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2019 Madagascar Global Money Week


  • Satisf'ation Consulting


  • 2 Schools, Anjara Mbolatiana, Haingo Randriamiharisoa


  • 197


  • 529

Satisf'ation Consulting
Satisf’ation Consulting hosted financial education sessions for children, youth and school teachers during GMW2019. The sessions were aimed at teaching people the importance of adopting different behaviours towards money management.

2018 Madagascar Global Money Week


  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • National Coordination of Inclusive Finance (CNFI)


  • ANK'IZY Association, Assurance ARO, Assurance Ny Havana, BFV-Société Générale, Caisse d'Epargne de Madagascar, Center ZARA AINA, Club Circus ESCA, Department of Youth Socio-Economic Reintegration, Financial Operations Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Employment, Technical Education and Vocational Training, Ministry of Finance and Budget, National Coordination of Inclusive Finance (CNFI), Positive Planet Madagascar, Professional Association of MicroFinance Institutions (APIMF), STAR, Telma Money, TONDA, YMCA Madagascar, 1 school, 69 schools


  • 3 515


  • 1 320 550

Ministry of Youth and Sports
For this 2018 edition, as part of the implementation of the National Youth Policy and Global Money Week, multiple events were organised. 70 underprivileged young people (aged 13-18) from the Center ZARA AINA in the capital city Antananarivo, 45 young people from Antanimena public secondary school (aged 13-15), 10 agents from the Center ZARA AINA, and 3 teachers participated in awareness sessions and trainings in entrepreneurship and financial education. 24 youth supervisors participated financial education capacity building trainings. Furthermore, awareness sessions at the Center ZARA AINA Ankadifotsy and the Antanimena public secondary school were organised. Additionally, financial education capacity building trainings for agents of the Department of Youth Socio-Economic Reintegration were organised. Finally, capacity building for youth supervisors of the Department of Youth Socio-Economic Reintegration of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, regarding entrepreneurship and financial education were organised.

National Coordination of Inclusive Finance (CNFI)
For the third consecutive year, Madagascar participated in Global Money Week 2018. 3,400 children and young people from 69 schools benefited from the GMW in 8 localities (Amhodiakondro Ambohijanaka, Andralanitra, Ambohidratrimo, Imeritsiatosika, Arivonimamo, Miarinarivo, Manjakandriana and Moramanga). During the official launch ceremony of GMW2018, a video message from the Minister of Finance and Budget, Mrs. Vonintsalama Sehenosoa Andriambololona, was broadcast to schools and students who hosted events this year. Animations and sensitization in a fun and recreational way, inspired by the Aflatoun model were organised on the basis of two songs with text of Missié Said and Bolo designed for the event. Goodies were distributed to students during quiz games.

2017 Madagascar Global Money Week



Governmental institutions:

Children and youth Spokespeople:

  • Mlle RAZAFINDRAINIBE Hoby Lalaina, en classe de 3ème au CEG Antanimbarinandriana, M. RAVELOARISON Tsinjo Andrandraina Mirantso, en classe de 3ème au CEG Antanimbarinandriana,Artist and singer of the raising awareness song: M. RANDRIANARISOA Mirindra (dit BOLO) « Ny Mahasoa aloha vao ny mahafinaritra »

Technical and financial partners:

Financial institutions:

Schools and universities:

  • EPP Andohatapenaka, EPP Fiadanana, EPP Antanimbarinandriana (2ème participation),Ecole Anne-Marie Javouhey Anatihazo Isotry,CEG Antanimbarinandriana (2ème participation), Collège Saint-Michel Vohitraivo (2nd cycle) Amparibe, Collège Saint-Joseph 2nd cycle Mahamasina, Lycée Rasalama Route Circulaire, Collège Pault Minault Androhibe, CEG Ambohimandroso, CEG Soamalaza Antsirabe, Collège Saint Joseph Antsirabe

High schools:

  • Lycée Rabearivelo Analakely (2ème participation), Lycée Andohalo (2ème participation), Lycée Jules Ferry Faravohitra (2ème participation), Lycée Moderne Ampefiloha (2ème participation), Lycée Technique Commercial Ampefiloha, Lycée Nanisana, Lycée Grimaldi Akamasoa Andralanitra, Lycée FJKM Ambohitrimanjaka, Lycée Ambatolampy, Lycée Antanifotsy, Lycée Privé Antanifotsy, Lycée André Resampa Antsirabe


  • Université Catholique de Madagascar (UCM) (2ème participation), Université ACEEM (2ème participation), Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique d’Antananarivo Vontovorona, Université Ankatso – Faculté. DEGS (2ème participation), ESSCA Antanimena


  • NGO Tonda


Success story witness:

