GMW Slogan

GMW2021 Theme: 'Take care of yourself, take care of your money'

'Take care of yourself, take care of your money' is the official theme of Global Money Week 2021. This theme highlights the importance of building financial resilience and staying healthy in the current context. This theme may be used by all participants to create their own GMW activities. Depending on the national context and designed activities, participants may also continue to use the permanent GMW slogan ‘Learn. Save. Earn.’

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GMW Slogan: ‘Learn.Save.Earn.’

‘Learn.Save.Earn.’ is the official slogan of the Global Money Week. Initially used as the theme of GMW2017 and transformed into the Campaign’s slogan, we believe it conveys the key messages of the GMW Campaign and supports the goal of the Week by empowering children and youth to not only learn to manage their money wisely, but to help them transfer their knowledge to their families and to entire communities. In addition, the slogan ‘Learn.Save.Earn.’ helps everyone to create a variety of events and activities around these topics that help children and youth to:

  • Learn to manage money wisely
    Educating children and young people about their social and economic rights and responsibilities is key to creating a generation of capable adults, who can make wise decisions for their future.
  • Save for their futures
    It is important for children and youth to build clever savings habits from an early age in order to cultivate key money-managing skills for later in life.
  • Earn for themselves and their families
    Developing livelihoods skills or receiving entrepreneurial training, supports children and young people in getting a job or building their own business and developing their careers.

Tip! To highlight GMW slogan on social media, please use #LearnSaveEarn

Earlier GMW themes included:  2018 - Money Matters Matter;  2017 - Learn.Save.Earn.; 2016 - Take Part. Save Smart.; and 2015 - Save today. Safe tomorrow.