2017 United Arab Emirates Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Emirates Foundation
Participating Organizations:
Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange
Central Bank UAE
General Civil Aviation Authority
Petroleum Institute
Ajman Youth Center
Rouqayah School

Throughout Global Money Week 2017, the Emirates Foundation, along with its key partners, plans to reach out to more than 200 youth through various activities and financial literacy workshops.

During GMW 2017, we will not only be holding financial literacy workshops with youth, but will be organizing fun arts and crafts activities, visits to the Money Museum at the Central Bank and informational seminars.

Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange will festively be opened on 27th of March by students from Petroleum Institute alongside high-level representatives from our partner institutions.

2016 United Arab Emirates Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Emirates Foundation
Participating Organizations:
Central Bank of United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange
Emirates National Schools
Zeinab School
Aisha Bint Abi Baker School
Al Qarain School
Al Noor Training Centre for Children With Special Needs
Date of the event:
14th - 20th of March
Total number of children & youth engaged: 2 144
Total indirect reach: 2 000

Her Highness, Sheikha Shamma Bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, inaugurated the Esref Sah Central Bank visit by announcing her role as ambassador to the program. She highlighted the importance of financial literacy and shared tips with students on how to lead a more financially responsible life. The students were then introduced to the role of the Central Bank and were given seminars by individual departments such as research, compliance and consumer protection. The day ended by a visit to the money museum where students learned about the origins of money, how many different types of currency exist and why it is so important for the economy.

A savings competition was initiated on 1 March with a school in Sharjah, and all students were given a branded moneybox and were requested to start saving (coins only) for the entire duration of GMW when the competition was brought to a close. They ran the competition with 30 students, and gave them a digital coin banks to save in. The top 5 winners saved 133 US dollars in ten days and an awards ceremony was held at the school and the top three savers were given prizes. Also, Emirates and their partners ran a financial literacy workshop with more than 60 students, and they ended the day by inviting a Shabaab Club member to talk about her own experiences with her children and why it is always important to spend wisely from a very early age.

Financial Literacy Bus workshops, designed by the Emirates Foundation, were ran with students across various schools in the UAE. These workshops were conducted in an interactive mobile bus and covered the fundamentals of financial literacy. Partner schools in Abu Dhabi was selected to take part in a school trip to the stock exchange. The opening “ringing of the bell” ceremony took place, and a session was held by ADX employees on the role of and importance of the stock exchange. A partner school in Abu Dhabi was also selected to take part in a school trip to the Central Bank. The students visited the Money Museum, and a session was held by Central Bank employees to explain about the role and importance of the Central Bank.

Barclay’s also partnered by delivering a workshop on the importance of responsible savings and spending habits, and two of the Esref Sah Shabaab Club members delivered a financial literacy workshop to the 30 students attending the event. A workshop was also ran at the Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs, which involved a customized money box activity with the students.

“It is crucial to have financial education in young people’s lives to help them plan ahead for their future well-being” Her Highness, Sheikha Shamma Bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, United Arab Emirates
“Whenever all of you are older and bankable, never forget to read the fine print before availing any financial product or service”Wehbe Siham, Barclays Bank, United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

2015 United Arab Emirates Global Money Week

Emirates Foundation
Central Bank of UAE
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX)
Emirates National Schools
Taweya Sharjah
Marina Mall Abu Dhabi
Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs
Umm Ommara School for Girls Sharjah
Al Qudsiyah School Abu Dhabi
Date of the event:
9th - 17th of March
Number of children reached:
1 751

The Emirates Foundation in the UAE kicked off this year’s Global Money Week celebrations with “Big Bell” where students from the Emirates National Schools visited the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. During their visit the trading bell rang for opening the trading day on March 9th. This was followed up with an interactive information session on what the exchange does, what investment means, and how youth can start making the right investment decisions at a very early age.

The Emirates Foundation Mobile Bus travelled to the Taweya exhibition in Sharjah and received more than 700 visitors. Financial literacy workshops were delivered to students from all ages and more than 35 schools visited the bus.

The Mobile Bus was stationed outside the main entrance of Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi’s largest mall, where students started visiting the bus and explored the information material inside. Fun educational activities took a place during the workshops. That included quizzes on financial literacy topics such as savings, budgeting and investing. Emirates Foundation customized savings mugs were distributed to winners. Inclusion is at the heart of what the Emirates Foundation preaches and practices. Global Money Week reached out to friends at the AL Noor Centre for Special Needs. Fun filled activities were conducted for students of the center. Children were introduced to the bus and then spent an hour familiarizing themselves with the audio-visual aids on board. The iPads in the bus, which are filled with fun and educational games, kept the children engaged for the first half of the session. This was followed up with a savings activity in which the Emirates Foundation customized savings mugs were distributed to all the students and students were taught how the mugs are to be used, why it’s important to save and all the great things we can buy with our savings!

The Emirates Foundation met with the young girls from the Umm Ommara School two weeks prior to Global Money Week and organized a savings competition. Students were given two weeks to save as much money as they could, and the top 5 savers were awarded prizes. The students made a total saving amounting to $163. Students also participated in an activity, where they were asked “why they wanted to save” and to depict that through a drawing.

Global Money Week activities were wrapped up by taking out school students to the Central Bank of the UAE. The first hour comprised of a talk organized by the Central Bank which explained the role and importance of the bank. This was followed up by a visit around the bank and to the money museum. At the end, the hosts at central bank had organized a fun quiz for the students, and winners were given small trinkets to remember their visit.


2014 United Arab Emirates Global Money Week

Emirates Foundation and Baizat
United Arab Emirates University (UAE)
Date of the event:
17th - 18th of March
Number of children reached:
10 000

The Emirates Foundation, Baizat and United Arab Emirates University, organized a range of financial-themes activities on the UAE University womens’ campus in Al-Ain for students to learn about money management, banking services and entrepreneurship. These activities included: An interactive bus full of activities and games for attendees, specially recorded videos of speakers on personal finance and talks from successful local Entrepreneurs ,goody bags and information packs and the possibility to sign up for future personal finance seminars.

Esref Sah is a nationwide financial literacy program. The program takes the form of an interactive bus that addresses the challenges related to personal finance faced by youth in the UAE. On the bus, students were able to speak to members of the Esref Sah team, sample a collection of specially selected personal finance apps preloaded on iPads, listen to inspirational stories from Entrepreneurs such as Alia Mazrouei (founder of the Just Falafel restaurant chain) and register their interest to attend future seminars regarding personal finance. With over 10 000 students registered at the womens’ UAEU campus there was a regular flow of students throughout the day visiting the bus to learn and discuss with the Esref Sah team.

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2013 United Arab Emirates Global Money Week

Name of organizing entity - Baizat

Number of children reached - 50

Press - Daily Al Bayanel

The founder of Baizat Sala Al-Halyanh sat down with children and parents, advising them on ways to make managing money fun in the household. The next day, one of the parents notified that her daughter was excited by the idea of saving to make her goals. Previously she never understood the value of money as anything other than a toy - now she has her own savings account and has encouraged her 2 sisters to have one, also!

Global Money Week in the United Arab Emirates took place with a public speaking at the Sharjah University followed by a savings activity with the involvement of children and their parents. Baizat’s mission was to raise awareness for the importance of financial education and inclusion and they accomplished that by articles published on Baizat.com and in Al Bayan newspaper and with the involvement of social media.