Democratic Republic of the Congo

2019 Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Global Money Week


  • Central Bank of Congo


  • 2 Universities, 3 Media Organisations, 36 Schools, ACB, ANIMF, EQUITY BANK RDC, FINCA, Ministère de l'Enseignement Primaire, Secondaire et Professionnelle, RAWBANK, UBA


  • 5 090


  • 7 767

Central Bank of Congo
Throughout GMW2019, the Central Bank, and its partners, reached close to 5,000 children and youth through visits to banks, universities, and youth leagues. The Central Bank organised various sessions on concepts such as saving, credit, budget, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, this year, university students had the opportunity to attend awareness forums organised by commercial banks. GMW2019 was celebrated in 10 major cities of the country. At the end of the Week, the programs were broadcasted on radio and television channels to raise awareness of Epargnes. This year, the organisers focused on visiting the currency museum, commercial banks and the Central Bank to promote financial awareness.

The goal of FPM for this year’s GMW was to ensure that children and youth learn about money, so that they are equipped to not only help themselves in the future, but also transfer this knowledge to their families and community members. To achieve this goal, the “Learn.Save.Earn” event was organised, which included three presentations on the different themes.

2018 Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Global Money Week


  • Central Bank of Congo


  • ACB, Africa, ANIMF, APROCEC, Bramila, Commercial Bank of Congo, Copemeco, Ecobank, ELAN RDC, Elan RDC, Elicom, ELIECOM, Espérance, FINCA RDC, FPM ASBL, FPM SA, GIZ, Les Okapis, LUSAY, Mbuku, Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Professional Education, Mpieko, Paysannat, Rawbank, TMB, UNCDF, VODACASH, Vodacom MPESA, 113 Schools, 22 schools, 4 Media Outlets, 4 media outlets, 4 Universities, 5 Universities, 6 Schools, 6 universities, 6 youth movements, 9 Media Outlets


  • 90 135


  • 145 401

Central Bank of Congo
For the fourth year in a row, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) celebrated the Global Money Week under the supervision of the Central Bank of Congo, supported by the Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Professional Education, Institutions and their professional associations, as well as other actors such as the Fund for Financial Inclusion, the FPM, the German Cooperation and the ELIECOM Agency. An interactive event between students and executives of the Central Bank was organised to launch GMW in DRC. The morning began with visits to the manufacturer of the national currency, security documents and valuable prints at an exhibition on the history of Congo currency. Further, the students were guided through the treasury of the institute in charge of production and management of the Congolese Franc. Each day the Governor of the Central Bank of Congo and the students exchanged thoughts on the theme ‘Money Matters Matter’ and other subjects concerning financial inclusion. Throughout the week, other celebrations and activities were organised across the country. Thus, awareness was raised amongst children, youth and adults, on the importance of managing money, financial literacy, and spending wisely and saving. The celebration was closed by the presentation of prizes to the participants of the first edition of the Rally of Literature Finance by the Minister of Primary, Secondary and Professional Education.

For the second year in a row, FPM ABSL celebrated Global Money Week in partnership with the Central Bank of Congo, FPM SA, Elan DRC and FINCA DRC. Two main activities were organised during the last two days of the week, for the benefit of students from Kisantu, a region of the DRC located in Central Congo province. A TV show was broadcasted in the presence of 25 students. This show was intended to inform as many people as possible in the region about Global Money Week. Further, 600 participants attended a forum. Experts selected by FPM discussed issues related to the importance of money: “Where does money come from and who controls it?”, “What are the roles of financial institutions on money matters?”, “How to better manage money?”, “How does remote banking work?”. Following the speakers’ presentation, a Q&A session was organised to allow participants to better understand the topics discussed. To facilitate interactivity through fun activities, a 20-minute play on the importance of savings among young people was organised by a student theatre group. In general, the activities organised by FPM ASBL for GMW were a great success. The objectives were met and the participants were very interested in the various interventions of the panelists. They expressed their satisfaction and the desire to take part in similar activities in the future.

