2023 Egypt Global Money Week


  • Egyptian Banking Institution (EBI)


  • Egyptian Banking Institute
    Central Bank of Egypt
    Banque Misr
    Export Development Bank
    Egyptian Banking System Model
    Alexandria University


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This year, the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) has proudly launched its Financial Literacy Hub, aiming to spread financial literacy among children, adults, young people and entrepreneurs. The hub is a digital platform that includes E-learning programmes, educational videos and booklets and a dedicated section for financial education targeting financial service providers. The hub provides digital self-paced content to allow learners to study at their own pace and preferred time. Sign language has been included in both videos and e-learning programmes to facilitate the learning journey of people with disabilities. During GMW, EBI has organised several online and onground sessions for youth with banking professionals sharing knowledge about different banking and financial topics. University students visited Talaat Harb museum and conducted bank operations simulation activities.

2022 Egypt Global Money Week


  • Egyptian Banking Institution (EBI)


  • Central Bank of Egypt, Financial Institutions, Banque Misr, Expert Development Bank of Egypt (EBank), Egyptian Banking System Model, New Giza University, Aflatoun International


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  • 4,927,231


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  • 3,700,000

The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) implemented various activities targeting children, youth and adults during Global Money Week 2022. EBI reached 4.9 million participants through social media platforms and delivered on ground awareness and training sessions for 27,231 participants. 32 financial topics were covered throughout the week. Some of these topics focused on financial inclusion and literacy, FinTech, financial planning and personal budgeting, saving, investment, entrepreneurship, small and medium enterprises financing and more.

GMW activities in Egypt included: (1) Financial Literacy E-Learning Courses composed of several modules each followed by test (2) Financial Literacy Explainer Videos explaining financial terms (3) Financial Literacy Children Cartoon Animation Series (4) Awareness Sessions presented for youth by banking experts (5) Financial Literacy On-Ground Awareness Sessions for youth, women, school students (6) Banking Simulation Model (7) Banking Operation Systems Course for economics students in New Giza University (8) Talaat Harb Museum visit (9) Bank simulation visits (10) Online Financial Literacy Children Booklet which is a set of booklets aim to increase children understanding of basic financial topics (11) Online Financial Literacy Daily Tips (12) Financial Literacy Online Engagement Games.

2021 Egypt Global Money Week


  • Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), Central Bank of Egypt


  • Banque MISR, Expert Development Bank of Egypt (EBE), implementing partners and NGOs, E-Youth, Egyptian Banking System Model, Bedaya Foundation for the advancement of education and culture, Mercy Foundation, Alexandria Home Economics Association, Isra Charitable Society for Community Development in Damanhour, Future Generation Association for Local Development in Tahta, Career and Future Foundation for Development, The Egyptian Association for the Support of Social Services in Galway, Sohag Governorate, Community Development Association for Rural Women Welfare, Hermas, Al-Nahda Pioneers for Sustainable Development in Tanta, Youth Association for Cooperation and Development


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  • 167,402

To celebrate Global Money Week 2021, the Egyptian Banking Institute and the Central Bank of Egypt collaborated with 16 other organisations and planned many events. The programme included 109 online training and financial awareness sessions, two financial inspirational talks, an incubation programme, 21 social media activities, competitions, and financial concept videos. An online financial literacy and saving camp for eight different target groups of children and youth were planned as part of the Campaign.

