2021 Greece Global Money Week


  • Hellenic Financial Literacy Institute, Hellenic Bank Association (HBA), Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, 15 gymnasiums, 12 high schools (upper secondary schools), experimental School of Quality Net Foundation


  • 41


  • 530


  • 340


  • 16,011

Throughout Global Money Week 2021, the Hellenic Financial Literacy Institute reached directly 270 children and youth. Over 15.011 young people were reached through several digital activities such as a short personal finance course, educational sessions at schools, a webinar, a launch of a book, articles at the press, and a survey during the Campaign week. Due to COVID-19, financial literacy awareness sessions and all other activities were offered for children, youth and for adults, only through digital means. This included high-level discussions during the webinar “Financial Literacy Enhancement in Greece”, where the Governor of Central Bank of Greece delivered opening remarks. Speakers included representatives from the Ministry of Economy, the Athens Stock Exchange and professors in Finance from the Universities of Piraeus in Athens, Greece, Glasgow in the U.K. and Frankfurt, Germany. Moreover, the webinar included the launch of the book “Financial Glossary for Kids.”

Throughout the Week, young people were able to engage educational sessions through presentations by the Chairman and Founder of the Hellenic Financial Literacy Institute. Students from eight schools explored various personal finance matters. Furthermore, this year university students had the opportunity to participate in online personal finance mini-course that gave them the opportunity to understand better on how to handle their finances. Also, financial literacy articles were published in press on Kathimerini and The articles highlighted the importance of establishing a national financial literacy strategy in Greece and creating financial education programs and initiatives due to low levels of financial literacy that were revealed by a recent survey.

The Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) participated for the seventh consecutive year in European Money Week and for the third year in Global Money Week by organising various activities for students of ages between 10 to 15. The European Money Quiz was the fourth National Competition held with the support of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs on March 23rd. The competition was conducted online with 305 students participating from 27 schools from around Greece.

Educational materials for students, theirs teachers and parents were made available by HBA through the programme called “Experiential School of Quality Net Foundation.”

Through these initiatives, the Hellenic Bank Association aims to make financial education accessible even in the most remote areas of Greece. The European Money Quiz dedicated website here and the Experiential School Programme website here remain active throughout the year so that games and educational materials can be accessed by all students, teachers and parents.

2019 Greece Global Money Week


  • Hellenic Bank Association (HBA)


  • 39 Schools, Experiential School of Quality Net Foundation, Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs


  • 1 000


  • 2 000

Hellenic Bank Association (HBA)
The Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) participated for the 5th consecutive year in European Money Week by organising various activities for students aged 10-15 years old. The second National Competition for the European Money Quiz was the main activity and was successfully completed on March 27. The competition was conducted online among 78 classes from 28 gymnasiums from Alexandroupoli, Athens, Chania, Galaxidi, Iraklion Crete, Ioannina, Karditsa, Kilkis, Larissa, Mytilene, Nafpaktos, Pyrgos Ilias, Rethymnon, Sikinos, Thessaloniki, and Tripoli. The winner was class C1 of Avgoulea-Linardatou Gymnasium in Athens, followed by class C5 of the same gymnasium and class A1 of Doukas School Gymnasium. The above classes not only answered all 15 questions of the competition correctly but also in the fastest time. HBA organised a special event for them at the premises of the Association with the presence of their parents and teachers. The National Competition was only the first part of the joint initiative with the European Banking Federation concerning financial education programs for students aged 13-15 years old, as the winning class represented its school and Greece in the European Money Quiz Competition in Brussels on Tuesday 7 May 2019. BA warmly thanks all the schools, students and teachers for their participation in the national competition and the interest they have shown in this initiative. The contribution of the relevant Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs for disseminating the competition throughout the country was also significant. Moreover, for the first time, HBA, by supporting Goal 8 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has created educational material for students aged 10-12 years old, their teachers and parents, which are all available through the programme EXPERIENTIAL SCHOOL of Quality Net Foundation. Students also had the opportunity to participate in a project in the Panhellenic Competition BRAVO SCHOOLS for the 17 SDGs, with 11 primary schools participating for 2019 with a project on Goal 8. HBA’s aim, through these initiatives, is to make financial education possible/accessible even in the most remote areas of Greece. Thus, the European Money Quiz dedicated website and the Experiential School Programme on SDGs website will both remain active throughout the year so that the Games and the educational material can be accessed by all, students, teachers and parents.

2018 Greece Global Money Week


  • Business Mentality


  • Ethelon
  • Europe Direct Halkidiki
  • InfinityGreece
  • Piraeus Bank


  • 30


  • 120

Business Mentality
Throughout the Global Money Week 2018, Business Mentality, along with its partners Piraeus Bank Exhibition Center, Ethelon, Infinity Greece, Europe Direct Halkidiki and its own BM Women club, successfully organised and participated in 3 events, dedicated to financial education. The first event, a seminar on "Creativity in the Modern Working Environment - Techniques for More Creativity and Productivity", took place in the Paraty Loft in Thessaloniki. The speaker at the event was a recognized educator who taught young people how to make their learning more efficient and enjoyable, making them more productive and reaching their best potential. The second event, in collaboration with BM Women’s Club, was a visit to the Piraeus Bank Conference Center to see the exhibition "Thessaloniki Commerce 1870-1970". At the event, young people had the opportunity to bring to life the productive history of the old commercial center of the city during the period 1870-1970. The exhibition, based on the research programme developed by Dr. Evangelos Hekimoglou, is under the auspices of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Ministry of Culture and Sport. The visit was followed by a Networking Event. Finally, young people had the opportunity to attend an event on voluntarism and how to establish a successful organisation. At the event, there were two main presentations: "Do it without Money!" from the founder of InfinityGreece, and "Ethelon-tismos: Free staff or Super heroes?" presented by the manager of Ethelon Thessaloniki. The event gave young people the opportunity to share thoughts and concerns about how to implement their ideas without money. The participation in the events of "Global Money Week 2018" surpassed all expectations and the participants gained the best experiences for their future career in the labor market.

