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2022 Moldova Global Money Week


  • National Bank of Moldova


  • National Commission for Financial Markets, 13 financial institutions, Ministry of Finance, Maib, EXIMBANK Group, CB “Moldindconbank” JSC, FinComBank S.A., BC EuroCreditBank SA, OTP Bank S.A, Expert-Grup, FinEdu, “OK” Foundation for Financial Education


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The Global Money Week 2022 launch event was organised by the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) on March, 21st. The event was attended by representatives of public institutions, civil society, partners in carrying out financial education projects in the country and abroad. On the first day of GMW, the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova signed a partnership agreement with the purpose to provide citizens with the necessary financial education skills and support in becoming more familiar with the financial environment.

NBM in partnership with the Independent Think-Tank “Expert-Grup” organised, within the financial education project "Give sense to money" an online workshop for young people interested in finance. Participants had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on the financial system of the Republic of Moldova, the specific rights of payment users, and more. Another online workshop was organised by NBM in collaboration with the Economic Press Club for students from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the State University of Moldova.

During the campaign week, financial literacy awareness sessions were offered to children, youth and adults via digital means by the Ministry of Finance, American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova (AmCham Moldova), Customs Service, Moldovan Club of Intellectual Games, Mobility Era, coordinated by FINEDU – a local NGO specialised in advancing financial literacy. The Ministry of Finance was involved through their national campaign on financial education called “Public budget is your budget” that was launched in GMW in 2021 and included a series of recurrent activities since. In total 5,000 children and adults were reached through several digital activities such as intellectual games and specialised webinars.

The National Commission for Financial Markets along with partners, represented by non-bank financial market participants organised virtual lectures and workshops during GMW2022 and reached more than 25,000 children and youth. High-level discussions, seminars and other educational sessions were organised by the non-bank financial market supervisors and market participants. Throughout the week, young people were able to engage in different online activities.

The commercial banks were actively involved in organising activities during GMW2022. Most commercial banks conducted different online financial education activities.

Eximbank S.A. reached directly 57 children and youth through two in-person workshops and 5,699 online users through several digital initiatives such as two relevant financial education videos and one book presentation. Financial literacy awareness sessions were offered to children and youth, both through digital platforms and in-person meetings. Children could discover financial literacy through a dedicated Book - "Arco & Iris in South America" - fable by Savings Museum, translated into 16 European languages for GMW. This was done with the collaboration of the network of foreign banks in Intesa Sanpaolo's International Subsidiary Banks Division. The book was dedicated to elementary school students in order to raise awareness of savings and the importance of being financially independent. This new multilingual tool was made available by the Savings Museum and participating banks to parents who were encouraged to start educating children about economic independence, teaching them that a harmonious relationship with money would be the right way to make their dreams come true.

This year, Moldindconbank reached directly 206 children and youth participants through online and offline activities. The commercial bank organised two events on the topic of “Trends in Digital Banking” for young people. The training was delivered by an international expert in digital banking and banking cards. The goal was to create awareness about the digital services that can be provided by banks, financial institutions or fintech companies around the world and in Moldova. At the end of the events, the participants were involved in a creative workshop and coloured puzzle boards. The representatives of Moldindconbank were invited by Vocational school no. 5 from Chisinau to make an introduction on the topic “Diversity of bank fraud with cards and protection methods.”

FinComBank used an online financial literacy platform launched in 2021 to reach directly 315,204 children, youth participants and adults through online and offline activities. BC ”EuroCreditBank” S.A. organised financial education lessons where students had an opportunity to learn about the history of money, what technologies are used by banking operators to count and verify money. During the lesson, types of bank cards were presented with explanations on how to use them. Students learnt more about commemorative coins and their importance. EuroCreditBank reached directly 20 children, youth participants and adults through online and offline events.

During the GMW2022, the OTP Bank along with “OK” Financial Education Foundation reached 417 children and youth through several digital activities such as creative contest on themes of "How to invest smart", training “Marathon of Financial Education, ed. II”, drawing contest on "How to be smart about money", visit "The way of money" to a School-branch, webinar on "Real Estate Investments" with an expert in the field, review of the book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Robin Sharma, special edition of Titania Podcast, dedicated to financial education.