2019 Egypt Global Money Week


  • Egyptian Banking Institute


  • 1300 Schools Vocational Schools, 5 Nile schools, 5 Special Needs Organisations, 500 Orphanages, Academy for Science and Training in Suhag, Ain Shams University, Akhbar el Youm News, Akhbarak News, Al Ahram News, Al tabaa el Oula News, Al Wafd News, Al Watan News, AL Youm El Sabea, Alexandria University, American University in Cairo, Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime transport, Arab African International Bank, Ashanek Ya Baladi, Association for Adult Education in Suhag, Association for Health Improvement in Suhag, Association for Women and Children Improvement in Suhag), Aswan University, Asyut University, Banque Misr, Beny Sueif University, Cairo Book Fair, Cairo University, Central Bank of Egypt, Credit Agricole Bank, Damanhur University, E-Youth, Education Development Fund, Egypt Banks News, Egyptian Banking Simulation Model, Egyptian Stock Market, El Akhbar, El Bawaba News, El doctor News, Entreprenelle, Fayoum University, Future University, Ghabbour Foundation, GIZ, Helwan University, ILO, Initiative Company, Jupiter PR Agency, Mansoura University, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Planning and Administrative Reform, Ministry of Social Solidarity, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Youth and Sports Radio Network, Minya University, Misr Open university, National Council for Women, Nile International Education System, Noqood Financial Services Application, October University for Modern Science and Literature, Petroleum news room, Positive Planet International, Pride Capital, Rise Up, South Valley University, Suez Canal Bank, Suez Canal University, Suez University, Suhag Chamber of Commerce, Suhag Governorate, Suhag University, Suhag Women Business Council, Tanta University, Terous Foundation for Sustainable Development, UNICEF, United Bank Upper Egypt, Veto news, VISA, Wataneya Foundation, Zagazig University


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  • 20 000 000

Egyptian Banking Institute
For this year’s GMW, the EBI focused on the important impact entrepreneurship has on economic empowerment and prosperity. Many events organised during the Week therefore focused on entrepreneurship, including trainings, pitching events, competitions for potential entrepreneurs, and connecting potential entrepreneurs with financing opportunities. During the Week, EBI launched the first phase of “Shaping the Future Talks”, which aims to provide a platform for youth to present their life and work challenges, and how they overcame them with the use of proper financial planning. The format of the talks will be implemented across all Egyptian governorates. Furthermore, a hackathon was hosted to give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their new project idea, which could benefit their local community. The events were aimed at reaching different target groups, including university students, women in rural areas, youth centers vocational schools, orphanages, and special needs schools. Additionally, EBI partnered with other organisations to reach as many children as possible across the 27 Egyptian governorates, to raise financial literacy awareness, via several educational sessions, games, competitions and publications. Together with NGOs, EBI focused on implementing a rehabilitation and work readiness programme in Egyptian orphanages, which conducts wise money management and entrepreneurship sessions to provide the orphans with the necessary knowledge to face labor market challenges. Together with the Ghabbour Foundation, the EBI implemented SchoolBank in vocational training schools, to enhance the students’ financial literacy awareness, and to create a positive impact on this marginalized segment of the community. The Egyptian Banking Simulation Model played a vital role in conducting awareness campaigns, competitions, and Bank simulations in various Egyptian Universities to elevate student’s financial knowledge, besides providing different banking products i.e.: pre –paid cards, debit cards and bank visits. The digital dissemination continued, as an online Facebook financial literacy campaign was launched, with financial content posts, and competitions to ensure the delivery of financial information for millions of beneficiaries.

2018 Egypt Global Money Week


  • Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI)


  • Alexandria Bank, Alfatoun, Arab African International Bank, Banque du Caire, Banque Misr, Central Bank of Egypt, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), ILO, Injaz, Jupiter PR Agency, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Council for Women, Noqood Financial Platform, Plan International, Pride Capital, Qatar National Bank, Social Fund for Development, Technology Innovation Commercialization Offices (TICO), UNDP, 12 Research Institutes., 2 Media Organisations, 29 Universities, 360 solutions, 417 Schools


  • 1 400 000


  • 22 400 000

Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI)
This year GMW has witnessed several changes in Egypt, starting with celebrating Arabic Day for Financial Inclusion. Literacy awareness as well as shedding the light on the latest trends of Financial Literacy was the focus of the events, which was evident through the collaboration between EBI and Smart Solutions Company, who provided a Financial Service Application with a coherent and comprehensive financial education content. Given how heavily people - particularly the youth – rely on smart phones, this partnership contributed to making financial education easily accessible to more than 5 million mobile users with no exertion of money or time as well as widening the impact of financial literacy awareness to go past GMW. A Seamless conference was organised to raise awareness on FinTech, e-payment, and e-commerce. During this event a 6 startups were allowed to pitch their business models, where the best start up was chosen and awarded. This also gave the entrepreneurs a chance to get in contact with banks to develop their business ideas. EBI launched an online Facebook Financial Literacy Campaign, to ensure that financial literacy goes digital. Financial term definitions and content was posted throughout the duration of GMW, reaching over 1.5 million people. The participating banks did not only provide financial contribution, but also participated in various other events, such as bank visits, awareness sessions for students, awarding competition winners, and offering friendly financial products to youth and children, such as prepaid cards. The Ministry of Youth and Sports provided training sessions and financial literacy sessions in youth centers and clubs, on important financial literacy topics, such as budgeting, saving, investment, and entrepreneurship. These events were broadcasted on the radio and TV, to reach an even broader audience. The Egyptian Banking Simulation Model, in partnership with the Faculty of Economics and Political Science also participated by organising awareness campaigns, competitions, and bank simulations in universities. During GMW, a SchoolBank project with Nile Schools was launched. In addition financial literacy sessions for women were organised to create financial literacy awareness.

