2021 Indonesia Global Money Week


  • Yayasan Allianz Peduli, OJK ( Indonesia Financial Services Authority), PT. Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia, PT. Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia, BTPN Jenius Connect, GRID Network


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  • 5,949


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  • 143,207

In Indonesia, the global theme of GMW2021 “Take care of yourself, take care of your money” was used for many events and activities. A survey was conducted on social media, in which more than 1000 young people aged between 15 and 26 participated. The results showed that young people were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and were supported by their parents financially. The pandemic has also inspired some to become entrepreneurs.

Instagram live events were held through the week with inspiring figures that shared advice on how to start a business, how to manage it but also how to manage one’s finances to survive a pandemic.

A webinar on the theme "Earn Hard, Plan Hard" gathered over 400 participants. The speakers included representatives from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Allianz, and BTPN Jenius.

2019 Indonesia Global Money Week


  • Allianz Indonesia
  • CerdikMapan, GENBI


  • 2 Media Organisations, 5 Schools and Universities, Asian Development Bank, OJK, Tanamduit


  • 2 241


  • 2 269

Allianz Indonesia
During Global Money Week 2019, Allianz Indonesia, together with its partners, reached 2,111 children and youth, via visits to schools. Throughout the Week, financial literacy awareness sessions were offered to children, youth, and even adults. The sessions were on subjects such as saving and investing. Furthermore, high-level discussions and seminars were organised.

Together with Genbi, the Student Leadership Development Community, Cerdikmapan organised different activities for GMW2019. First, a financial inclusion incubation for children was organised. The incubation period started in November 2018 and was officially closed during GMW2019. The organisation provided the materials for children to open savings accounts. The second event was an online class about financial literacy for youth in the digital era, focusing on the importance of money management for today and the future. The lesson was shared on the Cerdikmapan Youtube Channel. The final event was a tour through the Museum Bank Indonesia (MBI), to learn about the history of currency, banks and the financial system of Indonesia.

2018 Indonesia Global Money Week


  • Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK), Allianz Indonesia
  • Youth Finance Indonesia


  • BTPN Jenius, BukaLapak, Faculty of Economics and Business University of Indonesia, iGrow, Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), 4 financial institutions, 5 social media influencers, 81 schools, 9 OJK Branches


  • 2 827


  • 150 303

Youth Finance Indonesia
Youth Finance Indonesia and Cerdik Mapan organised a Global Money Week event at the Faculty of Economics and Business, the University of Indonesia. These activities included talk shows about investments through their online platform. Participants met online with financial experts. The event was opened by Mr. Adrian Karim, Co-Founder of Cerdik Mapan. He gave a short talk about investing through the online platform. His speech was followed by Mr. Andreas Senjaya, Co-Founder and CEO of iGrow, an online agricultural investment platform and Mr. Hafizh Asri, Bukalapak Fintech Partnership, an online marketplace. Participants were invited to access the investment platform online. Members of the committee created a roundtable discussion between participants and speakers about the technical using online investment platform and explained how to use it safely. Finally, there was a photo session with speakers, participants and committee of Global Money Week 2018 event.

Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK)
Global Money Week 2018 has been the biggest GMW ever held in Indonesia. This year, Allianz Indonesia hosted an online campaign and collaborated with the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK). Additionally, branches of the OJK and financial institutions ran financial literacy classes to support Global Money Week 2018. Nine OJK branches educated 1,898 students, ranging from elementary to college students. The students learnt about the importance of saving, stock markets, and budget planning. Moreover, two other financial institutions, Permata Bank and Sinarmas Bank, conducted interactive financial literacy classes to kindergarten and elementary students about saving. To reach wider youth in Indonesia, Allianz Indonesia made the campaign online through the GMW Vlog Competition. Each vlog consisted of 3 students, sharing their passion and how they utilize the Digital Economy to develop their passion. 76 groups of students from 59 high schools across Indonesia participated in the competition. The judges selected the 10 best video and the winners were invited to Eduventure in Jakarta. The winners visited an insurance company, Allianz Indonesia, BTPN Jenius, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), and the National Financial Services Authority (OJK) to learn more about Digital Economy from the experts. During the trip, the students were asked to make a vlog about the things they learnt from the Eduventure and uploaded them to Instagram, so that a greater audience will see them. All vlogs can be accessed on Instagram with hashtag #GMWIndonesia2018.

