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2018 Malaysia Global Money Week


  • Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad


  • Bank Negara Malaysia Money Museum and Art Gallery
  • Lighthouse Children Welfare Home
  • Pusat Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary


  • 70


  • 109

Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad
During the Global Money Week 2018 celebrations, Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad brought 70 children from two children's welfare organizations to Bank Negara Malaysia's Money Museum and Art Gallery, where children explored and learned about the history of money and Malaysian financial systems in a fun and interactive way. The children enjoyed an introductory talk titled "Apa itu Wang" by Bank Negara Malaysia Museum's Assistant Curator, and participated in the "Si Kijang Puzzle Race", before going on a tour around the museum and all its six galleries. An exhibition of artwork from artists across the ASEAN region was showcased in the Art Gallery, displaying a range of art mediums and subjects. The children discovered the different types of money from across the world and their history in the Numismatic Gallery. Furthermore, they were learned about the Malaysian history at Bank Negara's special exhibition, commemorating 60 years of Malaysian independence. The children participated in interactive games and activities and learned how banknotes were made at the Children’s Gallery. Allianz Malaysia also encouraged the creation and planning of savings goals by giving away 70 specially designed savings rulers to the children. These rulers can help the children plan and visualize how much money they will have to save over a period to achieve their savings goals.

2017 Malaysia Global Money Week


  • Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Melaka State Youth Council
  • Multimedia University
  • World Assembly of Youth
  • Credit Counselling and Debit Management Agency
  • Humana Child Aid Society Sabah
  • Make It Right Movement
  • Aflatoun
  • Aflatoun
  • SHELTER Home
  • Yayasan Chow Kit Home


  • 470


  • 10000

Primary school students ranging from the age of 9-13 years, including 40 children brought to the bank by Allianz Malaysia Berhad, visited Bank Negara Malaysia Money Museum and Art Gallery for a guided tour to learn about Malaysia’s currency and economics through interactive means. During this visit, a talk entitled “Currency Education Programme” was presented by the Currency Operation Management Department of BNM, and worksheet activities were also prepared for the students to be actively engaged during the tour. The tour was guided throughout the museum and all of its six galleries.

Beginning with the Children’s Gallery, the children enjoyed interactive games and activities and also learned how to make banknotes. At the Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, Islamic Finance Gallery and Economics Gallery, the children were able to witness the history of Bank Negara Malaysia and explore Islamic concepts of commerce and Malaysia’s financial systems. The children were also able to discover the history of money at the Numismatic Gallery and were treated to a special exhibition - Norma Abbas: A Colourful Journey to a Promise Exhibition at the Art Gallery. One of the highlights was the ‘Million Dollar Tunnel’ which is made of one million ringgit worth of real notes.

Furthermore, an Educational Seminar on Global Money Week 2017, organized by World Assembly of Youth in partnership with the Bank Negara Malaysia, Melaka State Youth Council, Multimedia University and Credit Counselling and Debit Management Agency, took place on 2 April 2017 at Seri Bendahara in Melaka, Malaysia. The event was an informative and free-of-charge seminar on financial education in order to give young people the tools and brainwave they need to shape their own strategy and forward-plans. The Seminar was attended by 150 young people from Malaysia, Nigeria, China and Zimbabwe.

Humana Child Aid Society Sabah (HCASS) also participated in Global Money Week for 2017 by organizing an ‘Aflatoun Run’ in Lahad Datu, Sabah where HUMANA’s HQ is located on 18 March. The run was the biggest public event organized in the town of Lahad Datu. The event received excellent response despite a short organizing time with students from both Humana schools and government schools taking part. The event was supported by the town council and local businesses with many donating in cash and kind towards the event. The Make It Right Movement, also participated by supporting the design of the posters, banners, bibs and certificates for the participants.