2021 Moldova Global Money Week


  • National Bank of Moldova


  • National Commission for Financial Markets, Ministry of Finance, FINEDU, Mobiasbanca – OTP Group, Banca Comerciala Romana Chisinau, ENERGBANK, Banca de Finante si Comert, EXIMBANK, "OK" Foundation for Financial Education, National Commission for Financial Markets, NBCO “Microinvest”, NBCO “Sebo Credit”, IC “Grawe Carat”, IB “MGP Broker”, IC “Moldcargo”, NBCO “Prime Capital”, Moldova Stock Exchange, NBCO “Aventus Finance”, “Corporatia de finantare rurala”, Ministry of Finance, State Tax Service, Customs Service, Center of Information Technology in Finance, FINEDU, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova, Lyceum “Aristotel”, “Principesa Natalia Dadiani” High School, Economic Press Club, Independent Analytical Center “Expert-Grup”


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The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) carried out public information and awareness campaign for GMW2021. This was executed via digital products such as video graphics, video guides, podcasts and seminars, specifically designed for students, but also for teachers, businesses, and the general public. The topics included safe use of the payment card, starting an online business, what to look for when taking a loan, from savings to investments, importance of monetary policy decisions etc. The Moldova Banking Hub, a financial education platform for students and teachers was launched with an intention to provide opportunities to discuss with central bank experts on financial and banking topics. Activities were organised in partnership with the Economic Press Club that focuses on giving training courses for students of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication. The “Expert-Grup” think-tank organised training workshops. NBM organised virtual visits to its exhibition hall, and a virtual coin exhibition of the National Museum of History. In order to promote financial education in most remote corners of Moldova, NBM and Expert-Grup trained several students, who conducted online lessons for their peers, in their hometowns, on the topic "Give sense to money." Ambassadors of financial education were selected in a public competition organised last year. NBM ended the GMW activities with an official digital closing event, on March 29th, and announced the launch of the information and awareness campaign “Financial education – a personal, social and economic benefit” which lasts a whole year. Learn more here.

One bank published articles on its Facebook page and answered questions from young people in the comments. Another bank organised a webinar, published on social networks information on management of income and expenses, and saving tips in the form of stories and posts. One of the banks reached young people through the webinar "Learn! Give Sense to Money".

”OK” Foundation for Financial Education, along with partners reached 251 children and youth through several digital activities (trainings, contests, challenges). Financial literacy awareness sessions were offered to children, youth and adults, mostly through digital means. University students had the opportunity to participate in an online financial education marathon.

FINEDU and its partner organisations offered online financial literacy awareness sessions for children, youth, and for adults. The Ministry of Finance launched a national campaign on financial education “Public budget is your budget” followed by a series of recurrent activities during 2021. Activities included sessions on Public Finance Club – one of most popular activity, Discussion Economic Club – CDE ASEM, DigiFin Lab – an activity focusing on increasing digital finance literacy. Other activities were webinars on the budget and Public Finance Talks, mini tournament debate on popular motions, ranging from customs to ecology. Those activities reached 13,100 people from 11 out of 35 regions in Moldova.

The FINTRIVIA quiz was addressed to students and adults from Moldova and other eight US and EU countries, focusing on facts and curiosities about finance and on increasing general financial literacy in an online TV-show format on YouTube, the first covered subject being “Formal and informal financial education.”

2019 Moldova Global Money Week


  • BCR Chisinau
  • Heritage International School
  • Microinvest LLC
  • National Bank of Moldova


  • 15 Media Organisations, 50 Schools and Universities, Banca Comerciala Romana Chisinau S.A., Banca de Finante si Comert S.A., Comertbank S.A., Energbank S.A., EuroCreditBank S.A., Eximbank S.A., Expert-Grup., Mobiasbanca-Groupe Societe Generale S.A., Moldindconbank S.A., Moldova – Agroindbank S.A., Victoriabank S.A.


