Global Money Week

2016 Jordan Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Jordan River Foundation

Participating Organizations:
Queen Rania Family and Child Centre
Al Arj Charity Association
Jordanian Association for human capacity Building
Al takafoul Charity Association
Shokera Association
Sanabel Alkhair charity association

Date of the event:
14th - 21th of March

Total number of children & youth engaged: 1 335
Total indirect reach: 1 386

Participating for the first time in Global Money Week, The Jordan River Foundation has been diligently working towards promoting child safety and empowering communities by engaging Jordanians to realize their full economic potential and overcoming social challenges. This year, the Jordan River foundation, in cooperation with its partners, organized Global Money Week awareness sessions that included Aflatoun financial education activities around savings, recycling and community service.

"I have learnt not to spend on things I don’t need"Al Arj Association, 9 year old boy, Jordan
"I have learnt how to deal with money responsibly"Al Arj Association, 10 year old boy, Jordan
"This session taught me how to conserve energy"Al Takafol association, 11 year old girl, Jordan

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