2017 Egypt Global Money Week




  • 1 720 000


  • 20 000 000

In particular, a more focused delivery approach through building the capacities of institutions to deliver awareness sessions throughout the year has been chosen. As a result, the impact of the awareness sessions goes beyond the GMW, maximizing our return on investment and ensuring the sustainability of our activities.

The participation of banks this year transcended financial contribution and bank visits, with several banks introducing and offering youth friendly products and incorporating them in the GMW 2017 activities, e.g. awarding competition winners with prepaid and savings accounts instead of cash.

Throughout the Global Money Week 2017, The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) along with partners directly reached 1,720,000 children and youth through visits to banks, the stock exchange and a series of awareness sessions and financial education games and activities spanning the 27 governorates of Egypt. The Shaping the Future initiative mobilized the efforts of different stakeholders in order to raise awareness on the GMW 2017 theme of “Learn, Money, Earn”.

During the GMW 2017, financial literacy awareness sessions, different games and interactive activities focusing on saving, budgeting, and entrepreneurship were delivered to children, youth and adults.

With a special focus on gender equality, this year’s GMW activities included the delivery of financial awareness sessions to women and young girls.

Furthermore, the EBI, in partnership with different stakeholders, built the capacity of different institutions to spread the knowledge including the organisation of master trainings. Also, two financial literacy sessions were delivered in the context of the international forum “Awladna” for children with special needs with tailored and illustrated content.

Several activities were organised in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The Egyptian Stock Exchange Simulation Game was organised across the 27 governorates, including educational booths, financial competitions, and contests. A drawing on asphalt activity with the logo of the EBI’s financial literacy initiative “Shaping the Future” was also organised. A radio competition titled “Grandma Hafiza” was aired to a nationwide audience and outreach throughout the month of March and GMW 2017. A short essay competition as well as an academic research competition on saving, budgeting and entrepreneurship took place with participation of the 27 governorates during the entire month of March.

Simultaneously, the Egyptian Banking Simulation Model (EBSM) also took place during the GMW 2017 in partnership with the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University. This year the EBSM as a model was replicated and implemented within the German University in Cairo. Several banks partnered and supported the EBSM model in partnership with The Egyptian Banking Institute as its main technical partner.

Additionally, university students festively opened the Egyptian Stock Exchange with attendance of high-level representatives from the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, the Egyptian Stock Exchange Authority as well as the Central Bank of Egypt and the Egyptian Banking Institute.

Furthermore, this year university students were given the opportunity to attend different awareness sessions within bank branches. Bank visits were organised for both students from schools and universities in order to expose them to the different functions inside a bank and how they contribute to the overall economic development of Egypt.

Building on Egypt’s extensive experience and emphasizing its position as a leader to the MENA Region, Egypt this year extended its activities beyond borders, directly helping and adopting Libya’s, the neighbouring country and new entrant to financial literacy and GMW, activities. In addition, EBI is building up the capacity of the Central Bank of Libya and Libyan Ministry of Education, sharing EBI’s materials and content and helping in development and implementation of some activities.

2016 Egypt Global Money Week

Global Inclusion Awards - Global Money Week Special Recognition 2016!




  • 14 - 20 March


  • 2 000 000


  • 50 000 000

This year, the Egyptian Banking Institute reached nearly 2 million children and youth through direct outreach by conducting awareness sessions in schools, universities and youth centers, and more than 50 million through indirect outreach through television, radio and media! Involving more banks and stakeholders, and building up the capacity of the organisations and the ministries through master trainings, was a key tool for disseminating financial awareness during the Week.

