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2019 Kazakhstan Global Money Week


  • Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE)
  • University of Central Asia SPCE


  • Almaty Management University, IITU, Kazakh National University Al-Farab, Mep University, Professional Lyceum № 17, Tekeli, School of Professional and Continuing Education of University of Central Asia, Tekeli., University Narxoz


  • 300


  • 815

University of Central Asia SPCE
For this year’s GMW, the University conducted sessions different topics, including the importance of financial skills for life, money management, living independently, tackling debt, enterprising experience, and the importance of financial literacy. Interactive games on “Money and Finance” were organised during the Week. Multiple sessions of “Practical Money Skills” were conducted for schoolchildren grade 7 to 10, who are studying in the academic achievement programme at the University. College students took part in 2-hour sessions on saving and investing, where the students were taught how to make effective and informed money management decisions. Furthermore, a handicraft competition was organised, where students were asked to make things from seemingly useless materials, to make them useful. The winners were awarded prizes and a GMW certificate. The students were also able to participate in quizzes and drawing contests throughout the Week.

Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE)
The Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) conducted its student project “Stock Exchange Simulator” game to celebrate Global Money Week 2019. The Week was opened at the International IT University, organised by the Stock Exchange. The project has taken place for 11 years, and 2019 was the first time that it took place during GMW. The purpose of the Exchange Simulator is to increase the financial literacy of young professionals, and to obtain practical skills to operate in the stock market. KASE managed to raise students’ interest in finance and economics, as well as their knowledge on the stock exchange environment, in conditions resembling the real-life financial market. The Simulator is a free of charge activity, conducted in the TTS (training trading system), where students had to trade liquid market shares of Kazakh companies. The project has been offered to other countries as well, including Turkey, the UK, and countries in South-East Asia.

2018 Kazakhstan Global Money Week


  • Home Credit Bank


  • Headquarters of Home Credit Bank and its 18 branches throughout Kazakhstan
  • 70 educational institutions


  • 6 000


  • 1 000

Home Credit Bank
Kazakhstan’s Home Credit Bank participated in Global Money Week for the 5th time in 2018. This year, over 100 events in 70 educational institutions were organised across Kazakhstan for about 6,000 children. Thanks to the events, children of all ages and in all areas of the country had the opportunity to refresh their financial knowledge and learn more about money as an integral part of life. Within the framework of the Global Money Week, the Home Credit Bank’s specially developed programme for financial literacy, ‘Journey to the World of Finance’, conducted seminars for primary, secondary and senior students in libraries and educational institutions. Throughout the Week, the Bank covered topics such as the intricacies of handling, saving and investing money. The Bank’s financial literacy initiative was supported by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, whose responsibilities also include developing financial literacy among the country's population. Every year Global Money Week in Kazakhstan increases in popularity, becoming even more recognizable and in demand. More and more educational institutions are wanting to acquaint their students with an exciting and extremely useful world of financial knowledge.

2017 Kazakhstan Global Money Week



  • Information agency of financial markets “IRBIS”
  • National Chamber of Commerce of Kazakhstan Atameken
  • Various schools, State children’s libraries, Children’s home Baganashyl, Kazakh National University, Almaty Academy of Economics and Statistics, Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical University, Almaty University of Energy and Communications, Almaty State College of Power and Electronic Technologies, “Portal of consumers” (Portal potrebitelei), School # 4 in Tekeli, School #5 in Tekeli, School named after Zh.Zhakypbayev in Syrymbet village, Tekeli multifunctional college #17, IDEAL DESIGN business, NGO Republican school of physics and mathematics Special technical lyceum #165, Almaty Adilet College of Caspain University Online newspaper Zona National TV station Kazakh.tv, also supported by National Bank of Kazakh Republic and various news.


  • 6007


  • 24 180

During Global Money Week, employees of all 18 branches of Bank Home Credit Kazakhstan visited educational organisations to give seminars on financial literacy for children of all ages. For the first time, children’s libraries joined the Global Money Week movement, which proves that there is an acute need for events of this sort to inform the youth of Kazakhstan about financial issues. The Bank conducted more than 70 educational sessions in 25 cities, and reached more than 4000 pupils.

This year University of Central Asia and SPCE Tekeli visited schools and college to conduct sessions on how important financial skills are to navigating life, how to manage money, live independently, and tackle debt, how to have a first enterprise experience and on the importance of financial literacy. Interactive games on “Money and Finance” were organised during the visits. Multiple sessions on “Practical money skills” were conducted for schoolchildren from grade 7 to 10 studying academic achievement programme in SPCE Tekeli as well as for schools, located in Tekeli town and in village Syrymbet. Multifunctional college students took part in 2 hours’ session on “Saving and Investing” where the students could be able to learn how to make effective and informed money management decisions.

Kazakhstan Stock Exchange conducted its student project "Stock Exchange Simulator" game within the framework of Global Money Week 2017. On March 28, 2017 in the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi, the official opening of the "Exchange Simulator" project took place, organised by the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange and the Information Agency of Financial Markets "IRBIS". The project has been taking place for the ninth year in a row and this year it began on the occasion of Global Money Week. The purpose of the project "Exchange simulator" is to increase the financial literacy of young professionals and to obtain practical skills to operate in the stock market. Together, KASE and IRBIS managed to raise students’ interest in finance and economics, as well as their knowledge about the stock exchange environment in conditions highly resembling the real financial market. The “Exchange Simulator” was a free of charge project, conducted in the TTS (training trading system), where students had to trade the most liquid market shares of Kazakh companies.