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National Bank of Moldova
By popular demand, the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) decided to extend the GMW events to last three weeks, instead of one. The NBM organised visits to their headquarters, during which they held financial literacy sessions on topics such as the history of money and security features of coins and banknotes. Furthermore, students were able to visit the Bank’s money museum. On the last day of GMW, the NBM and the Independent Think-Tank “Expert-Grup” launched the first national financial education project “Learn! Give sense to money”. The two institutions aim to increase awareness about the main financial concepts and financial-banking products among the general public of the country. Two discussion panels were organised during the event: “Financial Education Among Young People” and “The Role of ICT in Transforming the Financial System”. The project is scheduled to continue for one year and will continue with a series of informative materials to reflect the most important events with significant financial impact on people’s life, explained in a simple, and accessible way. This project will also provide trainings and activities promoting informative materials, so that as many people as possible can benefit from it. The commercial banks have also been actively involved in organising activities during the Global Money Week. The majority of commercial banks arranged Open Doors Days and lectures on various topics in schools. The topics of the lectures included, but were not limited to saving and spending, credit card usage, the origin of money, and contactless payments by using bank cards.

Heritage International School
As part of the events organised by the National Bank, the Heritage School organised different activities for their students during GMW2019. Activities included visits to the Mobiasbancă, where bank employees explained how commercial banks work, what products and services the bank offers, how to create a budget and keep to it, and the risks and benefits of money management. Additionally, the National Bank hosted the children and organised informative seminars. Banking representatives shared their professional experience and informed the students on different subjects, including, but not limited to the history of money, the role of money, savings, and the banking system within the country. Throughout the Week, the students participated in lessons and interactive games on financial education, encouraging them to make a positive change in their own lives and in their community.

BCR Chisinau
Throughout Global Money Week 2019, BCR Chisinau S.A. organised visits to their central office for children and youth. The representatives talked about money management, the importance of saving, the role of the bank and the banking services, recognizing fake money, and how to use a bank card.

Microinvest LLC
Throughout Global Money Week, Microinvest organised 3 events in local branches and visited two schools to conduct presentation on the history and importance of money. During the inhouse events, the children had the possibility to understand how a microfinance company works and what their daily activities are. At the end of the event, the children had the possibility to participate in a game where they analysed the different needs of clients and had to decide whether to provide the clients with a loan. During the school visits, students, parents and teachers had the possibility to ask questions about loans. Furthermore, 5 articles were published on the Microinvest website, which answered the most commonly asked questions about loans. At the end of the Week, all visitors were asked to fill in a survey, to analyse the financial situation of their household. After the Week ended, an article titled “Global Money Week 2019” was published by 6 news outlets.

2018 Moldova Global Money Week


  • National Bank of Moldova (NBM)
  • Banca Comerciala Romana Chisinau SA
  • Heritage International School
  • National Commission for Financial Markets
  • Resource and Information Center


  • "Capital Market" Newspaper, -, Alfatoun International, Banca Comerciala Romana SA, Comertbank, Energbank, Eximbank-Gruppo Veneto Banca, Klassika Asigurari, Microinvest, Moldindconbank, Moldova Stock Exchange, Moldova-Agroindbank, National Bank of Moldova, National Youth Council of Moldova, Prime Capital, Rural Revive, UNICEF, Victoriabank, 2 media organisations, 3 schools


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  • 25 919

National Bank of Moldova (NBM)
The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) celebrated Global Money Week over two weeks, instead of one, due to the number of requests from educational institutions. Children participated in financial literacy presentations, with topics such as money history and security of coins and banknotes. Furthermore, they played an interactive game, “How to become a Billionaire”. The older participants received presentations on topics such as money history, business plans, official reserve assets, and financial sources for entrepreneurs. All students visited the NBM Museum. The presentations were offered in both Romanian and Russian. Many commercial banks participated as well, organising Open Door Days and lectures in schools. Each bank explained how commercial banks work, what products and services they offer, how to plan and manage money effectively, and the importance of money management. In addition to the lectures, children were taught how to withdraw money with a card. Because of these activities, children learnt new skills, acknowledged the importance of responsible money usage, and how saving money can help them achieve their future goals.

Banca Comerciala Romana Chisinau SA
Throughout GMW2018, the Chisinau branch of Banca Comerciala Romana organised multiple school visits and a bank tour for schoolchildren. The children were taught on money and its use, why saving is important, the different banking services, and much more. The children who visited the bank were shown how money is withdrawn using a bankcard, how bank notes are verified, and how they are counted. The activities were meant to teach children new skills, acknowledge the importance of responsible money usage, and how to save money.

