Sri Lanka flag2017 Sri Lanka Global Money Week


  • Network for Education, Children, and Youth (NECY)


  • Aflatoun
  • Child’s Rights Advocacy Network (CRAN)


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Coinciding once again this year with Aflatoun Day, The Network for Education, Children and Youth of Sri Lanka (NECY) has led efforts in celebrating Global Money Week in the country by sharing and implementing programming, classes, and social and financial education lessons to children in participating government schools.

Following the Aflatoun program and method, NECY has organized multiple classes and lectures that share holistic economic citizenship development by imparting a mixture of both child social education and financial education. Aside from just sharing with children money management, budgeting, saving, and the different financial products that they may encounter throughout their life, NECY has also provided a strong focus on the social aspect that essentially affects children’s socio-economic decision making. In these lessons and games, NECY has provided an additional focus on child’s rights. These were highlighted by also introducing children to themes that cover their rights and responsibilities, their self-worth, self-confidence, and their roles in improving both themselves and their community.

The program of NECY has also taken an active role in promoting child social and financial education to disabled children and street children, as well as covering themes of socio-economic well-being related to natural resources and local values. In addition, GMW was used as a platform to celebrate the financial enterprises that children were able to establish, focusing on vegetable, recycling, and enterprise fairs that were established in the participating schools.

As part of their annual program, online exchanges between youth groups from other countries in the Aflatoun network were also conducted through skype calls. In these skype calls, children were given the chance to share their experiences and ideas with other children from different countries, with the core goal of demonstrating to children, and allowing them to recognize, that the goal of having good socio-economic well-being is something that children across the world want to realize.

2016 Sri Lanka Money Week



  • Aflatoun
  • Meljol
  • Central Provincial Council
  • Central Province Education Directorate
  • Bank of Ceylon
  • Peoples’ Bank


  • 15th of March


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Through the efforts of Network for Education, Children and Youth (NECY) of Sri Lanka and their participation in the Aflatoun program, Sri Lankan children took part in Global Money Week 2016 as part of their celebrations for Aflatoun Day.

NECY observed Aflatoun Day in Central province at the Miracle Kids Pre School Wattegama, and were joined by 20 other participating Preschools. Chief guest, Mr. Gamini Wijebandara, Minister of the Central Provincial Council spoke at the event and guests from MelJol (India), NECY Sri Lanka, and the Central Province Education Directorate were present. A key attraction during the program was an exhibition at The Miracle Kids; those who were in attendance gave very positive feedback about the event. Throughout the exbhition, teachers and students worked together to represent the Aflatoun theme through wall displays, wall paintings, Aflatot garden displays, visual aids, and furniture decor. Children performed dances, story-telling and role play, which linked with the Aflatoun module and highlighted social and financial education for youth.

In the Uva province, Global Money Week was celebrated as part of Aflatoun Day through an event with school children, their teachers and parents. The Provincial Director of Education, Mr. Rathnayake, was the Chief Guest at the celebration and the Zonal Director of Education, officers from Bank of Ceylon and Peoples’ Bank, representatives from NECY and MelJol, and media contacts attended the event.

Youngsters also participated in a Skype call with children from Pakistan and exchanged their views on social and financial education for young people.

2015 Sri Lanka Money Week



  • 17th of March


  • 200

Through the efforts of Network for Education, Children and Youth of Sri Lanka and their participation in the Aflatoun program, Sri Lankan children took part in Global Money Week 2015 and Aflatoun Day.

As a close partner of Aflatoun in Sri Lanka, Network for Education, Children and Youth (NECY) of Sri Lanka organized multiple activities through the various Aflatoun programs and Aflatoun clubs across the country to spread awareness about social and financial education. In these sessions, there was a particular focus on children knowing their rights and responsibilities towards their community, the importance of savings, how they could start saving and, most importantly, understand why they are saving. It is through this spectrum of messages that both organizations aim to bring about a long term positive change in children’s belief in themselves and their behavior towards money management.

Aflatoun Skype calls were organized for the children to share their thoughts with their peers across the globe. In the process, the children were able to realize that the goal of achieving social and financial education and inclusion is a shared cause pursued globally.

2014 Sri Lanka Money Week



  • 17th of March

The Network for Education, Children and Youth (NECY) in Sri Lanka participated in Skype calls as part of Aflatoun Day and Global Money Week to connect on a variety of topics including their shared savings activities. They also conducted enterprise activities in schools on Aflatoun Day. In- and out-of-school children in government schools and from the plantations learned the lessons of the Aflatoun programme through ‘child clubs’. NECY also introduced a programme for disabled children and street children. Social campaigns in the project included raising awareness on saving finances, natural resources and local values. They were also taught about and encouraged to start-up financial enterprises including planting and selling vegetables, collecting waste materials for recycling. These ideas were also presented at children's enterprise fairs in schools.