Financial expert Saltanat Abaeva has also taken the initiative to organise several GMW events between 27 March and 2 April in Kazakhstan. She also organised high school student visits to banks and insurance companies and seminars and lectures at the schools and universities of Almaty city. To increase children’s financial literacy, she also organised a meeting with young entrepreneurs in the National Chamber of Commerce of the Kazakh Republic Atameken.

2016 Kazakhstan Global Money Week




  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 31 192


  • 28 741

Home Credit Bank took part in Global Money Week for the third year in a row this year, with the magnitude of their events growing each year. The programme of seminars initiated by the bank, entitled "Journey to the world of finance", was designed for students of both primary and secondary education schools, as well as high school and college students. Business coaches from the bank conducted seminars in all major cities of Kazakhstan. Seminars on financial literacy were conducted in schools, which included presentations of the textbook "Kids and Money" for children on financial literacy, discussions on the concept of wishes and needs, games, brainstorming sessions, part time job opportunities for young people and many more. The seminars once again received great feedback from the students, teachers and school principals.

The University of Central Asia also celebrated Global Money Week by having students participate in the GMW-Selfie challenge, baking a cake for the 5th anniversary of the Week, creating a money box and by participating in financial education lessons and lectures that were conducted. One of the groups, together with an instructor, conducted lessons on the topic "Money makes money". The students discussed about how to save money and each student described their own piggy bank. The students decided to make a money box from disposable cups and the basis of money and garlands, in the form of Baiterek, which is one of the most important architectural building in Kazakhstan.

"I believe that these classes give children the opportunity not only to learn financial literacy, not only to understand what money is, how they need to work on how to allocate their financial resources, but also they will be able to determine its own priorities in their lives ..." Baygunakova Sharihan Galievna, Director of the UNESCO Associated Schools at the Kazakh-American University
"It is very interesting seminar. Children learnt what is a budget, how to manage their finances. Despite their age children understand that they need special skills, knowledge and abilities in order to realize dreams. How to save money, manage money properly and comply with the budget - the knowledge that children received on the seminar." Teacher of History, school № 30, Semey
"Today, at a seminar held by the Bank, Home Credit, we learnt a lot about how we can not only spend, but also save money at our age. It was very interesting. We conducted various financial quizes and received a lot of skills" Alina, Grade 6, the city of Semey

2015 Kazakhstan Global Money Week



  • 10th - 17th of March


  • 1 760

On 11 March, Global Money Week 2015 was launched with Kazakhstan Stock Exchange opening its doors for students for the official trade opening ceremony. Students were addressed by the Vice-president of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange and other invited speakers. The ceremony was also supported by the International Centre of Economic Literacy, local NGO focused on raising the level of financial literacy among the citizens of Kazakhstan. During the rest of the week, many activities were organised in the country by the stakeholders from various sectors and in different regions of the country.

Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan participated in Global Money Week for the second year. It organised an extensive series of more than 40 workshops and practical seminars for more than 1400 school children and students in 17 cities of Kazakhstan, including Almaty, Astana, Karaganda, Ust-Kamenogorsk, and Uralsk among others. Financial literacy workshops were aimed at three different age groups of children and youth – 8 to 10, 11 to 13, and 15 to 20 year olds. The bank also organised a drawing competition in Uralsk city in which children from more than 47 schools took part. Parents could participate in a webinar arranged by Home Credit Bank on how to teach children financial literacy.

“It is the second year our class participated in Global Money Week. The seminar is very interesting and provides kids with a lot of useful information. I believe that children should be taught financial literacy from the first year at school, teach them about transactions and budget. It is very useful, high/quality, interesting and comprehensive information… Ideally these seminars should be conducted more often and will be included in the school curriculum from the first grade in the schools of Almaty”Teacher at Gymnasium №18, Almaty

Civil society organisations were also active participants in the celebrations. The International Centre of Economic Literacy conducted educational lectures and seminars in several schools and colleges in Almaty. It also promoted the week and its objectives in national media and TV channels in the country. University of Central Asia and Aga Khan Development Network celebrated Global Money Week with local partner in Tekeli, Kazakhstan. Between March 11th and 13th, University of Central Asia organised interactive trainings on strategies for spending money effectively in several secondary schools around the city.

2014 Kazakhstan Global Money Week



  • 12th and 17th of March


  • 52

On March 17, 2014, KASE organised a seminar on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), IPO and investment for 2nd and 3rd year students of the Economics & Management Faculty, International IT Universit. Information provided to the students included some crucial market statistics, IPO process and investment opportunities from the KASE.

Students actively participated in the discussion of the topics and asked questions like what is the minimum amount of money required to invest on the exchange, the correlation between the Russian and Kazakhstani markets, and guarantees on return of investments etc. The KASE employees were pleased to learn that the students already had a basic knowledge of the stock exchange, were updated on the global trends in the area and were willing to learn more.

On March 12, 2014, the Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan conducted a seminar on financial literacy for primary school pupils in Almaty. The seminar was dedicated to the history of money, finance and budget planning. They also presented the book which was developed by the Home Credit Bank Russia titled "Children and Money", which will be adapted to the Kazakh context later this year. The event included simple financial games where kids could use the acquired knowledge as well as some finance-themed cartoon watching.

2013 Kazakhstan Global Money Week


  • Kazakhstan Stock Exchange


  • 20th of March

High school children enjoyed lectures on Islamic finance in Kazakhstan conducted by a specialist at the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange.

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