2017 Indonasia Global Money Week




  • 749


  • 1 498

Allianz Indonesia and Youth Finance Indonesia collaborated with the Center for Entrepreneur Development Studies at the University of Indonesia in celebration of Global Money Week 2017. This year, the leading organisations aimed to reach larger number of youth so that Global Money Week objectives resonance with a wider audience.

Prior to the main event, the organisers have initiated a competition for senior high school students with the theme of budget planning for school trips. The topic of travel has been chosen as the topic of the competition, as it is growing in popularity amongst young people, therefore young people should be encouraged to spend their money wisely on vacation. The competition was promoted to 30 high schools in Jakarta as well as on famous Instagram accounts among youth in Jakarta, @IndonesiaParadise. The winner of this competition was SMA PKP Jakarta Islamic School, which was given three days and two nights of educational trips to various cities in Yogyakarta and the Central Java province.

There were also 3 financial education videos created related to Global Money Week as promotional media. The first video is about Global Money Week; the second video is an infographic animation about the importance of financial planning; and the third video is about youth’s thoughts on financial institutions (insurance, stock exchange, mutual funds, etc). Furthermore, we also rolled out GMW Roadshow to 5 high schools in Depok, East Java.

As main event, the Global Money Week Festival was held at the Central Library of University of Indonesia on Saturday, 1 April 2017. More than 450 youth participated in the festival with 7 financial experts as speakers, 6 attractive booths representing financial institutions, 3 interesting topics talk shows (1. Business Tips for Beginners; 2. Protect Your Future Early; 3. Be Fearless in Investing;), and 2 fun financial games as well as cool art performances.

This Festival was opened by Mr. Agus Sugiarto, the Chief and Head of the Department of Financial Literacy and Inclusion of Indonesia Financial Services Authority, and Mr. Mochamad Reza the Chairman of Allianz Peduli Foundation.

To cover GMW 2017 theme “Learn. Save. Earn.”, 3 productive talk shows were conducted with experts speakers. Business Tips for Beginners was carried out by Founder of Gift Card Indonesia, Head of Investment of Mandiri Capital, and Project Leader Trust Network Finance; Protect Your Future Early by Investment Communication Allianz Indonesia; and Be Fearless in Investing was facilitated by the Director of and Director of Indonesia Stock Exchange.

The interesting discussions were followed with 2 exciting games, such as Financial Race, which required participants to visit all financial booths, collected stamps and answered financial questions; and Financial Ball, which successfully engaged all participants to play it together with a ball that tossed among participants while music is on, where the last person hold the ball had to answer financial questions.

In its conclusion, the celebration received positive feedback from the speakers and participants. Right after the main event, some participants started to open stock and mutual fund accounts following the tips from talk show speakers. Moreover, almost all speakers committed to take part in next year’s Global Money Week.

2016 Indonesia Money Week



  • 14th - 17th of March


  • 1 734


  • 1 150

Global Money Week was celebrated again in 2017 in Indonesia through the efforts and collaborations between the Allianz Indonesia, Youth Finance Indonesia and Bank Indonesia. The activities included various class sessions around schools in Jakarta, visits to Bank Indonesia's Museum, teaching about the stock exchange and coordinated workshops and lectures for kids.

Bank Indonesia welcomed children to their musueum where the kids learnt more about how the financial system works in the country. Additionally, children and youth got to join interactive sessions to learn about the history of the Indonesian Rupiah and to become introduced to the other currencies from around the world.

The My Finance Coach programme of Allianz Indonesia invited kids to strengthen their financial literacy through modules that focused on savings. The modules also aimed to introduce the Indonesian youngsters to different types of financial products that they will encounter in their lifetime, including bank accounts, credit cards, insurance and investment alternatives for when they grow older. As investing in their future is also part of the modules, Allianz Indonesia brought a group of students to the Bursa Efek Indonesia (or the Indonesian Stock Exchange) to introduce the young Indonesians to the stock market.

