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Publicity & Media

Through media coverage you can promote your work in your community, expand the reach of your message, and spread the word about GMW!

How to work with the media?

  • Identify the story you want to tell
  • Before you begin to develop media outreach material, consider your goals in gaining media coverage and define your focus.
  • Communicate your message effectively
  • Be prepared to tell your story and respond to questions. All media outreach materials should be clear, concise and persuasive, with a core set of messages.
  • Create media outreach material
  • Different types of materials are used for different media outlets; create a live-read radio script for on-air announcements about your event, prepare a ready-made blog post article, or use the press release included in our press pack as an example of outreach material for printed publications.
  • Create a media list to contact
  • Contact media outlets and reporters directly to let them know about your GMW activities. Be strategic and pick those who are most likely to cover your event and send tailored outreach materials by email to these reporters and outlets.
  • Prepare a media kit for journalists
  • Include all media materials you have prepared as a background to your business, organization or institution, and your GMW. Media kits can be handed out before or during your event, or to those who are unable to attend but have responded to media outreach efforts.