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  • Ministry of Education (MOE) – Kassala State. Ministry of Social and Welfare. Students Activities Unit – Kassala State. WOFCW. Sudanese Women General Union (SWGU). Sudanese Youth Organization. Family and Child Protection Unit (FCPU) – Kassala State. Kassala Locality. University of Kassala. Schools. Amal for Children Organization. Halfa Locality. Education Administration Unit –Halfa Locality.


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The celebration of the Global Money Week took place on 13 April at Elkadaba community at Um Rimta locality in Sudan. This year the celebration coincided with Aflatoun’s social and financial education events for children.

A wide range of participants and organisations were present, including the adult education director, the Women’s Centre, the REFLECT circles’ coordinator, the student activity director, teachers of the participating schools, all Elkadaba community’s segments, and the Plan International Sudan-DWM office staff.

One of the activities offered to the students was a competition with questions on Aflatoun’s history as well as some cultural topics. The students showed their willingness to participate in Aflatoun’s events and keep up good practices. Further, they recognised the importance of social and financial education and its positive effects on their lives.

Additionally, the celebration included an exhibition of posters prepared by students. The students were enthusiastic and active in singing songs and poems too.

Girls contributions in the celebration were noteworthy. Importantly, this is an indicator that communities recognise the importance of giving girls the rights and opportunities to express themselves and raise their voices like their male peers.

The event contributed to the national initiatives on social and financial education for children. Similarly, it complemented the efforts of different actors and helped implement the Aflatoun’s Strategy as well as promote the concept “Education for All”.

2016 Sudan Global Money Week




  • 14th - 20th of March


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The Global Money Week program in Sudan started with some verses from the Holy Quran presented by one of the school pupils, followed by short speeches from the school manager, who welcomed the representative of the Ministry of Education, the partners, the delegate of the Sudanese Coalition for Education For All (SCEFA), the parents association and the audience. She thanked SCEFA for the opportunity to conduct the celebration of GMW at Shaifa Salim School, and she pointed out that the school, the pupils and the community as a whole will benefit from this program in the near future.

The SCEFA secretary-General and Child & Youth Finance International coordinator welcomed and briefed the audience on both CYFI and Aflatoun programs. The coordinator noted that working for, assisting and educating the pupils about saving and planning for their small future projects had been the ultimate goal for both organizations, and he promised that the first program in Khartoum will be implemented in Sharifa Salim School.

The representative of the State Ministry of Education addressed the audience and mentioned that the Ministry of Education (Girl’s Education Administration) will collaborate with schools to conduct similar programs, and said that this year will witness different activities and programs to support pupils with creating savings and implementing social projects.

2014 Sudan Global Money Week


  • Plan Sudan
  • Sudanese Coalition for Education for All (SCEFA)
  • Aflatoun
  • Ministry of Education
  • Palace of Youth and Children
  • Central Bank of Sudan


  • 20th of March


  • 500

Sudanese Coalition for Education for All (SCEFA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Palace of Youth and Children, the Central Bank of Sudan and Plan Sudan Organization, organized Global Money Day on March 20th 2014 in the Palace of Youth and Children under the patronage of the Minister of Education. The celebration targeted 500 children and their families. A particular focus was given to children with special needs.

During the day-long event children participated in social and cultural activities that stimulated their financial knowledge and skills. The activities were challenging and fun so as to encourage discussions in order to find better solutions to the concerns raised during Global Money Week. The event had a carnival theme where children in brightly colored financially-themed costumes joined VIP speakers in greeting the other participants and their families. Sports activities got the children’s blood pumping while plays and interactive performances were given by children to their peers in order to encourage the youth to engage in discussions about money and savings. The children were also invited to spend time at the ‘drawing booth’ were they created artworks expressing their financial awareness. The drawings were exhibited during the event.

Dweim Program Unit facilitated a successful Skype meeting between 10 Aflatoun children from the Mabroka community with children of Aflatoun groups in Philippines and Indonesia. The purpose of the chat was to share the ideas and the experience between the groups. Girls and boys said that they loved visiting the Program Unit office and talking with their peers from the Philippines and Indonesia.

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2013 Sudan Global Money Week


  • Central Bank of Sudan


  • Plan International-Sudan
  • Sudan’s Network for Education for All (SNEFA)


  • 21st of March


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“This occasion is a great one and history is being made here, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, we express our commitment to pushing forward financial education to be part of the school syllabus.”

Global Money Week was celebrated in three states and covered four cities in Sudan, including the capital, Khartoum.

At the state level, children and youth from disadvantaged communities were taken on visits to Sudapost, the Sudanese postal office, where they engaged in an interactive session about saving and were surprised by saving accounts that were opened for all those who attended the visit - courtesy of Sudapost to encourage saving among children. Some of the children had prepared songs/plays to express the importance of financial knowledge for the day. All children and youth were given their saving books during the visit which was also attended by representatives from the Ministry of Education at the state level.

At the national level in Khartoum, a large event was organized by SNEFA, Plan International and CBoS. The event was opened by H.E. the State Minister of Education, H.E. Minister of Education of the State of Khartoum, Head of the Microfinance Unit of the CBoS and the Acting Country Director of Plan International-Sudan with wide attendance of stakeholders from the National Assembly and the Legislative Council of Khartoum State, Civil Society and other members of SNEFA.

Children participated in a competition on financial knowledge and children with disabilities were able to sell products that they made to promote entrepreneurship among children. It was a unique event in the way that it brought together stakeholders from the education and financial sectors together.