During GMW2018, APPEC-EDUCATION reached more than 1450 students thanks to a variety of activities, such as visits to banks or interactive workshops and discussions with bankers who came to schools. Furthermore, APPEC-EDUCATION participated in Aflatoun Day. The organisation coordinated open days at Kinshasa Schools, which were then followed by conferences for teachers and students as part of World Consumer Day.

ELIECOM organised an event for this years GMW called LA FOIRE DE L’ARGANT (“Money Fair”). Debates were held in selected schools and universities on themes related to Global Money Week. The panelists were professionals from the banking and financial sector. Participants participated in quizzes and attended workshops on different themes. Further, a unique event was organised called “Shopping Test”. During this event, children were put in real-life situations, allowing them to make the proper choices on being responsible and independent concerning money matters. On average, 200 students attended the Money Fair per day and participated in multiple activities offered. On Wednesday 14 March, an interview was broadcasted on international channels, such as BBC and VOA and local channels such as RTNC and Top Congo. This way the events organised received national and international attention.

2017 Democratic republic of Congo Global Money Week




  • 34 800


  • 45 000

During Global Money Week 2017, APPEC-Education, a professional association which deals with financial education and youth entrepreneurship issues, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Congo and other partners, organised several activities, including a visit to the National Parliament of the Democratic Republic of Congo, ultimately reaching 34.800 young people and children. Young people had the opportunity to discuss matters related to the budget with the deputies, most noteably the leaders of the Committee of Economy and Finance. In DRC, in March, the new parliament opens to mainly deal with budget related manners.

During the GMW 2017, financial literacy lectures were offered to children, young people and adults, including sessions teaching how to develop a personal budget. These sessions were taught by volunteers trained by APPEC-education.

General discussions, seminars, and other educational sessions were organised involving the different professions, in addition to a guided tour within the INPP (Institut National de Preparation Professionelle) workshops.

For the second consecutive year, APPEC-Education of the Democratic Republic of Congo and A + B = 3 collaborated to offer innovative tools to students and teachers participating in Global Money Week. Like in the first edition in March 2016, key messages about financial education were presented on large printed images. This year the theme chosen for the twenty printed images was “I learnt to manage my money” which focused on the management of spending and saving. The images aimed to make students think, and to explain fundamental concepts drawn from examples in everyday life. The goal was to demystify these concepts and make the management of money more realistic, as it often seems too abstract. For example, in order to encourage people not to spend more than their income, one of the images represents a cyclist with a very high stack of cases on the luggage rack of his bicycle, each crate representing a type of expense. The key message under this picture was: "Do not lose balance: do not spend more than what you have." The Finance in Picture exhibition is accompanied by a questionnaire that students complete to increase their attention and strengthen what they learn. Through these pictures and key messages, students realize that money is not abstract and needs to be managed. For this exhibition to have an even greater impact, APPEC-Education organised practical workshops teaching various skills, such as how to make a budget. The Finance in Pictures exhibition reached a large number of young people using a limited budget.

2016 Democratic Republic of Congo Global Money Week




  • 13th - 20th of March


  • 57 377


  • 47 500

With three leading organisations raising awareness on financial education and inclusion in the country, 2016 was an impressive Global Money Week 2016 for DR Congo! The activities of the Central Bank of Congo involved almost 19,000 participants during the Week, which was a massive increase for the Bank’s second time participating in GMW celebrations. For three entire days, the Bank opened its doors to nine schools from different districts in Kinshasa where they could:

  • Visualize the history of money production and the life circuit of a bank note
  • Visit the money museum
  • Visit the department for treasury and the grinding room for bank notes that are improper for distribution
  • Play financial quiz games with senior executives from the Central Bank

GMW then continued for the following two days with discussion panels about savings between financial institutions and students from 11 schools. In parallel throughout the Week, the professional associations organised visits of financial institutions to schools, and of students to financial institutions, where conferences and debates took place about various financial issues.