Measuring impact and encouraging children and youth to open new saving accounts was a key indicator that EBI was focusing on throughout the Week. Entrepreneurship and employability was another main focus of GMW 2016, through implementing Training for Employment and Training for Entrepreneurship programs to 12 governmental universities under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt.

250 organisations in Egypt worked together to “Take Part, Save Smart” during the 2016 Global Money Week. Financial literacy awareness sessions were offered for children and youth and also for adults. As part of Shaping the Future preparations for Global Money Week 2016 activities, the Egyptian Banking Institute held training sessions for volunteers and university students to become certified trainers to teach children and youth around Egypt about financial awareness and improve their financial literacy. Many activities were planned for children and youth, this included EBI training sessions for several children and youth during Egypt’s World Kidney Day. Furthermore, “Shaping the Future” volunteers from Together Association provide financial literacy awareness sessions to students in several schools in Minia and volunteers from the Arabic Center for Services and Development presented financial awareness sessions to children from Ezbet El Nakhl. Other 2016 Global Money Week activities for children included educational games, arts and crafts, different art, photography and essay competitions, and tours.

Many different tours were arranged for university students, and children and youth during the week. Students visited bank’s dealing rooms and the stock exchange where they attended awareness sessions on financial education and learnt about the operations of the stock exchange. Other tours that students and youth in Egypt could attend were to the Export Development Bank of Egypt, where university students learnt the different functions conducted in banks and their monetary processes. The EDB also held a session on banking and financial awareness for the Lycée School. Banque Misr opened its doors to students from Cairo University and the British University in Egypt to learn the different functions conducted in their banks and they also arranged a student-visit to Talaat Harb's museum.

High-level discussions, seminars, and other educational sessions were organised (face to face) for children and youth. The Egyptian Banking Institute organised visits to the local businesses for the school students to gain practical knowledge of running a business. Egyptian Banking System Model (EBSM), in partnership with EBI and the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, arranged a seminar discussing the importance of Financial Literacy. They discussed the model of the banking system in collaboration with the Egyptian Banking Institute Symposium, organised by the Faculty of Economics and political science and led by the President of the Egyptian Bank human resources sector EDC. Cairo University Students also attended a financial awareness session hosted by the sector heads of SAIB Bank to learn the role of banks’ different sectors and how they serve the economy.

Stock Exchange awareness sessions were held for University students as well. The Egyptian Stock Exchange welcomed a number of students from the British University in Egypt (BUE), where they had the opportunity to ring the bell and learn about the role of the stock market in the Egyptian economy and its relationship with other entities.

2015 Egypt Global Money Week


  • The Egyptian Banking Institute, The Egyptian Stock Exchange Authority, Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, Cairo University- Faculty of Economics and Political science (FEPS), Misr International University (MIU), Nile University, Plan Egypt, Aflatoun, Ministry of Youth & Sports, Ministry of Education, and International Schools (Global Paradigm International School (GPS)- Al Afak Al-Gadeda International School (ACIC)- Modern Education School (MES)- British City CollegePatriarcal College school , College des Jesuites , Salam College, MSE2000- MasterCard- Archer Consultancy. Partner Banks: Banque Misr, The National Bank of Egypt (NBE), Arab African International Bank (AAIB), Export Development Bank of Egypt (EBE), Housing and Development Bank (HDB), Societe Arabe Internationale de Banque (SAIB), National Bank of Kuwait- Egypt (NBK), QNB Al Ahly (QNB AA), Commercial International Bank (CIB), Credit Agricole Egypt


  • 9th - 17th of March


  • 1 500 000

Led by the Egyptian Banking Institute, Egypt reached out to around 1,500,000 children and youth, covering the 27 Egyptian governorates during Global Money Week celebrations.

Financial awareness sessions were offered (face to face) to children and youth, this included a master trainers training for the Ministry Youth and Sports employees and volunteers, who have conducted the awareness sessions for children and youth in the youth centers and specialized international schools. The Egyptian Banking Institute also organised visits to the local businesses for the school students to gain practical knowledge of running a business. In addition, entrepreneurship mentoring sessions were conducted in schools.

More than 1,500 schools and university students visited bank branches. 45 visits were conducted throughout the week. Students visited bank’s dealing rooms and the stock exchange where they attended awareness sessions on financial education and the operations of the stock exchange. Three visits to Money Museum were conducted for 75 schools and university students.

