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GMW2024 Theme: “Protect your money, secure your future

The GMW2024 theme, “Protect your money, secure your future”, focuses on safe money management and highlights the importance of adopting a responsible and informed approach to personal finances, by being aware of potential risks in the financial sector and protecting one's hard-earned money. Such risks may include financial scams and frauds, including phishing, money muling and online shopping scams, and risks related to data privacy, such as identity theft. Young people are especially likely to fall victims of financial frauds and scams, due to their limited financial literacy and experience.

Depending on the national context and designed activities, participants may also use previous themes or the permanent GMW slogan “Learn. Save. Earn.”

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Earlier GMW themes

  • 2023 – Plan your money, plant your future
  • 2022 – Build your future, be smart about money!
  • 2021 – Take care of yourself, take care of your money!
  • 2018 – Money Matters Matter!
  • 2017 – Learn.Save.Earn.
  • 2016 – Take Part. Save Smart.
  • 2015 – Save today. Safe tomorrow.

GMW Slogan: “Learn.Save.Earn.”

“Learn.Save.Earn.”is the official slogan of the Global Money Week. Initially used as the theme of GMW2017 and transformed into the Campaign’s slogan, it conveys the key messages of the GMW Campaign and supports the goal of the Week by empowering children and youth to not only learn to manage their money wisely, but save for their futures and earn for themselves and their families.

Tip! To highlight GMW slogan on social media, please use #LearnSaveEarn

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