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Publicity & Media

Through media coverage you can promote your work in your community, expand the reach of your message, and spread the word about GMW!

How to work with the media?

  • Identify the story you want to tell
  • Before you begin to develop media outreach material, consider your goals in gaining media coverage and define your focus.
  • Communicate your message effectively
  • Be prepared to tell your story and respond to questions. All media outreach materials should be clear, concise and persuasive, with a core set of messages.
  • Create media outreach material
  • Different types of materials are used for different media outlets; create a live-read radio script for on-air announcements about your event, prepare a ready-made blog post article, or prepare a press release about your activities.
  • Create a media list to contact
  • Contact media outlets and reporters directly to let them know about your GMW activities. Be strategic and pick those who are most likely to cover your event and send tailored outreach materials by email to these reporters and outlets.
  • Prepare a media kit for journalists
  • Include all media materials you have prepared as a background to your business, organisation or institution, and your GMW. Media kits can be handed out before or during your event, or to those who are unable to attend but have responded to media outreach efforts.


 See inspiring examples below:

Daffodil International University (DIU) in Bangladesh reached thousands young people through media during GMW2018

Radio Media made a formal announcement for GMW2018, reaching a few hundred thousand young listeners. Through the media the Daffodil International University (DIU) covered 8 districts indirectly. By livestreaming policy dialogue on Facebook, the DIU was able to reach audiences far and wide. That year, leaders from different organisations had participated and hearing their opinion was really fruitful. Furthermore, a Master class on Money Matters Matter, given by Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, was seen by two to three hundred thousand young people, as it was broadcasted by Campus TV.


Central Bank of Suriname distributed a press release to all media companies in Suriname before GMW2018

Before GMW2018, the Central Bank of Suriname distributed a press release to all media companies in Suriname. On the second day, the media covered the activities of GMW as headline news. Interviews were given on radio, TV and newspapers for further explanation on the aim of GMW. A popular youth news television programme “10 Minuten Jeugd Journaal” also provided coverage on GMW. Furthermore, the coordinator of GMW2018 in Suriname and a commission member were interviewed for a television talk show, namely Panorama.


Several media outlets in Montenegro participated in celebrations of GMW2016

Global Money Week events and celebrations were extensively covered in major national press, media, television and radio stations. Several media outlets were also active participants in the celebrations, making interesting and comprehensive TV reports that were broadcasted during the Week on different TV and radio stations. Above that, in cooperation with the National Radio Television of Montenegro, the Central Bank developed a programme that was broadcasted every morning during GMW for approximately five minutes. This fun and educational programme included preschool aged children who responded to questions related to money and savings.


GMW countdown 8

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