The 2017 run focused on introducing Aflatoun to the community at large, and next year promises to include more of the 5 core Aflatoun learning elements as part of the activities in the run. For 2017, various financial games were played and the students sold their handicrafts made in their Aflatoun classes on social and financial enterprises to introduce the importance of financial literacy. This ‘Aflatoun Run’ looks set to be an annual event and possibly to even go on the Sabah tourist calendar for 2018, and Humana Child Aid Society Sabah is already looking forward to it!

2016 Malaysia Money Week



  • 14th - 18th of March


  • 23 642


  • 20 000

The Bank Negara Malaysia opened its doors to young visitors to the Money Museum during the Week where special sessions were organized in addition to their visits. The goal of the sessions was for young people not only to learn about the history of the Malaysian Ringgit, but also to instil in them the value of saving for and investing in their future. Allianz Malaysia Berhad continued its dedication to promote financial literacy education amongst young people in Malaysia throughout the Week by organizing a visit to Yayasan Chow Kit home, where children ranging from 10-12 years of age sat through a "My Finance Coach" lesson on the ‘Shopping: Basic’ module. This module taught children about the difference between needs and wants, the various tools used in advertising as well as how children and youth can choose wisely between product choices. In short, the module aims to give children the basics to become wise consumers in the present and in the future. In addition to the in-class modules, participants received the chance to experience the interactive ICT-based games on the concept of "Logical Intelligence", which Allianz Malaysia believes can enable children to understand the difference between wants and needs through an online and offline mock-shopping activity while using an e-savings application.

Additionally, other partners from the Aflatoun Network, such as the Lariche Community, organized Aflatoun Club sessions on the importance of savings during Global Money Week. They have done this through their 14 partners from early childhood development schools or centers.

Furthermore, the World Assembly of Youth (WAY) collaborated with LimKokWing University to develop a campaign in one of the “hotspots” frequented by young people in Melaka, Malaysia. In this hotspot, young people were education by WAY about money management and the importance of savings. The students also received Global Money Week and Child and Youth Finance International brochures to obtain further knowledge and awareness about the Week and the Movement.

2015 Malaysia Money Week



  • 9th - 20th of March


  • 3 100

Global Money was celebrated once again in Malaysia this year. In addition to Allianz Malaysia Berhad’s dedication and commetny to advancing the cause of economic citizenship of children and youth in Malaysia, the Global Money Week celebration this year further extended to other partners and to more children. Important to note,, the new partners were initiated into participating through the Child and Youth Finance International’s Regional Focus Group Meeting and Workshop Series and active support of Allianz Malaysia Berhad (Allianz4Good).

On 8 March, a day before the Global Money Week the World Assembly of Youth organized a large group meeting at the Sub Marine Museum for the youth to celebrate and stress the importance of economic citizenship, empowerment and gender equality which is in line with the International Women’s Day celebrations. The World Assembly of Youth has vouched support for the mission of Global Money Week through its National Youth Council and Organization members in 130 countries around the globe. On14 March, the World Assembly of Youth also organized a session and an activity to distribute economic empowerment materials at the University Malaysia Pahang in Pahang State.

During Global Money Week, Allianz Malaysia, in cooperation with Bank Negara Malaysia Museum, Art Gallery, and Knowledge Management Centre, brought young Malaysians to have a visit to the money museum at the Central Bank. During this visit, the children learned about the history of the Malaysian currency and did exercises to understand the value of money and savings. In parallel to this visit to the money museum, Allianz Malaysia also organized multiple activities teaching kids how to manage money. Allianz Malaysia has also invested in providing money management reading materials for children.

Joining first time this year, Lariche Community in partnership with Humana Malaysia conducted extensive lessons and trainings for young people in areas outside of Kuala Lumpur, such as Sabah. These sessions included introduction to the barter system, history of the money system in Malaya, making a record book of their daily savings, a mini-quiz about finance, teaching young people about saving in a bank, a drawing competition of different currencies around the world, an exhibition on different kinds of currencies around the world, and much more.

