2017 Guinea Global Money Week




  • 6 000


  • 10 000

Throughout Global Money Week more than 2,500 young people gathered at the Ecole Nationale d’Instituteur (ENI) and took part in a school competition including financial literacy games. Distinguished guests at the event included the Prefect of Labé who took up the role of the master of ceremony, the chief operating officer of the Central Bank, the directors of Fibank and the Museum Fouta Diallon, and the chief executive of the FONIJ.

Furthermore, a financial literacy game was organised at the youth center of Forécariah in which four primary schools and four high schools competed against each other.

Apart from the games, an awareness-raising session was organised for around 50 young people from Labé. During the session, the participants learnt about the importance of personal social and economic development and empowerment.

Furthermore, before the launch of the Global Money Week, a competition for the best business plan took place. Its goal was to emphasize the importance of income generation and job creation. In total 12 groups of young people took part in the competition and presented their business plans.

2016 Guinea Global Money Week




  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 5 170


  • 1 000

Three Ministries and the Foundation of the First Lady supported Global Money Week to become a national event in Guinea this year!

2016 was the second year Guinea participated in Global Money Week, and reached over 4,000 children and youth, thus increasing the size of the celebrations compared to last year’s edition. This increase in participation was achieved through a very complete set of activities in Conakry and Forecariah based on the “Take part. Saving smart!” theme. These events were covered by media (radio and newspapers), which helped to spread the word about GMW celebrations in the country.

The GMW celebrations were launched in Conakry on 14 March, with a national conference at Bluezone de Kaloum to present the purpose of the Week and the importance of financial education, savings and supporting entrepreneurship. This event alone mobilized over 2,100 children and youth in total. A debate with the children then addressed the following questions: “What is the utility of money?”, “What does it mean ‘to save’?”, “Why is it important to save and what are we saving for?”, “What are smart saving habits?” and “Do you think saving can guarantee ones future?”

In Forecariah, four elementary schools and two high schools competed with each other during a two day financial education game, with questions related to money and savings. Over 2,000 students and prefectural authorities attended this event. The government-related Fonds National pour l’Insertion des Jeunes (FONIJ) and Plan International Guinea, the two leading organisations of the Week, also planned student visits to four banks so that the youth could learn about banking practices and the history of Guinean money.

Finally, the week closed on Saturday with a round table discussion in Forecariah on the topic of: "How to boost entrepreneurship". As part of the round table, 15 NGOs met with children to discuss financial inclusion; these children also had the opportunity to receive advice from young entrepreneurs.

Through this programme, the Guinean Global Money Week involved very diverse participants and therefore considerably boosted awareness on financial education in all spheres of society.

2015 Guinea Global Money Week


  • Ministry of Youth and Youth Employment
  • Plan International (Guinea)
  • State Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • The first lady’s office
  • The central Bank
  • Ministry of post university Education and Literacy
  • Société Générale des Banques en Guinée
  • Afriland First Banque
  • First Internationale Banque
  • Ecole primaire FREDERICO MAYOR de Sandervalia


  • National Radio
  • National Television
  • Facebook
  • And local newspaper


  • 9th - 23rd of March


  • 3 500

GMW was celebrated in Guinea for the first time in 2015. The event was organised by le Fonds National pour l’insertion des jeunes (FONIJ) in collaboration with Plan Guinea. The event brought together keys officials from the national authority that have children’s interests at the heart of their actions. The event provided a valuable networking opportunity for various agencies that promote economic wellbeing of children and youth and set the stage for further cooperation.

Week-long conferences and debates were organised around GMW 2015 theme of “Save today. Safe tomorrow“. Children and youth discussed issues related to finance with the politicians, bankers, entrepreneurs, and experts. Theatre or artistic presentations provided children an opportunity to creatively express their views on financial, commercial and entrepreneurial situations from their lives. ‘Saving for a better future’, a youth and VIP discussion to gather youth voices for meaningful futures actions was undertaken. Bank tours were also organised for children and youth.

During the various talks, featured speakers elaborated on the inculcating saving culture of youth and adults. The importance of making the right choices in life and how they affect the future was also highlighted.

In addition to educating about money and savings, the various events conducted during GMW 2015 also provided the youth a platform to meet, discuss and exchange views with some of the VIP of the country. They shared different challenges that they face in education, employment and entrepreneurship. The need for the government intervention and political will in creating favorable conditions for economic citizenship for children and youth strongly resonated in comments and interactions.

The weeklong GMW celebrations were well received.

For more information on different activities of Money Week in Guinea visit the following website: