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2021 Kosovo Global Money Week


  • Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo


  • Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation; Kosovo Banking Association, Banka Ekonomike, Banka Kombëtare Tregtare, Banka për Biznes, Credins Bank, IsBank, NLB Bank, ProCredit Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, TEB Bank, Ziraat Bank, 10 schools, European School of Kosova, JCoders Academy, International Finance Corporation, and AAB University


  • 27


  • 12,902


  • 300


  • 843,000

During Global Money Week 2021, the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK), jointly with Kosovo Bankers Association (KBA), and other governmental and financial institutions reached 843,000 children and youth through numerous direct and indirect activities. Throughout GMW2021, different events took place and aimed to increase financial literacy awareness, especially among children and young people in the country. As part of the programme, the CBK organised an essay competition for high school students, with the motto: "Take care of yourself, take care of your money."

The launch event of GMW2021 took place at the Central Bank with an online forum organised by the Kosovo Bankers Association. The Week’s kick-off celebrations were attended by children from primary schools. During the opening event, the Governor of the CBK discussed the role of financial system in Kosovo. Children had the opportunity to meet with the Governor and were able to ask questions regarding the financial system in the country. Students from the AAB University took part in a lecture given by the Governor of the CBK. The event was held at the AAB University and broadcasted online.

In addition, the Governor participated in the morning programme at the main public TV (RTK) where he shared details about GMW and financial education activities by the CBK. A Forum was organised by the KBA on the topic: "The importance of financial education at a national level and the role of government institutions.” During the Week, many financial education materials were published on the CBK financial education platform and social media, such as on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others.

Moreover, the Kosovo Banking Association organised financial literacy awareness events and activities to target children, youth, and adults across Kosovo. KBA launched the campaign with an online forum called “The Importance of Financial Education for Youth in Kosovo – GMW2021.” The panel consisted of representatives from the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, IFC, Raiffeisen Bank, NLB Bank and Jcoders Academy.

In the closing of GMW2021, the Kosovo Banking Association held an award ceremony to announce the winners of the essay competition. Top three winners were awarded with monetary prizes, but all winners received a certificate and a gift package with various educational materials.

2019 Kosovo Global Money Week


  • Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo
  • Kosovo Banking Association


  • 16 Schools, 8 Municipalities, AAB University-Prishtina, Bank for Business (BPB), Commercial Banks, EFSE, Faik Konica, Ministry of Education, Science & Technology of Kosovo, Naim Frashëri, SECO, University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj (UASF), University of Mitrovica, University of Prishtina, WBG


  • 2 200


  • 31 500

Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo
This year’s GMW was launched by the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK). During the event, the CBK and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, signed an MOU, based on which the CBK will distribute financial education materials to all Kosovo schools, to ensure that Kosovo students will have the chance to get acquainted with educational economic-financial concepts. Additionally, during this event, three financial education projects were launched supported by EFSE, World Bank Group and SECO. With the support of the European Fund for Southeast Europe "EFSE", the CBK will implement the "Improving the banking market transparency, by building the platform for comparing interest rates of banks" project. This platform will allow citizens to make financial decisions based on complete and clear information, disclosed on a unified platform for all banks. With the support of the World Bank and the Switzerland's State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the CBK designed the "Greenback Project", targeting remittances as a very important category of revenues in Kosovo, increasing awareness of senders and recipients, so that the destination of this revenue’s category can be transformed from consumption to investment. The ceremony continued with awards for the winners of the “Learn.Save.Earn” competition. The aim of the contest was to allow primary school students to get creative, while learning about concepts such as money management and entrepreneurship. Throughout the Week, lectures were organised in universities, where representatives of the CBK taught about different economic and financial topics. Furthermore, elementary school students were taught on personal finances and participated in a workshop to highlight their skills and knowledge of money management.

Kosovo Banking Association
The Kosovo Banking Association participated in GMW2019, by organising financial and educational activities on the topic of Learn.Save.Earn. The Association distributed packages with educational materials in eight municipalities in Kosovo. In these municipalities, different primary schools were selected and fourth and fifth grade students were taught how to use the educational materials. The children engaged in activities to learn more about finances, including savings, money management, personal finance management, and much more. The activities were supported and funded by commercial banks, which aim to strengthen society through financial education. The Association had prepared guidelines for teachers in order to implement the educational package. The students learnt how to work with saving books, in which they had to express their ideas about the importance of money management, their saving plans, and money management for the future.

2018 Kosovo Global Money Week


  • Central Bank of Republic of Kosovo (CBK), Kosovo Bankers Association (KBA)


  • Banka Ekonomike, Banka Kombëtare Tregtare (BKT), Banka për Biznes (BpB), IsBank, NLB Banka, ProCredit Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, TEB Bank, Ziraat Bank, 10 media outlets, 2 universities, 7 schools


  • 250


  • 7 000

Central Bank of Republic of Kosovo (CBK)
Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK), together with the Kosovo Bankers Association (KBA), launched the GMW2018 activities at the CBK premises, where the Deputy Governor of the CBK and Director of the KBA talked to 4th grade students at Don Bosko Primary School. During the talk, children received advice on how to manage money responsibly. Global Money Week 2018 started with a media conference, where the Governor of the CBK gave a speech on the importance of the Week and the importance of raising awareness of money matters. The Governer also gave an interview on Kosovo national TV, where he highlighted CBK’s commitment to enhance consumer protection and financial education in Kosovo. The KBA team visited different schools in 4 municipalities across Kosovo to spread awareness of money and financial literacy. Students created a personal savings book and made a saving plan. After the event, participants received educational materials and a moneybox. The team aimed to visit rural schools with limited access to financial information. CBK organised two lectures for University students. The first lecture on the government securities market in Kosovo at the University of Business and Technology, was attended by 120 students. The second lecture on “The Role and Functions of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo” took place at “Kadri Zeka” University in Gjilan, was attended by 100 students. In celebration of GMW, the CBK launched a financial education website, which offers information for children and young people using financial products and services. The site will continue to expand its content throughout the year. Bachelors and Masters students were invited to participate in a Video Competition in which they could use animations, video clips, and audio clips to raise the awareness of financial topics including, economics, money management and the CBK. The Head of Financial Education, Protocol and Communication Division at the CBK gave an interview to RTV 21 to inform the public on the GMW activities, the launch of the CBK Financial Education website and discuss the importance of financial literacy developments. The national media broadcast GMW activities on national TV channels in Kosovo. At the end of the Week, schools received educational materials to teach financial literacy and the message of financial literacy was shared on popular TV stations and newspapers.

2017 Kosovo Global Money Week




  • 728

During the Global Money Week 2017, the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK) along with Kosovo Banking Association (KBA) and Museum of Kosovo organised several activities and events that reached 448 children and youth. In addition, KBA gave lectures to 280 pupils in remote areas who were taught about the importance of learning, saving and gaining employment.

The GMW opening ceremony took place at the Museum of Kosovo where the Deputy Governor of the CBK, Executive Director of Kosovo Banking Association, and Director of the Museum of Kosovo addressed the children with speeches on the importance of further development of financial education in Kosovo.

High-level discussions on different economic topics were organised for students of three universities in Prishtina, Peja and Prizren. Lectures by high level officials of CBK and KBA were delivered in universities and schools across the country.

During the week the Museum of Kosovo was adapted to a Money Museum. Children and youth visited the museum and participated in a number of activities, such as lectures and discussions on the value of money, history of money, a money exhibition, archaeological excavations, group work to count money they had won and clay work. In addition, commercial banks operating in Kosovo supported the event by providing first-hand information for all interested people who were interested in the function of money, personal finances and better money management.

All activities were covered by local media during the GMW 2017. 2 TV interviews and 3 radio interviews were held during the week. In addition, stories and pictures were actively shared on social media.

2016 Kosovo Global Money Week




  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 2 700


  • 17 000

The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo launched the Global Money Week campaign with the financial education event at the "Emin Duraku" primary school in Prizren, with IV and V grade students. Students were presented with a lot of useful information about the function of the money and personal financial management, and they participated in the exciting group work. On the second day, the main GMW event took place in the Economic High School "Hasan Prishtina" in Mitrovica. The Governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo highlighted the importance of saving and financial management to mark Global Money Week, and encouraged the youth of this school and their peers from other schools to be devoted to learning in order to achieve their goals. As part of this event to mark Global Money Week, the Mayor of Mitrovica, Mr. Agim Bahtiri, advised students that with hard work and determination, anything can be accomplished.