National Commission for Financial Markets
Throughout the Global Money Week 2018, the participants of the non-banking financial markets reached 250 children and youth through schools and universities. During the GMW 2018, financial literacy awareness sessions were offered for pupils. These sessions dealt with topics such as money management within the family budget and the importance of savings. Seminars and interactive sessions were led on the history of money and saving money in the future. Students also learnt about the concept of credit and how it works through role play. As credit decision makers, they had to decide whether or not to grant loans to three clients based on income and creditor history. University students had the opportunity to attend the Moldova Stock Exchange and learn more about the domestic capital markets and their participants, along with the benefits of efficient investment in capital markets.

Resource and Information Center
Throughout GMW2018, the Resource and Information Centre, along with their partners organised an event, which reached 60 children. The event, titled “Financial Education for Children”, had three parts: training held by the Executive Director of the Moldindconbank, a presentation and a GMW themed questionnaire for the participants and finally, a workshop on Money Management was organised. The local social media platforms published a press release of the event.

Heritage International School
Different activities were organised for the children of the Heritage International School. Activities were focused on social and financial education and on different currencies in different countries. The children also participated in International Aflatoun Day and had the opportunity to visit the National Bank of Moldova.

2017 Moldova Global Money Week




  • 2 100


  • 4 200

Global Money Week 2017 marked the 5th year that the National Bank of Moldova has participated in the GMW celebrations. During the Week, the National Bank of Moldova conducted several activities with the support of the European Fund for Southeast Europe and in partnership with the Institute of Education Sciences and Ministry of Education. Thus, almost 400 children, accompanied by their teachers, visited the National Bank of Moldova during the Global Money Week. Pupils were involved in interactive games, being placed in real-life financial decision making situations, similar to those of adults. Thus, children learnt how a bank operates, how to manage their own money and how to make financial decisions. For older pupils, the National Bank of Moldova organised an interactive seminar entitled "My business", during which students were asked to draw up a business plan. Additionally, the young visitors were invited to the exhibition hall of the National Bank of Moldova, where they had the opportunity to learn about the history of the national currency.

The commercial banks were also actively involved in organising activities during the Global Money Week. The majority of commercial banks arranged “Open Doors Days”. During these days, bank employees explained to the children and youth how a commercial bank works, what products and services the banks offer, how to form a budget, how to plan and effectively manage your money and about the risks arising from money management. At the same time, through this campaign, the bank sought to arouse the interest of children and youth in topics related to the banking field and to cultivate the spirit of saving.

Comertbank also participated in the Week by organising a seminar at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova entitled “Republic of Moldova’s banking system - theoretical and practical aspects”. During this seminar, various topics were addressed such as analysis of new products on the banking market, risks posed to the banking system and methods of their analysis, combating money laundering, terrorist financing and more. Furthermore, the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, in partnership with EuroCreditBank, Fiscal Monitor FISC.MD, the State Tax Service and State Enterprise “Fiscservinform” conducted a contest entitled "Radiography of the Moldova's economy from the perspective of tax administration. Studies of economic and financial analysis." involving five teams of students.

Specialists from Energbank also organised informative and educational seminars for pupils at a lyceum from Chisinau. The bank employees shared their professional experience and taught the pupils about the history of money, the role of money, saving, the banking system within the country and more.

Experts from Moldova Agroindbank held financial education classes in several lyceums from Chisinau, sharing their professional experience. Moldova Agroindbank’s representatives gave a presentation to pupils and teachers about banking products and services, the steps required for accessing a loan or a deposit, saving and investment opportunities, the advantages of bank cards and cash payments and more. The pupils and teachers showed interest in topics such as opening a bank account, money transfers, lending conditions, interest rates on deposits, the opportunities offered by internet banking and more.

Moldindconbank organised a seminar in a lyceum from Chisinau where topics such as “What is a commercial bank?”, “How is realized the link between customers and banks?”, “How can you save through bank deposits?”, “Loans, bank cards - modern payment tools”, online banking and offers for youth were discussed. The financial education lesson ended with a contest of knowledge evaluation. Also, pupils received printed materials on the topics covered by the seminar with the purpose of more easily assimilating the given information.

