2017 Norway Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Oslo Bors (Oslo Stock Exchange)
Number of children reached directly: 50

The Oslo Bors (Oslo Stock Exchange) continues to take part and mark the Global Money Week in Norway in 2017, in collaboration with the financial literacy association AksjeNorge. On Thursday March 30th more than 50 high school students visited the Oslo Børs for the excursion to the exchange premises and informative tour and seminar about capital markets in Norway.

2016 Norway Global Money Week

Leading Organizations:
Oslo Bors
Date of the event:
14th March
Total number of children & youth engaged: 47

On 14 March, AksjeNorge and Oslo Børs (Oslo Stock Exchange) hosted an event for several high schools, marking celebrations of Global Money Week 2016 in Norway. Various high schools participated in the tour around the stock exchange, and were then given a presentation by both Oslo Børs and AksjeNorge. The topics dicussed included the history of the exchange, the role an exchange has in society, how the equity markets work and how the markets can be used for long term savings and investments.

2015 Norway Global Money Week

Oslo Stock Exchange
Date of the event:
16th of March
Number of children reached:

On March 16th, AksjeNorge and the Oslo Stock Exchange organized an event for high-school and university students in Oslo to celebrate GMW 2015. Students from Elvebakken VGS, AIESEC Norway, Aksjegruppon and another high school in Oslo were invited for a tour of the Stock Exchange. They also participated in a seminar on the work of Bors and the stock market in Norway. AksjeNorge also made a presentation on Global Money Week and equity investment.


2014 Norway Global Money Week

Many activities organized by participating organizations have taken place in Norway during Global Money Week. Activities, events and participating organizations include:


10th - 17th of March

A Seminar has been held on the Global Money Week and information about the world poverty have been given. Unemployment also has been discussed.

The article “The world's 85 richest have as much money as half the world's population” has been kept in the spotlight, together with: How can this year's theme (birth registration) linked to GMW?

What do children and youth want for the future? The youth-led #DreamsBank initiative aims to bring their contribution into the new millennium goals.