In addition to these, Youth Finance Indonesia also collaborated with Allianz Indonesia to support and advance youth-led activities on financial literacy education in Indonesia. The volunteers from Youth Finance Indonesia joined the various activities of Allianz Indonesia, in addition to the activities that they organised themselves.

2015 Indonesia Money Week



  • 9th - 13th of March


  • 590

2015 saw another edition of Global Money Week celebrations in Indonesia. The celebrations this year were spearheaded by Allianz Indonesia, in coordination with Bank Indonesia and Bursa Efek Indonesia, the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Every year, the My Finance Coach programme of Allianz Indonesia has taken part in the Global Money Week celebrations and has continued to organise local activities in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

My Finance Coach of Allianz Indonesia focused on the need for economic empowerment of young Indonesians. One of the My Finance Coach modules focuses on saving. The programme illustrates financial products such as saving account, deposit, insurance, and investment in the stock exchange. Through the visit to the stock exchange, students received a real life experience of its operations which they viewed only on TV earlier. The activity also included watching a historical video of Bursa Efek Indonesia. It was followed by a session on understanding stocks and buying them at the stock exchange. This event was facilitated by the Education Division of Bursa Efek Indonesia with a live simulation on stocks data analysis and buying proses.

This session by Allianz Indonesia’s My Finance Coach was an eye opener not only for the students but also teachers and other adults. They realized that it easy it was to buy stocks and start an investment in order to have better financial plan. These sessions were done in addition to the ones done in parallel to the various classes and initiatives that My Finance Coach conducts across the year to teach children about savings, money management, and much more.

Bank Indonesia also welcomed kids to visit the Museum Bank Indonesia where they were able to learn the history of money in Indonesia and understand the value of savings. At the end of the tour, the children were also given the chance to envision and dream about what they want to save for and think of how they could achieve it.

Youth-led activities were a highlight in Indonesia this year. Youth Finance Indonesia organised KREASI (Smart Finance and Art Collaboration), a creative financial education event for students, at Tamansari 2 Elementary School in Yogyakarta. The youth advocates who organised these activities used playful and interactive storytelling method to highlight the importance of saving daily, played of a series of cartoons on history of money, colour drawing with materials that highlight the benefit of saving money from a very young age, and writing down dreams to motivate them to become more successful. Some youth representatives from Southern Jakarta organised “spirit of finance” presentations and sessions to remove the misconceptions that financial matters are to be handled only by adults. The aim of such activities is to make young people in Southern Jakarta to become responsible economic citizens.

2014 Indonesia Money Week


  • Allianz Indonesia
  • Allianz Indonesia CSR/ Yayasan Allianz Peduli (Allianz Care Foundation)
  • My Finance Coach
  • Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB)
  • YCAB Mangga Dua
  • YCAB Duri Kepa High Schools


  • 10th - 17th of March


  • 200

High school students from low income families received an in-depth financial planning workshop hosted by Allianz Indonesia at the Allianz tower in Jakarta. The Planning Basic module, from the Allianz’s curricula, was modified to suite the students’ needs and the Global Money Week campaign theme. They transformed the exercises in the module into real life role play such as how to plan to buy a motorcycle in the future, how much income can be collected within a year and what to purchase when owning a motorcycle. The students will act as fresh graduate employees with expenses to pay. They created booths to represent each expenditure, for instance; motor insurance, One-stop Administration Services for driving license, gas station, motorbike dealer, malls and such for the students to shop and find out how much each expense will cost. The exercises taught the students how they should make financial planning before buying goods and how to use alternative and simple types of payment methods (saving & installment). These payment methods advantages and disadvantages were debated in detail.

2013 Indonesia Money Week


  • Allianz Peduli Foundation


  • My Finance Coach
  • Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa Foundation


  • 15th – 21st of March


  • 187

Global Money Week in Indonesia was marked by “My Finance Coaches” classes, where Allianz employees visited schools. Allianz collaborated with Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa, a Foundation focused on children education to teach 187 street children age 12-16 years old.

During the classes, coaches conveyed financial education workshops on the topic of “Smart Shopping”, while at the workshops; children learnt how to compare needs and wants, analyse goods before buying, and how to be aware of advertisement. Students were excited with the interactive content of the workshops.

Children from Indonesia had the exciting opportunity to participate in a video chat with Malaysia.