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Global Money Week 2017 was very happy to welcome the Money Museum of the Central of Tunisia and AIESEC Tunisia in joining GMW celebrations for the very first time. The museum opened its doors to host a group of youth from AIESEC Tunisia, a completely student-run, non-profit organization, present in over 125 countries and in 2600 Universities worldwide, to tour the museum.

During the tour, AIESECers had the chance to see the trend of the Tunisian currency throughout 25 centuries of history displayed in 43 glazed closets.

Furthermore, Mercy Corps Tunisia organized four trainings in the Jendouba region (Tabarka, Fernina, Jendouba, Bousalem) with youth centers and associations. These training sessions helped youth to gain specific and practical knowledge for savings practices. The trainings included practices, savings, and debt management.

2016 Tunisia Global Money Week




  • 14th - 20th of March


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This year, to celebrate Global Money Week, Mercy Corps organized several trainings for students from the Psychology Master’s degree. These training sessions helped students to receive the specific financial services adapted to their financial needs and gave the students principle knowledge for savings practices. The trainings included topics such as women’s crafting, young farmers and youth in general. There were also trainings and workshops that were conducted in relation to budgeting practices, savings and debt management. Students were able to play financial education games that were aimed to making children aware of their saving habits and financial goals.

2015 Tunisia Global Money Week


  • Mercy Corps Tunisia
  • Tunisian Stock Exchange Market
  • Tunisian Business School
  • Voice of the Rural Child Association
  • Student Entrepreneurs Club "ISAEG"
  • Primary School road of Gabès
  • Ecole primaire abou el kacem el chebbi
  • Ecole primaire cité Azzitouni
  • Foyer universitaire pour les filles
  • Association régional d’occupation des vieillards « AROV »
  • Club Entreprendre FootPrints
  • Agence Française de Développement
  • Silatech
  • Tounes Tekhdem
  • UKaid
  • Medenine youth leaders council
  • Bagbag School
  • Football academy Medenine
  • Development Association in Boughrara – Medenine
  • Club Entreprendre “LEADERS” (CFA)
  • Conseil des jeunes leaders Medenine


  • 10th - 15th of March


  • 1 096

Organized by Mercy Corps, Tunisia, Global Money Week 2015 celebrations activities in Tunisia covered different regions around the country reaching 1,096 children and youth participants around Tunisia. Intensive financial education awareness campaigns on the national radio channels and social network were arranged during Global Money Week celebrations. In addition, an intense financial education video about budget management, savings and debt management was also broadcasted. Financial education training sessions on savings for youth and children took place in southern Tunisian regions. Several field visits to local banks also were conducted. In addition two entrepreneurship clubs were officially inaugurated during Global Money Week.

Within the framework of Global Money Week, Mercy Corps Tunisia launched two innovative financial products supporting them financially and technically in Tunisia. The first product was “crowd Investing” and the second promoting savings through “mobile micro savings”. These initiatives are aimed to stimulate financial inclusion in the country.

An open day at the Tunisian Stock Exchange Market for Tunisia Business School’s students was organized. Students were exposed to the operations of stock market and attended a lecture on the activities. A radio talk show on the importance of financial education for youth was also organized.

organized during Global Money Week in primary schools and kindergartens to teach students good savings practices at an early stage. In Tunisian cities of Medenine, Gafsa and Kasserine many workshop sessions were organized in primary as well as secondary schools on topics such as concept of savings. These included strong examples along with interesting activities such as making handicrafts producing piggybanks and painting exercises on financial topics. Universities in Medenine also participated in Global Money Week celebrations by conducting financial training sessions. Participants gained more awareness about the importance of savings and expressed their interest in expanding their knowledge about the topic. The training sessions were carried out for 16 women entrepreneurs located in the rural areas. In Kasserine, Club Entreprendre “LEADERS” (CFA) organized a training session under the theme “Lui est un entrepreneur, et toi c’est pour quand?” on ’how to start a business!’. Panel discussions were also organized on “success stories by young entrepreneurs” and financial education training session under the theme of “savings”.

The Voice of the Rural Child Association also celebrated Global Money week in Tunisia. In collaboration with its local partners the week was celebrated colorfully with different types of activities like discussions and debates about financial matters, workshops on financial education, song making, and financial awareness campaigns.

Few outstanding youth were also awarded to support their education and further promote financial education into the national curriculum. The Voice of the Rural Child Association is one of the active members of the Anna Lindh Foundation Tunisia Network (FALTN) and Euro-Mediterranean Network for Citizenship Education and transculturally (REMECT).

2014 Tunisia Global Money Week


  • Mercy Corps Tunisia
  • Enda Microfinance and Tysir Microfinance


  • Department for International Development
  • Agence Française de Developpement


  • 10th - 17th of March


  • 300

“Tunisia Works” (Tounes Tekhdem) project.

“Tunisia Works!” (Tounes Tekhdem) is a Mercy Corps Tunisia run project that is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Agence Française de Development. Their aim is to contribute to the economic and professional education of marginalized youth in the governorates of Gafsa, Kasserine, Tataouine and Medenine through activities that:

  • Increase financial inclusion of youth (18-30 years old), by improving access and the quality of financial instruments such as savings, credit, remittances, payments, micro-insurance and financial education, and development of appropriate delivery mechanisms of financial services for the youth.
  • Increase entrepreneurial knowledge and practices amongst youth, targeting the improvement of entrepreneurship training, business development support and mentoring services for entrepreneurs during each stage of the entrepreneurial cycle.

Mercy Corps Tunisia certified 10 new financial education trainers in the south of Tunisia as a part of the “Tunisia Works” (Tounes Tekhdem) project in the lead up to Global Money Week. These trainers then facilitated 38 financial education sessions during Global Money Week. The topics covered during the educational sessions were budgeting, savings and debt management, and they reached at least 300 people over the course of the week. This activity is part of a range of activities that aim to create a network of qualified financial education trainers across Tunisia. This network will include staff from Microfinance Institutions (such as Enda and Taysir); government-owned employment and business centers; local associations who are engaged in economic development; and from commercial banks.

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