Bolivia2017 Bolivia Global Money Week


ASOBAN and the associated banks:

Grupo Amaya Capacitaciones and the asssociated financial entities:

  • Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito Abierta San Mateo Ltda, Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito Abierta Inca Huasi Ltda., Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito Abierta San Pedro Ltda, Cooperativa de Ahorro And Credito Abierta Jesus Nazareno Ltda, Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito Abierta Cacef Rl and The Promoter Financial Institution of Vicienda EFV


  • 8392


  • 537 327

Throughout Global Money Week 2017, ASOBAN held three educational activities:

  • Financial education workshops during the Credit Fair. To carry out this activity ASOBAN invited students from universities. The activity lasted 4 days, with 5 workshops per day including 80 people per workshop.
  • Interactive financial education booth: all who entered the Credit Fair were invited to visit the interactive booth “DESCUBRE Lo Simple de las Finanzas,” and, through financial education games, were invited to register on the platform
  • “DESCUBRE” Challenge: During GMW, a certificate and a gift were delivered to those who completed the financial education program

Furthermore in Bolvia, Grupo Amaya Capacitaciones and the associated financial entities visited many schools and a military unit, eager to learn about the simplicity of finances, the importance of saving, and the safety in trusting a financially licensed financial institution awarded by ASFI.

Grupo Amaya Capacitaciones also socializes the rights of the financial consumer and the mechanisms of complaint. They are proud to have taught the simplicity of finance through engaging trainings, games and guided visits, so that young people make good financial decisions. More than 1,200 people trained within the Global Money Week program:

1.- COOPERATIVA DE AHORRO Y CREDITO ABIERTA SAN MATEO LTDA. Addressed young people and teachers in a coloseum to talk about Culture of Savings, the Rights of the financial consumer And complaint mechanisms.

2.- COOPERATIVA DE AHORRO Y CREDITO ABIERTA INCA HUASI LTDA. Visited the Liceo Quillacollo to talk about the importance of saving and the safety of working with Cooperatives with an ASFI operating license, and taught about saving with an entertaining digital game.

3.- COOPERATIVA DE AHORRO Y CREDITO ABIERTA SAN PEDRO LTDA. Visited the Fuerza Aerea educational unit, training students and teachers on the issue of the importance of financial consumer rights and the operation of consumer complaints.

4.- COOPERATIVA DE AHORRO Y CREDITO ABIERTA JESUS NAZARENO LTDA. Trained soldiers and instructors of the Military Unit of the Bolivian Air Force on the issue of how the Bolivian Financial System works, consumer Rights, Financial Consumer Obligations, complaint mechanisms and about the Defensoria del Consumidor Financiero.

5.- ENTIDAD FINANCIERA DE VIVIENDA LA PROMOTORA E.F.V. Visited the Andres Bello Educational Unit, training students and teachers in: the importance of Savings, making wise financial decisions, the role of supervision and the regulation of financial institutions in Bolivia by the Supervision Authority of Financial System ASFI. Garbage cans were handed out to the educational unit to motivate the youth to recycle and that the impact of carbon footprints.

6.- COOPERATIVA DE AHORRO Y CREDITO ABIERTA SAN JOSE DE PUNATA LTDA. A training at the offices of the Cooperative related to the detection of counterfeit banknotes using an App and games, in order for young people to be able to quickly identify counterfit currency.

7.- COOPERATIVA DE AHORRO Y CREDITO ABIERTA CACEF RL. Visit to the Andres Bello Educational Unit to train students related to formal savings in secure financial entities with operating licenses, to correctly elaborate a family budget and to talk about the financial products most used by society in Cochabamba.

8.- COOPERATIVA DE AHORRO Y CREDITO ABIERTA INCA HUASI LTDA A visit from Quillacollo Lyceum students to the facilities of the Cooperative in order to learn how a financial entity works. Students met with area managers to understand the operations by area and were received by the General Manager and Marketing Executive to talk about the importance of the financial institutions in Bolivia and what is the role of financial intermediation. The Manager spoke to students about the early importance of saving and the importance of having life insurance.

9.- COOPERATIVA DE AHORRO Y CREDITO ABIERTA CACEF RL. A visit to the auditorium of the Municipality of Sipe Sipe to train students and teachers about formal savings in secure financial entities with operating licenses, correctly elaborating a family budget, the financial products most used by society in Cochabamba and to promote savings at an early age.

2016 Bolivia Global Money Week



  • Banco BISA, Banco Unión, Banco Solidario, Banco Ganadero, Banco Económico, Banco PYME Los Andes Procredit, Banco de Crédito de Bolivia, Banco Fortaleza, Banco de la Nación Argentina, Banco Nacional de Bolivia, Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito Abierta San Jose de Punata Ltda.


  • 14-18th of March


  • 9 620


  • 15 000

The Association of Private Banks of Bolivia will lead the celebrations of Global Money Week 2016. Bolivia's focus on the theme "Take Part. Save Smart!" will emphasize the importance of the family and providing parents with the needed skills to instill good financial values in their children.

The leading organization is celebrating with a financial education fair directed to heads of the household. The fair will include several workshops, informative stands and an advising booth in which parents and their families can learn about the benefits of saving, consumer protection rights, how to use credit and other financial instruments.

We are very excited to see Global Money Week in Bolivia involving parents in helping children and youth to build a better future for themselves.

2015 Bolivia Global Money Week



  • 17th of March

The Banking Association of Bolivia, in partnership with eleven of its member institutions, developed a series of activities for the celebration of Global Money Week in Bolivia. The GMW celebrations in Bolivia were framed by the celebration of the annual Credit Fair, which was organized by the Banking Association of Bolivia (ASOBAN). An example of activities includes an interactive stand, in which participants had the opportunity to learn basic concepts of personal finance and acquired relevant skills to use while doing their financial planning. The stand placed particular importance on “goal setting” in respect to the process of financial planning, and also focused on how different products and services within the financial system can be of great help to achieve those goals.

During the fair, participants traveled the established route to learn about credit, how credit can play an important role in developing one’s personal finances, how to use credit and the security measures that need to be taken into consideration when using credit. By the end of the route, the youth were able to learn more about their personal finances and other financial instruments by enjoying a guided visit to the website, an online platform for financial education sponsored by the Banking Association of Bolivia.

Additionally, youth participants took part in a series of workshops focusing on the importance of goal setting, savings and general knowledge about the financial system of Bolivia.