Furthermore, the students of the Economic High School "Hasan Prishtina", divided into six groups to compete in a quiz developed to test their knowledge on the role of the Central Bank, the financial industry, insurance, pensions and more. The knowledge and understanding shown through this quiz testified a good future is expected for the students of this school and the best students were awarded with prizes. Moreover, the employees of the Central Bank also conducted presentations on “Corporate Governance of Financial Institutions” and “Securities and demonstration of an auction” for the students during the Week.

The Kosovo Banking Association (KBA) also organised various events during Global Money Week 2016. KBA organised many classes and lectures for different groups of children and youth in various parts of the Republic of Kosovo, and Global Money Week was officially launched in Primary school “Model” in Prishtina on 14 March. The event was attended by school children who had the chance to listen to a lecture on savings from a financial literacy expert. They also received savings boxes as a gift and as a manifest to keep developing their savings habits in the future. In the following days of Global Money Week, lectures and classes on spending, savings, investments and money management in other municipalities in the Republic of Kosovo (Mitrovicë, Gjilan and Pejë) took place. KBA also conducted a massive media campaign in order to reach the Kosovo population in a wider scope, including a series of radio interviews, television shows and by publishing financial literacy videos on the national television in Kosovo. This campaign will be transmitted through Kosovo TV channels until the end of this year.

“ Who saves, the future repays” Student, Kosovo
“Save today, safe tomorrow! ” Student, Kosovo
“Spend less than you earn” Student, Kosovo

2015 Kosovo Global Money Week



  • 9th - 17th of March


  • 80

The Central Bank of Kosovo organised a many events in “Ismail Qemali”, “Hasan Pristina” and other primary schools in the capital city of Pristina during Global Money Week 2015. The Governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo participated in the events. He spoke to the children about proper management of money. Children worked in groups and discussed about savings, money management, employment, entrepreneurship, banking system and other topics.

The main purpose of celebrating Kosovo Money Week was to empower young generation to be well responsible citizens and have knowledge of economy. These activities will continue in the future engaging children and young people to learn how money works, including savings, money management, employment, being entrepreneurs, banks etc.

The events were extensively covered by the national media and broadcasted on major TV channels in Kosovo. The Banking Association of Kosovo also supported Global Money Week 2015 and promoted the initiatives through the national media.

2014 Kosovo Global Money Week



  • 14th of March


  • 100

"Let’s Learn to Save" was the motto of the activity that gathered children from schools across Prishtina, the capital city of Kosovo. Around 100 children, from Grade 4-5, attended the event that took place in the National Library of Kosovo. The event was also attended by representatives from the Kosovo Bankers Association and the national media.

During the event the Governor of the Central Bank of Republic of Kosovo (CBK) addressed the children with a short speech. He used story telling as an engaging method to explain to them that saving is an important practice that they will need if they want to build a better future for themselves. Children were very interested in the topic and they took notes and raised several interesting savings related questions throughout the Governor’s speech. The Chairman of the Bankers Association was a guest speaker at this event. He spoke to children about banks and their importance in the children’s community.

The Senior Advisor of the Executive Board of the CBK told the children about a few everyday examples of how she saves her money. Through sharing her own daily experience with the children she engaged them to think about the importance of savings. Children were given a saving box (so that they can start their savings), a brochure titled “What we sow today, we reap tomorrow” which contains information and advice on saving, and a T-shirt with CBK and Global Money Week’s logos and the event’s motto “Let’s Learn to Save”.

The CBK launched a competition and invited all children from the 4th and 5th grades from primary schools in Prishtina to compete with their stories, essay or drawings based on the subject “savings”. The competition will run until 30th April 2014. The best stories, essays or drawings will get a symbolic price from the CBK and will be published on the CBK web page.

The event was attended by Kosovo national media who broadcasted the event on several TV channels and on their online platforms. CBK staff members were invited onto a national TV programme to talk about the event and financial literacy in general.