Global Money Week

2016 Luxembourg Global Money Week

Participating Organizations:
The Luxembourg Banker's Association - 'D' Woch vun de Suen"
Bank Museum at Banque et Caisse d' Epargne de L'Etat(BCEE)
Central Bank of Luxembourg

Date of the event:
14th - 20th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged:1 070

This year, the activities that took place in Luxembourg during Global Money Week, designed for students of 11 years, included:

  • Interventions in the classroom with a focus on a responsible purchasing behavior. The courses were animated by volunteers in collaboration with teachers. The pedagogical material was represented by an educational workbook called "Impuls", made by Inter-Actions through Service d'Information et de Conseil en matière de Surendettement (SICS).
  • A game "Eurodéo" which was played in class. Eurodéo helped students to learn to distinguish between desires and needs and also to prioritize expenses in a budgeting overview.
  • Visits to the Bank Museum at Banque et Caisse d' Epargne de L'Etat (BCEE). During the visit to the Bank Museum, there was a small competition about the different topics shown during the visit, including a beautiful porcelain piggy bank as a prize. The visit was concluded with a picture of the group, which was sent to teachers.
  • Visits to the Central Bank of Luxembourg.

All together, 750 pupils participated in the "Woch vun de Suen", and 320 visitors were welcomed at the Bank Museum at BCEE.

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