Tajikistan flag2017 Tajikistan Global Money Week



The National Bank of Tajikistan once again led in conducting the Global Money Week campaign, urging all banking and microfinance institutions in the country to take part and to organize various financial literacy activities for children and youth throughout the country. The Association of Microfinance Organizations of Tajikistan (AMFOT) actively participated in the Week and coordinated the efforts of the microfinance sector of the campaign. IMON International was the most active institution in the campaign, conducting educational seminars and meetings in schools, colleges and universities. IMON International alone reached more than 3,000 youth across the country, and a significant emphasis was placed on young women and rural youth. Overall, 27 financial institutions in Tajikistan conducted trainings on financial literacy in several schools and universities.

Furthermore, SPCE and University of Central Asia Tajikistan once again had a key role in the campaign, conducting more than 80 various events from 27 March - 2 April 2017. Throughout the GMW, they organized interactive games and multiple sessions on “Learn. Save. Earn.”, in addition to an information session, entitled “Types of Deposits and investment,” led by a bank expert. Some students were taken on a study trip to financial institutions and businesses in Khorog and Dushanbe. SPCE Khorog and LC Dushanbe organized a drawing competition, an essay writing competition related to wise investment and a handcraft competition.

"This year, thanks to SPCE, many government and non-government organization were involved in celebrating GMW that impacted a large number of children and youth, and today we can see the tangible result, - 30 children and youth got opportunity to open their own bank account and they could deposit there for the first time from their own earning, by winning the competitions… the important point here is that they earned by applying their creativity and skills…” . Head of “Child and Youth Center of Creativity”, representative of the government body

The concluding event and the awards ceremony was conducted on the 1st of April to award the winners of the competitions, and to recognize the contribution of volunteers and partners that supported in arranging all activities. The event was attended by local TV and media.

2016 Tajikistan Global Money Week




  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 10 810


  • 5 000

The National Bank of Tajikistan once again took the lead in conducting the Global Money Week campaign and informed all banking and microfinance institutions in the country to take part, and to organize various activities for children and youth throughout the country. The Association of Microfinance Organizations of Tajikistan (AMFOT) actively participated in the Week and coordinated the efforts of the microfinance sector of the campaign. On 9 March, the GIZ office in Tajikistan and AMFOT, with the participation of the National Bank, hosted a special training for more than 20 microfinance institutions on conducting financial education activities for children and youth during the Week.

The microfinance organization IMON International conducted its first three-day financial literacy training pilot as part of its SchoolBank program launch in Tajikistan. 25 first-year students of the Institute of Economics and Trade of Tajik State University of Commerce took part in the pilot training that will later be implemented in other institutes and high schools in Tajikistan. Moreover, 27 branches of IMON International throughout the country held “Open Door Days” for youth, group visits to the branches and lectures and seminars on the topic of savings based on the educational “Take part. Save smart!” materials specially created for young people during the Week. Other financial institutions were also very active in Global Money Week celebrations throughout the country; for instance, AccessBank Tajikistan conducted financial literacy trainings, financial games and competitions for students at the universities and bank branches. Overall, 25 financial institutions took part in the campaign and did events in 46 schools and 4 universities throughout the country.

The University of Central Asia (SPCE) in Khorog and Dushanbe conducted multiple events from 14 – 19 March. Amongst the activities, there was a two hour session organized on awakening the entrepreneurial spirit in youth for more than 600 schoolchildren from grades 9 and 10 from nine schools in Khorog city. SPCE Khorog also organized a drawing competition for children aged 7 – 15; this activity was organized in partnership with the Creative Centre of Children by involving the most talented youth artists from all GBAO regions. A session was also conducted on setting financial goals for women that are members of community savings groups (CBSG) in Khorog. Furthermore, a competition on financial literacy and a lecture on “Financial problems of the modern world and its impact on the value on money” was held by Dr. Jonmamad Shermamdov, Rector of KSU. SPCE LC Dushanbe also organized a variety of activities, including sessions on financial planning for women, to First Micro Finance Bank (FMFB) in Dushanbe, essay competitions, lectures and many more.