Victoriabank offered children the chance not only to sit in classes and to listen theory related to financial education, but also the opportunity to see and use a machine for counting money, to engage in discussions about the benefits of a credit card and to admire a commemorative coin issued by the National Bank of Moldova. At the end of the seminar, the pupils had the possibility to create a management plan for their own budget.

Representatives from the National Commission for Financial Market (NCFM) arranged a financial education lecture for 9-12 grade pupils from a lyceum. Pupils were informed about the place and role of NCFM in the development of the non-banking financial market, the history of the first joint-stock companies and the first stock exchange, the largest stock exchanges in the world and the most valuable listed joint stock companies.

The Stock Exchange of Moldova also organised an Open Doors Day. The visitors learnt about the establishment and development of the domestic capital market, the activity of the market operator and system operator "Moldovan Stock Exchange", the rules and mechanisms for trading, investing and financing methods on the capital market.

Certain microfinance organisations organised visits for pupils to their premises, as well as seminars held by employees for pupils of different ages at various lyceums. The pupils learnt about the notion of credit and how it works, as well as what actions they can take now in order to earn and save money for the future.

Furthermore, an insurance company arranged an employee visit to a university. The experts presented an overview of the insurance activity, the categories of insurance, insurance forms and types of insurance products.

2016 Moldova Global Money Week




  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 1 929


  • 65 290

During Global Money Week 2016, the National Bank of Moldova organised seminars for teachers, city guides and for pupils at its headquarters. The seminars for teachers and pupils were organised with the support of the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE). An interactive game on financial subjects was developed in collaboration with the Educational Centre “Quo Vadis” and was played during the GMW seminars for pupils. The materials and accessories used in the game were similar to those used in banks, agreement centers and shops, which contributed to a better understanding of the financial subjects by children in an interactive and interesting manner. With the assistance of EFSE, a booklet for children was also produced entitles “A travel in the money world”. The booklet includes information on money history, roles and features and more. A number of 385 booklets were distributed to children and teachers (trainers) to be used in their homeroom classes.

The commercial banks were very active in promoting various activities and events during GMW. One bank invited a group of 28 children of 5-7 years to take a tour of the bank’s head office to show them how the employees of the banks are doing their jobs and to teach them about out how the money system works. The children were excited to see a real cash counting machine. Also, the bank’s employees asked the children about banking cards, banknotes and the history of money; the discussion was very entertaining and informative. Also, in order to support the Financial Education Programme, a commercial bank launched a new type of bank deposit “Young”.

Another commercial bank organised financial education lessons for teaching staff, pupils and students. These lessons included various themes related retail banking activities, such as: cards, loans, deposits, remote services (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS banking), 24/24 zones, self-service centers and multifunctional ATMs. The participants were informed about the characteristics of products and services offered by the bank. At the end of the presentation, the participants were involved in a dynamic discussion about the bank's products. It is important to mention that participants had high interest to the innovative services offered by the bank, such as: direct charging from ATM, loans with the grace period, American Express (new banking product on the market), Gold and Platinum cards and more. During GMW, the bank’s team visited several educational institutions from Chisinau such as State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Technical University of Moldova, and more.

During GMW, another commercial bank organised an “open lesson” on the banking products amongst the children (aged between 8—14 years old) of their employees; a trip to the central office of the bank was organised especially for them. The children became acquainted with all the subdivisions of the bank and they monitored the work of the cashiers. However, this time, the children were on the other side of the cash desk. The children were told about the work process within the bank and they were presented with several samples of commemorative coins.

As part of the GMW event, a bank arranged an Open Doors Day for students in its branches, where the students had the chance to learn about the functioning of the bank in more detail. This event took place in many cities of Moldova such as Chisinau, Ialoveni, Balti, Comrat, Ciadir-Lunga, Ungheni, Floresti, Cahul, Riscani, Drochia, Rezina, Anenii Noi, Orhei. The bank organised financial education lectures for students in the educational institutions in the cities Comrat and Ungheni. The bank representatives also visited the universities in order to offer students lessons on basic finance, budgeting saving saving. The children who attended these events learnt about savings, loans, cards and other bank products, as well as about how to deal with money, make it useful and achieve their goals.

During the activities organised by another commercial bank, the participating children learnt about the history of money, the ancient forms of money, about the National Bank of Moldova (the role, basic functions, etc.), about the commercial banks (the types of operations that can be performed, who work in banks, etc.), about the history of Moldovan Leu, about the banking products and services, about how to spend money rationally and about the future of money.