A large art production exhibition for financial literacy was held for children and youth from the youth centers. This event was attended by high-level stakeholders, such as Ministers and Banks’ Chairmen. There were a series of entertaining and educational activities such as theatre plays inspired by real life financialrelated situation, financial cartoon videos and songs writing about financial matters conducted.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, financial competitions and contests were conducted. Participants took part in activities like drawing workshops, entrepreneurship competition, and short story writing workshop and other competitions. A stock exchange simulation game called “Stock Riders” was organised. A research competition about financial matters took place as well. The Egyptian Banking Institute sponsored University Students Simulation Models, providing them with the financial courses and awareness sessions. School students conducted charity and fund raising activities through their own entrepreneurial projects.

In the media, Global Money Week 2015 activities were fully covered by “El-Felous WE El- Nas Programe“ and more than 65 children and youth made videos about saving and financial education. A series of daily radio financial literacy tips were aired through the Youth and Sports Radio Channel during the week.

At a fundamental level, a seminar was held in Cairo University where youth and policy makers had an open debate about financial related matters. The debates carried on among youth with their peers as well.

EBI created a financial booklet with a series of stories for children and youth. “Let’s Save for Tomorrow” and called”,“Let’s Plan Financially for tomorrow”. A branded saver has been created called “Hafiza” and distributed to School children. EBI distributed these financial awareness booklets and publications to more than 50 schools for the dedicated section for financial literacy within their libraries.

2014 Egypt Global Money Week


  • Banking Institute and the Central Bank of Egypt Egyptian Stock Exchange Authority Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority Cairo University (Faculty of Economics and Political Science) Plan Egypt Aflatoun Ministry of Youth & Sports Ministry of Education The Egyptian Paralympic Committee International Schools (BBC International School- Hayah Academy, Green Heights International School, Global Paradigm International School, Al Afak Al-Gadeda International School (ACIC) and Modern Education School)Banks involved:Arab African International Bank The National Bank of Egypt Banque Misr Blom Bank Export Development Bank of Egypt Societe Arabe Internationale de Banque


  • 10th - 17th of March


  • 360 000

The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) coordinated an exemplary array of activities for Global Money Week this year. The multi-sectorial organisations collaborated to arrange activities that involved more than 360,000 children and youth. The highlight of the week was when students opened the Egyptian Stock Exchange by ringing the bell in the presence of high level governmental and media representatives.

A variety of activities were hosted by a wide range of stakeholders during the week. EBI ensured that every key player was involved in this nationwide initiative for Reshaping the Future Egypt through its children and youth. All 27 Egyptian governorates were covered (with special attention to the less developed governorates) and all educational systems including learners with special needs.

Egyptian Banking Institute coordinated valuable Training of the Trainer (TOT) sessions, conducted by facilitators on financial awareness and stock exchange awareness. The facilitators are all volunteers from the Ministry of Youth, the Ministry of Education, and Egyptian banks. These TOT sessions were done in partnership with Plan Egypt, Aflatoun, and the Stock Exchange Authority. By the end of the week, there were a total of 2400 facilitators in all 27 Egyptian governorates. Egypt’s nationwide GMW involvement is a great example of how dedicated the citizens are to Reshaping the Future!

Some examples of activities which were organised nationally are:

Finance awareness sessions for children and youth:

  • Financial awareness sessions were conducted in schools (both government and international), youth centers, and universities, and reached more than 360,000 children and youth. 200 of the Egyptian Paralympic champions were also involved in the sessions. The sessions were conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth, The National Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr, Arab African International Bank, Blom Bank, Societe Arabe Internationale de Banque , Cairo University (Faculty of Economics and Political science), Egyptian Paralympic Committee, and Plan Egypt.

Financial awareness sessions for adults:

  • Employees of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth, and banks were invited to attend workshops conducted to raise awareness for the support needed to grow financial literacy and financial education activities within their institutions, and to start spreading the culture amongst their work and home networks.

Stock exchange awareness sessions:

  • Senior students from international and government schools and youth centers were educated about how the stock exchange works and why it exists by the Egyptian Stock Exchange Authority and the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority.