“I enjoyed the session and realized that saving money matters. I did not pay attention to that before, but from now I started thinking about my spending carefully so that in future when I start my study at university I can have some savings” Student that visited financial institutions and businesses, Tajikistan
It was a very interesting experience to see how businesses are working in reality. I was especially amazed by the way the construction company takes the quality and disciplinary action of its workers very seriously. We were not allowed to visit the site without a special uniform that was provided to each of us. I really felt if I could be part of this one day, so exciting… I really want to become a businessman” Student that visited financial institutions and businesses, Tajikistan
“I think we should continue this good practice with children as they are very motivated, and this is very good for awakening in them entrepreneurship spirit. If we continuously do some sort of business game like we did in two hour sessions, I can say that they will be future entrepreneurs. I really was amazed how children are motivated to learn about business. I myself felt very proud to be part of the GMW process. I felt very good when my work was acknowledged by students and SPCE Management” Active volunteer instructors, Tajikistan

2015 Tajikistan Global Money Week



  • 9th - 17th of March


  • 5 000+

National Bank of Tajikistan led Global Money Week celebrations in the country for the first time this year. It involved all banks and microfinance organizations in the financial literacy activities for children and youth. Association of Microfinance Organizations actively involved microfinance institutions in planning their Global Money Week activities. As a result, a wide range of events took place across the country, reaching young people from rural and urban areas, schools, colleges and universities.

“Framework and Finance for Private Sector Development in Tajikistan” Program of GIZ Tajikistan conducted numerous training events within the framework of Global Money Week for high school and IHE students. Events were conducted throughout the week in many cities and rural areas of Tajikistan with the support of the following private financial institutions: MDO “Humo”, MDO “Arvand”, MDO “Matin”, MLO “44 Chashma”, MLO “Mehnatobod”, MDO “Dastras”. 689 youth participants benefitted by these events. During the training session, the training materials covering the basic concepts of financial literacy developed by GIZ were used. Further, GIZ provided training and individual couching for trainers of the private financial institutions to ensure high quality of events. Several training events were conducted directly by GIZ employees.

Other events included an open day for a group of youth at Alif Capital office where they attended a seminar addressed by the CEO of Alif Capital on 14 March. Microfinance organizations Arvand, Accessbank, MDO Sarvat and others conducted trainings on different aspects of finance and banking for young people. IMON International organzied a wide range of activities through the week, including financial literacy quizzes in several schools, open days in regional branches, training for youth on planning their future, educational games for school children on budget planning, information meetings with more than 1200 children and young people, placing ads in press and radio and many more.

MDO “Bovari va Hamkori” (National Institute of Refinancing of Microfinance Organizations of Tajikistan) organized a meeting for students at the Technological University of Isfare city where the youth were presented with information about financial and microfinance sectors’ development in the country and financial literacy concepts like savings. Young entrepreneurs also shared their experience of starting up business in Tajikistan during the meeting. The launch of the third round of the “Support for youth entrepreneurship” project, the joint project of “Bovari va Hamkori” and the World Bank, was also announced during Global Money Week.

University of Central Asia and Aga Khan Development Network conducted many training sessions on “How to use money wisely” for more than 340 schoolchildren in the grades of 9 and 10. Creative Drawing Competition on the theme of money was launched in the university’s School of Professional and Continuing Education in Khorog to promote creativity among children between 7 and 15 years old.

Several lectures on financial literacy were conducted at the Technological University of Tajikistan and the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services of Tajikistan. Surveys on the level of financial literacy among students were conducted.

2014 Tajikistan Global Money Week



  • 17th of March


  • 250

Mercy Corps is an NGO that aims to alleviate poverty and oppression by helping people to build secure, productive and just communities. In conjuncture with their regional partner Aflatoun they organized an activity to celebrate International Aflatoun Day at the end of Global Money Week 2014. Aflatoun is a network of organizations who deliver social and financial education to over 2 million children in 100 countries. They organized various entrepreneurial themed financial workshops with youths. The workshops set a foundation of basic financial knowledge and also sparked an interest in savings in the young attendees.