2017 Greece Global Money Week



NGO Business Mentality took an active part in the Global Money Week celebrations for the third time in 2017. A variety of activities were prepared by this active organisation for young and female entrepreneurs on various topics, such as "The Digital Revolution produces innovations", "Energy and environment as growth pillars", "I Care for My Health", "Greek products and exports', "tourism development prospects". Moreover, a seminar for women entrepreneurs in Thesaloniki "Women: a step forward" was conducted within celebrations of the week.

2016 Greece Global Money Week



  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, A.I.D.A Marketing & Business Development, Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Forum, Μονάδα Καινοτομίας και Επιχειρηματικότητας, TV100, Vergina TV, Business Woman, Biscotto, Charity Magazine, ipareamas, FM100, Feast Thessaloniki, Kinissi Palace Hotel, Aristotle, University of Thessaloniki, Μονάδας Καινοτομίας και Επιχειρηματικότητας, Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group, Feast Thessaloniki, Kinissi Hotel Palace, Anothen Café, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Café Theatro


  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 199


  • 25

The Bank of Greece actively participated in Global Money Week for the second year in a row by organising various activities for school and university students each day between 15 and 18 of March in the Bank’s Money Museum. Every day, 5-6 guided tours were conducted for different target groups between 13 and 20 years old. The themes of the activities, savings and responsible use of money and other resources, were in line with Global Money Week 2016 theme “Take part. Save Smart!”. Students were also taught about public savings by using ecologically friendly banknotes. High-school and university students from Athens and other regions of Greece took part in the events.

Global Money Week 2016 was celebrated in Thessaloniki by NGO Business Mentality. A wide range of activities were scheduled between 15 and 19 of March. Such activities included events focusing on crowdfunding as a way for financing youth enterprises, ways to participate in youth exchange programs, how to found a start-up company, finding employment after graduating from university and other interesting themes around youth employment and livelihoods. The aim of this week was to promote entrepreneurship and innovation concerning youth, and also to discuss efficient money management. The events were very successful and the participants gained knowledge that will be useful for their next steps.

“Everything was perfect. Professional women from Thessaloniki met each other, shared their ideas and discussed about their plans. They were impressed with Global Money Week 2016 and they are waiting for Global Money Week 2017” Aida Nika, President of Business Metnality
“The world and the activities of entrepreneurship developed through this comply incredibly with the educational character of youth exchange programs.” Olympia Datsi (Speaker – Erasmus + Projects)
“I was very happy that I met active women in the entrepreneurship area. This event gave me new ideas and more passion for work and collaborations.” Participant of the Professional Women Event

2015 Greece Global Money Week



  • 9th - 17th of March


  • 235

Bank of Greece participated in Global Money Week for the first time in 2015 and organised lectures and educational visits to the exhibition premises of the Museum of the Bank of Greece in Athens for different target groups of children and youth on different days throughout the week. For example, on March 10th the group of students of the Department of Economics of the Aegean-Omiros College visited the Museum, while on March 12th the tour was organised for the group of primary school children from Ralleios Primary School. On other days of the week students from the Department of Economics of the University of Athens and from the Zanneio Model Experimental High School participated in the educational tours. Lectures during the visits were conducted by the economic advisors and experts of the Bank of Greece, as well as by the professor at the University of Athens. The main aim of the lectures was to inform students about the importance of knowing the Greek economic history and how this knowledge can help avoid repeating mistakes of the past in the future.

The NGO Business Mentality in Thessaloniki organised a variety of activities on financial literacy and youth entrepreneurship to celebrate Global Money Week. Global Money Week in Thessaloniki started on 9 March with the event 'Greek Business - International Entrepreneurship' with participation of the Chambers of Small and Medium-sized Industries of Thessaloniki and the Deputy Minister of Finance of Greece being among other invited speakers.

On 11 March, an event titled “Management and Taxation Values” was held with in participation with Hellasfin Global Wealth Management. This event aimed to create awareness among the participants about how to manage their money in the most effective way. Other Global Money Week events in Thessaloniki included networking meetings for young entrepreneurs & professionals and screening of a documentary about financial crisis for youth.

2014 Greece Global Money Week



  • 13th of March


  • 30

Youth from Thessaloniki’s Youth House and Athens Support Centre of SOS Villages participated in a Video Chat Café call. One of the preparatory activities for this call was that the youths had to research facts about the countries that they would be speaking to students from, namely Nicaragua and Venezuela. Children on the other side of the call were excited to see the big flag that their Greek peers had made for them, with a poster written in Spanish. The youth from both sides of the call loved having the opportunity to share information about themselves, their culture and their different ways of thinking about money and good spending practices.