In the same period, one commercial bank, as a partner of Circus from Chisinau, gave children the possibility to colour the pictures provided by the bank before every circus show and encouraged children, along with parents, to participate in the promotional campaign with the chance to win a guaranteed prize (branded bag) simultaneously with opening a deposit account. Another commercial bank issued banking cards for youth during GMW.

At the Free International University of Moldova (ULIM), 100 French speaking students from eight universities around the country, members of the “Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie” (AUF), had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the president of a commercial bank. The event was part of a series of activities traditionally organised by AUF and the commercial bank under a long-term collaboration between the two institutions. Also, the commercial bank, in cooperation with the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM), organised a roundtable discussion entitled "Training bankers - 25 years of modernization". The main objective of the event was the adjustment of the teaching process and methodologies of young specialists according to the banking market demands, and setting a long term cooperation with educational institutions.

“It was a real challenge for our institution to take part in Global Money Week. It’s unusual for bank employees to see children walking around the offices, but it was an extraordinary experience for them and we’re happy that our team made it happen.” Representative of a commercial bank, Moldova
“We’re very grateful to the bank employees for guiding us and for all the activities they organised. It was very informative and even relaxing for children to learn from question and answer games. We hope this event will continue the next year.” Participating youth, Moldova
“I will apply this in my homeroom classes.” Participating youth, Moldova

2015 Moldova Global Money Week



  • 9th - 17th of March


  • 200

The National Bank of Moldova led the organisation of 2015 Global Money Week celebrations in Moldova. Trainings were held for teachers of financial education, supported by the European fund for South-East Europe. Kindergarten children learnt about financial and social education. Children and youth of different ages visited the National Bank where they learnt about how central banks work. A national competition, sponsored by the National Bank, for the best story or poem on financial matters was held. The winner of the competition was awarded with a commemorative coin from the National Bank’s collection.

At the request of the National Bank of Moldova, the commercial banks were encouraged to join the Global Money Week celebrations. Commercial banks examined the possibility of implementing a SchoolBank project in the Republic of Moldova. Meetings were held with schools around the country to establish the collaboration mechanism that could be used. Furthermore the banks organised a series of activities contributing to the promotion of financial education for children and youth in the country.

The National Commission for Financial Markets (NCFM ) organised an ‘Open doors day’ in which workshops explaining the role of the commission were explained. Volunteers from the NCFM created workshops for students on thematics related to non-banking financial markets matters. Students from the Financial-Banking College visited institutions from the non-banking financial sector and had the chance to meet with financial specialists and to understand how financial markets work.

2013 Moldova Money Week



  • National Commission of Financial Market
  • Moldova Stock Exchange
  • Radio din Moldova


  • 15th – 21st of March


  • 9 500


  •;;;;;;;;;;; website of the Ministry of Education

The representatives from Radio Moldova were so impressed after the discussions with children during the National Company on financial issues that they will hold another Company on financial issues next month to ensure the input of children.

Children and youth from 17 districts of Republic of Moldova were included in financial education activities: children from mainstream schools, Centers and boarding schools, students from Police Academy of Moldova. During Global Money Week children and youth in Moldova had the opportunity to celebrate with:

  • Visits to the National Bank of Moldova – Children and youth for the first time visited National Bank of Moldova;
  • Visits to banks and other financial institutions such as the Moldova Stock Exchange, International Insurance Companies;
  • Workshops and interactive lessons in schools, centers and Police Academy of Moldova with the representatives of the Banks and the representatives of the National Commission of Financial Market;
  • Global video-chat, youngsters from five educational institutions connected via video to share their experiences;
  • Performance on financial issues: children participated at a special performance on financial issues produced specially for Global Money Week;
  • Exhibitions – Children had the opportunity to display their piggy banks, handicrafts and projects in interactive exhibitions at the National Bank;
  • Learning from the market – a fair was organised by children where the crafts they produced were donated to Children’s Cancer Center;
  • Company on financial issues initiated by RadioMoldova;
“I am saving for difficult days.” - Child, age 9
“I will postpone the purchasing of the doll for the next year. It is not a priority for me today.” - Child, age 5

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