The Institute of Youth Research in collaboration with the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports gave Child and Youth Finance International an opportunity to take part in its International Conference for Young Leaders to close Global Money Week in Malaysia. The conference brought together student leaders across the world to discuss the importance of balancing corporate and social goal. Importantly, this highlighted the role that is being played by initiatives such as Global Money Week and how young leaders are the key in taking the lead in creating a positive change in their communities across the world.

2014 Malaysia Money Week



  • 8th - 24th of March


  • 1 200

Allianz Malaysia in association with Bursa Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery, Knowledge Management Centre and many other stakeholders organized wonderful activities such as: visits to the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum, experiencing the opening of the stock exchange at the Bursa Malaysia, as well as financial classes for school-aged children. The activities took place during a 16 day period from 8-24 of March.

70 children from the local SK Jalan Sungai Besi 1, together with 8 of their teachers visited the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery. During their visit the participants interactively learned about the Malay currency and economics. In this occasion, the children also learned about the history of money and how money works through an educational talk given by representatives of the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery. 4 members of the Chow Kit Foundation brought 30 children aged 7-12 years to visit the art gallery section of the Museum. The visit helped young children learn about currency and economics in an interactive way. The highlight of the visit was the ‘Million dollar tunnel’ which is built from 1 RM worth of real bank notes. During the visit the children also built their own money bank.

Allianz Malaysia raised awareness on the importance of creating savings goals and planning for them by sending out specially-designed savings planner sheets to their employees. These sheets were then shared with the children of over 1,800 employees as well as other relevant parties.

75 students from the local SM Sains Alam Shah witnessed the opening of the stock market, received an educational briefing by Bursa Malaysia’s representatives from the Investor Education division, and took an educational tour around Bursa Malaysia. The students were given a talk on the importance and benefits of investing, as well as the role of Bursa Malaysia in the capital market.

10 employees’ children of Allianz Malaysia from the Klang Valley region registered for a My Finance Coach class held over the school holiday period. During this class, the children were taught by My Finance Coach volunteers from the company about good spending habits, how to save for goals and the history of money as well as how to recognise the security features of currency notes.

During the educational visits and events volunteers took photographs of around 110 children and youth posing a bank note and a speech bubble (which they filled in with a pen) things like ‘My money tip is...’, ‘Today, I learned that...’, ‘I am saving for...’. This encouraged youth to actively think about setting their financial goals in a fun and energetic way.

2013 Malaysia Money Week


  • Allianz Malaysia Berhad


  • Africa-Asia Destitute Relief Foundation (“ADRF”)
  • Bank Negara Malaysia’s (Central Bank of Malaysia)
  • Money Museum and Art Gallery
  • CUED Speech Centre


  • 15th – 21st of March


  • 200
“The hearing-impaired children were so excited about the class taught by our My Finance Coaches that we are going to roll out following classes there. Financial literacy will contribute to their independence as adults.” Allianz Malaysia

A My Finance Coach class was conducted at CUED Speech Centre, a school for hearing-impaired children. Allianz employees taught the students about needs and wants and quizzed children on different world currencies.

The activities during Global Money Week continued with an organized visit to Bank Negara Malaysia’s (Central Bank of Malaysia) Money Museum and Art Gallery for 40 of its employees’ children. The children discovered facts about money in a fun and interactive way and participated in a web conference with children from Indonesia. The children had the exciting opportunity to take pictures with a specially designed banknote with an opening where they could put their faces, thus becoming the portrait of the note.

On the 20th, Allianz Malaysia employees taught MFC classes to students of SK La Salle Brickfields 1, aged between 9 and 12. After the class, the students participated in a web conference with children from the Philippines and Brunei.

The final Global Money Week event was a financial literacy outreach program to the public held over two days in a shopping mall in Kota Bahru, a city on the East Coast of Malaysia. About 100 children participated in a quiz about money and finances and completed a specially designed Global Money Week crossword.