  • RAJAONARY Patrick, Président Directeur Général de GUANOMAD, M. RASELISON Haja, Président Directeur Général de ITRAS, Mme RANOARIVONY Seheno, Gérante Fondatrice de AGENCY COMMUNICATION, Mme RABEMANOTRONA Haingo Tantely, Directreur Général de la SOCIETE KAVARA


  • Ministry of Finance and Budget communication team , Directorate general for treasury communication team, National television, National Radio, Private radio and television: Radio RFV, MaTV, TNTV, TV Record, Radio Don Bosco, I-BC, Radio Record, Dream’in TV, RTA TV, TV PLUS Madagascar, VIVA TV, VIVA Radio, Radio Antsiva, AZ Radio TV, Radio Fahazavana, Free News, ON AIR RADIO, Mana Radio, Radio Tana, Free FM, Radio Fanambarana, La Gazette de la Grande Ile, La Dépêche, Lakroa, Ma-Laza, Tia Tanindrazana, Madagascar Matin, La Vérité, Gazetiko, Les Nouvelles, Akon’i Madagasikara, Midi Madagasikara, TRIATRA
  • Internet and social media :
  • www.lakroa.mg, www.tresorpublic.mg, www.mefb.gov.mg, www.madamicrofinance.mg


  • 4000


  • 150 000

2017 marked the second year of participation of Madagascar in Global Money Week. During the celebration, several events and activities were organised in the central area of the country. Financial education sessions were held for 1000 students in several high, secondary and middle schools.

With the support of the Ministry of Finance, the launch of GMW 2017 was held in Antananarivo, and the activities continued throughout the week, including financial education sessions, student visits to financial institutions, sharing of experiences from young entrepreneurs, conferences, debates and a television programme focusing on financial inclusion of youth. Furthermore, the Ministry of National Education provided youth with books and school kits during the celebration. Through the Week, more than 3,600 children and youth were directly reached and more than 150,000 other children were reached indirectly through awareness-raising campaigns broadcasted on national channels. In total, 31 schools and universities, 12 financial institutions and 4 private companies took part in this celebration.

With the support of Minister of Finance and Budget and the attendance of the Minister of National Education and the Minister of Communication, the closure celebration of the Global Money Week took place on Thursday, April 6, 2017 in Antsahavola. Participation certificates and awards were given to all GMW 2017 participants.

The initiative was highly appreciated by children and young people, as well as by representatives of schools and universities, as they all expressed the wish for GMW to become institutionalized to enable a very large circulation of financial education at the national level. The Bolo’s song “Ny mahasoa aloha vao ny mahafinaritra”, which was specially written for the event, was a great success amongst the children and youth. It is believed that this second Global Money Week will have an important and long term impact regarding financial inclusion and financial education in Madagascar, and is the key step for further partnerships between the government of Madagascar and CYFI.

2016 Madagascar Global Money Week



  • 14th - 19th of March


  • 16 150


  • 615 000

Madagascar was a newcomer to the GMW celebrations this year. The Coordination Nationale de la Finance Inclusive (CNFI), in close cooperation with the Association Professionnelle des Institutions de MicroFinance of Madagascar (APIMF), set up a comprehensive and diverse programme for its first time participating in Global Money Week.

The Ministry of Finance and Budget officially launched the GMW celebrations in Antananarivo. The opening ceremony was followed by conferences and debates about the state of financial inclusion in the country, which were open to stakeholders and professionals of financial inclusion. For youth participants, a film projection “Me and Money” (“Moi et l’argent”), activities and discussions took place the same day for a crowd of 500 students from nine high schools and universities! Students from primary schools in Antananarivo were also reached during the Week through awareness raising and money-related drawing competitions, and the CNFI opened savings accounts for the winners of these competitions.

Media was closely following all of these events which were mobilized throughout the Week through special GMW TV shows on financial inclusion with the CNFI and APIMF, radio spots, newspaper ads and press releases. Together, all of these insured a large awareness campaign on financial education in Madagascar, reaching over 615,000 people, and over 1100 children and youth were reached directly by attending the GMW celebrations! They found this event really interesting and asked to be part of next year's celebrations as well.

“…your institutions had the privilege and the chance to be chosen for taking part in this event. May your pupils and students learn the maximum from lessons regarding smart money management, may they, in particular, become aware of the importance of saving. May their participation in this celebration allow them to raise awareness themselves amongst their classmates, their families and their close friends who will also do the same.” Mr. Rakotoarimanana François Marie Maurice Gervais, Minister of Finance and Budget
“…you admit with me that we need to financially educate the Malagasy population…. Children and youth are privileged targets regarding financial education during this week of celebration, but this is only the start of a long-lasting campaign for the population in general.” age, name etc. Mr. Randrianiana Rakotoarivao, Director of the Association Professionnelle des Institutions de MicroFinance (APIMF)