2017 Liberia Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Plan International
Participating Organizations:
Defend for Children International
Ministry of Youth & Sports Department for Youth Development
Number of children reached Indirectly: 1200

Throughout Global Money Week 2017, Plan International Liberia reached more than 1200 youth children and youth through many different livelihood interventions.

During the Week, financial literacy awareness and leadership sessions were offered to children, youth and adults, including sessions on parental care and life skills training.

High-level discussions, workshops, and other educational sessions such as child protection training were organized for all relevant key stakeholders.

2016 Liberia Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Plan Liberia
Date of event:
14th - 20th of March
Total number of children & youth engaged: 100

Led by Plan Liberia, 2016 was the first year that Liberia was involved in GMW celebration. Plan Liberia's livelihoods team held experience sharing meetings for ten village savings and loan associations (VSLAs). These meetings aimed to gather information regarding the economic and social status of members prior to participation in vocational skills training and subsequently into savings groups, current savings per individual, current economic and social status and more.