Global Money Week

2016 Iran Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Eghtesad Novin Bank
Participating Organizations:
Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Date of the event:
14th - 21st of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 10 000
Total indirect reach: 8 000 000

This year, Iran participated in Global Money Week for the second time through Eghtesad Novin (EN) Bank, Child & Youth Finance International’s main partner in the country. For GMW2016, all 250 of EN Bank's branches throughout the country took part in activities designed for students.

This year the bank also came up with the great initiative to offer savings accounts with a debit card designed specifically for youth during Global Money Week, and national press covered the first children opening their own saving accounts as part of the initiative. More than 85 branches of the brank invited students to visit; here children were taught how to use their savings account, the importance of saving, introducing the teen card at the same time. During the visits, students experienced different departments and were familiarized with branch operations and account opening procedures. Eghtesad Novin Bank staff also explained their jobs, roles and responsibilities to the youth groups.

As part of GMW, children throughout Iran were able to take part in Instagram photo competitions, videos and writing contests on subjects as diverse as banks, money and savings. They were also provided with financial education books and information as part of the activities.

2015 Iran Global Money Week

Eghtesad Novin Bank
Kargozari Tamin Sarmaye Novin
Tehran Money Museum
Mashhad Money Museum
Javaneh Primary School
Amir High School
Milad danesh Primary School
Mesbah Institute
Shahab danesh Primary School
Vali Asr High School
Kherad High School
38 other schools
Date of the event:
5th - 13th of March
Number of children reached:
1 000

For the first time, Iran participated in Global Money Week 2015 through Child and Youth Finance International’s main partner Eghtesad Novic Bank.

During the Global Money Week, 22 branches of Eghtesad Novic Bank hosted students from 30 schools. During the visits, students visited different departments and familiarized themselves with branch operations and account opening procedures. Eghtesad Novic Bank staff also explained their jobs and roles and responsibilities.

Eghtesad Novic Bank organized financial education sessions for students. They also distributed packs of children’s banking books and two financial games. At the end of the visit, a small celebration for the students was organized and Global Money Week certificates were presented to them.

In addition to the bank visits, Eghtesad Novic Bank also arranged visits to TAMIN Sarmaye Novin Brokerage, where students observed how stock exchange works and watched the dealing process. Afterwards a financial education session was conducted by experts covering numerous topics such as: stocks, stock indices, securing money, the difference between money market and stock market, and online trading.

Eghtesad Novic Bank organized banking and finance workshops in 20 schools, nationwide. Branch Managers led the sessions covering topics such as: what is a bank, the value of saving and how to save, different types of savings, the difference between current accounts and checking accounts, and electronic banking. The sessions were interactive. At the end of the visits, bundles of 12 financial books for youngsters were gifted to schools.

School students also visited the Money Museums in two major cities. During the visit, sessions on history of money and educational tours were conducted.

At a fundamental level, a seminar was held in Cairo University where youth and policy makers had an open debate about financial related matters. The debates carried on among youth with their peers as well.

During Global Money Week, Eghtesad Novic Bank distributed the following materials: Charity poster, Charity saving box, Global Money Week certificates for attendees in Farsi, six books about financial subjects specifically written and published by bank available freely, ATM advert, Global Money Week flag, Global Money Week greeting card, Youth gift cards, Youth banking card, and child and youth e-wallet banking cards.


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