  • Stock exchange study tours and awareness sessions were organised on the stock exchange premise.
  • 204 bank branches from the Banque Misr, Arab African International Bank, Export Development Bank of Egypt, Housing and Development Bank, National Bank of Egypt invited over 4000 students to tour their premises.
  • Banque Misr and Export Development Bank of Egypt showed students how banks trade from the dealing room of their headquarters.
  • Students visited the Money Museum, where they learnt about the history of money and currencies in Egypt since the Ptolemaic Era. The visits were sponsored by the Central Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr.

High-level discussions:

  • Global Money Week values were a focus of a discussion between Central Bank Deputy Governor, Banque Misr Deputy for Treasury & Investment, and their respective top management officials.


  • An online simulation stock exchange game "Stock Riders" was played by around 10,000 students during Global Money Week. The game was developed by Egypt Stock Exchange Authority, and Banque Misr who offered awards for winning students including BM debit card for youth and investment certificates. Link to the website is


  • A financial and entrepreneurship project competition was judged by EBI representatives. The schools who participated were Green Heights International School, Turkish Salah ElDin School, and Modern Education School.

National Media:

  • A cartoon called MQ Financial Literacy series for children and youth was developed by the Arab African International Bank, called MQ financial literacy series,


  • Students signed a pledge to remain committed to spreading the culture of financial awareness.


  • T-shirts with “Shaping the Future” and Savers logos and a fun image of an ATM were made and distributed to 30 000 students by Plan Egypt, the National Bank of Egypt, and Societe Arabe Internationale de Banque. The t-shirts are a reminder to the youth to continue spreading the culture of saving when Global Money Week comes to end.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange Authority invited school students to ring the bell to mark the opening of trade in the name of child and youth financial inclusion and education. The children were joined by high governmental stakeholders such as the Minister of Education, Minister of Youth & Sports, Minister of Trade, Industry and Investment, Chairman of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, Chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange Authority and the Executive Director of the Egyptian Banking Institute.

Learn more:

2013 Egypt Global Money Week


  • Child and Youth Finance, Plan International Egypt, Aflatoun Egypt, Injaz Egypt, Futures International Schools, Futures Educational Systems, Futures Tech, GIZ, Silatech, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Futures University, The Egyptian Stock Exchange, The Egyptian Union of Insurance, The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, The Egyptian Financial Service Institute, The Egyptian Post, The National Bank of Egypt, Audi Bank


  • 15th – 21st of March


  • 62 000 – 123 schools – 2 universities


  • Al-Bosla News; Al-Borsa News; El Fagr; El Fagr; Al Messa; Mujaz; Al Youm and Sabe;Al-Borsa News; Haytna; Mubasher; El Badil; Amwal Al-Ghad; Egyptian Banking Institute; Akhbarak; Dostor; Vetogate; Akhbar El Youm; Masress

Through financial education and products for children and youth, and more specifically through the empowerment of its 18 partners, a marvelous Global Money Week was produced!

The week was organised through the collaborative efforts of the Egyptian Banking Institute, The Egyptian Financial Services Institute, and Plan International Egypt.

The week was planned to produce a number of learning experiences for children and youth 8-21 years old. Both, students of schools and universities had the pleasure to enjoy “Shaping the Future” experience. The conclusion of the week was through the production of the study tours:

  • The Egyptian Stock Exchange - Study Tour
  • The Egyptian Stock Exchange Simulation game launch
  • The Egyptian Insurance Union - Study Tour
  • The Futures Educational Systems Banking Simulation Game Launch
  • Financial Education Interactive Awareness Sessions at: Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University; Futures University

Throughout the visits, students learnt about different financial and banking institutions and had the opportunities to discuss in detail the varied operations and functions of a bank or financial institution. A number of consultations and “Shaping the Future” workshops, such as “What is a bank?” and “How can you be an entrepreneur?” were held over a range of 123 schools and 2 universities.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange launched a Stock Exchange simulation game, where winners were given awards. Also, Futures Foundation, an inclusive learning organisation running 13 schools around Egypt, launched its banking module, students learnt how to run a bank through a game, they play customers and bank employees.

Varied focus groups within the week were organised in order to formulate the “Shaping the Future” Champions, where children and youth become key stakeholders in the initiative. They took part in shaping the financial products designed for them and became ambassadors in the areas where they live, also going around with their branded Shaping the Future T-shirts (contributed by Plan International Egypt) to create awareness throughout their varied daily destinations!

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