytrice, Orisek - Studio pro deti s.r.o. ST consult, s.r.o. ZS Aloise Jiraska Lanskroun, Remedium Praha o.p.s. ZS and MS Kresice, ZS Ostrava, Ostrava-Vytkovice, Mendelova Univesrita Brno, ZS and MS Velvarska Kladno, Czech TV,,,
Czech radio, Flow & Grow, Vector Certifikace, Partners Financial Services, Primary and Secondary schools Karlovy Vary, Czech Scouts and Guides, Primary School Orlova Lutyne, Primary school Pisnicka Prague, OA and Language school Usti nad Labem, Primary school Caslav, Group of teachers from Prague 1, ZS T.G.Masaryka Rokycany, ZS and MS Becov nad Teplou, ZS Plumlov, okr. Prostejov, Praha 4 Posepneho namesti, ZS Bohulavice, OA and Hotel school Trebic, ZS Bílina, Zizkovo nam. 75, Caslav, Gebauerova, Soukroma ZS, Pasteurova, DD Plesna

Number of children reached directly: 4 366

On 3 April, the expert conference "System Changes in Financial Education" was successfully organised. Participating national organisations included EFPA CR and yourchance o.p.s. The patronage of the GMW was shared by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. The event was held at the premises of the CNB.

Mgr. Marta Gellová and Jana Merunková, the organizers of GMW in the Czech Republic, presented very satisfactory results of this year’s events. Both organizers agreed that mutual cooperation is very good and expressed their commitment to take over the organizational duties of GMW next year.

In total, 4,500 pupils and students took part in 67 GMW events this year. In addition, to schools and universities, a number of non-profit organizations, children's homes and commercial entities participated in the events ranging from games, discussions, workshops, lectures to all-day events.

2013 Czech Republic Money Week

Name of organizing entity: Evita os
Participating organizations: Deputy Financial Arbitrator of the Czech Republic and the Educational Institute of the Central Bohemia Region (VISK).
Date of the event: 19th - 20th of March
Number of children reached: 30

Global Money Week in Czech Republic was marked with two Events in Krapupy nad Vltavou and Poděbrady.

On the 19th March 2013, the first event took place at the Parish Charity in Kralupy nad Vltavou. The participants in the workshop were children and youth aged 12-24. They were given the opportunity to discuss the role of money in their lives, focusing on the role of financial institutions and programs, the negative impacts of money, the problem of debts and its consequences, etc. Since the participants were familiar with negative aspects of money and debts in general, the organizers tried to highlight ways in which to approach and remedy these problems in a positive manner.

On 20th March 2013, the second event took place at the Václav Havel Primary School in Poděbrady. The participants in the workshop were children aged 13-15 years. The organized program highlighted the principles of Financial Literacy (the role of money, banks, financial institutions and financial mechanisms in general) with both positive and negative aspects of money.

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