APPEC-Education, one of last year’s leading organisations of Global Money Week, in collaboration with its partners ACB, AMIMF, APROCEC, and COPEMECO, reached out to almost 9,000 young people throughout the Week. With the support of GIZ, visits were organised for school and university students to banks, credit unions, and – newcomer this year to GMW – Congolese microfinance institutions. These visits gave youth, parents and teachers the opportunity to learn more about these financial institutions, the financial products available for children and youth and their advantages for money management. Many students already wanted to open bank accounts on the spot, but financial institutions encouraged to proceed with the opening of bank accounts directly in the schools, under the supervision of the teachers and with parental authorization. Money management and savings was also the theme of Saturday’s sessions on creating a budget and savings options, which combined educational content with fun games. In addition, the participating schools agreed to have 25 minutes of financial education in class every morning before the visits. Finally, two workshops were organised for the youth, which focused on money management and savings.

Furthermore, as a follow up, APPEC-Education dedicated to continue raising awareness about financial education after the Week by organising an art exhibition “Finance in pictures” (“Finances en images”), which is hosted by APROCEC for an entire month and is expected to reach at least 300 people. This exhibition was made possible thanks to the help of A+B=3, an organisation supporting the Congolese GMW from Hong-Kong!

Perex-CV, also leading GMW activities for the second time in DRC, organised three days of activities in Butembo. They reached out to local authorities to explain what GMW was and the importance of teaching children and youth about money. Visits with participating schools were made to financial institutions to share their work and function with students. Perex-CV insisted on the utility of bank accounts during the visit at the SODAK microfinance institution, and ten youth have since then benefited from free bank account openings. GMW was a new event in Butembo, and it helped youth understand the importance of saving smart for entrepreneurship and investment. The banks asked Perex-CV to continue to raise awareness about sound money management so that the youth can start their enterprises.

2015 Democratic Republic of Congo Global Money Week


  • Banque Centrale du Congo(BCC)
  • Association pour la Promotion de l’Education à l’Entrepreneuriat au Congo (APPEC-EDUCATION Asbl)
  • SMART Money


  • Association des Professionnels des Coopératives d’Epargne et de Crédit du Congo (APROCEC)
  • Organisation des Jeunes du Monde Avenir (OJMA)
  • Banque Commerciale du Congo (BCDC)
  • Coopération Allemande au Développement (GIZ)


  • 9th - 17th of March


  • 4 450

Democratic Republic of Congo celebrated Global Money Week to great fanfare with the participation of the Central Bank of Congo. The Central Bank opened its doors to youth for the first time with the aim of raising awareness on financial literacy and generate future economic citizens. 180 students from 6 schools of the city of Kinshasa participated to the event. This included a guided tour of the Money Museum where students got the opportunity to learn the history about the Congolese Money, a visit to the currency manufacturing plant, bank visits and tours (of different bank counters, of counting room of banknotes, and the room where banknotes classified as unfit for circulation are perforated), games and quizzes. Youth also had the opportunity to interact with the Governor of the Central Bank.

All of the talks and presentations focused on the overall theme of Global Money Week which is saving for a better and safe future. Students and their teachers strongly appreciated the opportunity that extended to them and expressed the hope that such activities be annual event and with a larger outreach.

During Global Money Week, public awareness increased on various topics related to finance as Smart Money hosted a television programme which was seen throughout the country.

Association pour la Promotion d’ Education à l’Entrepreneuriat au Congo (APPEC-EDUCATION Asbl) with the support of GIZ and in partnership with other local partners, carried out different awareness activities and facilitated visits to microfinance institutions and banks for more than 4000 youth and children. They also led discussions on how to unleash the potential of youth entrepreneurship and hosted a debate with youth on the theme: ‘Youth Entrepreneurship in Disadvantaged Environment -The Challenges and Conditions for Success’. They closed their Global Money Week with a celebration of Aflatoun Day.

2014 Democratic Republic of Congo Global Money Week



  • 10th - 16th of March


  • 100

Programme d’Encadrement et de Reinsertion Socio-Economique des Jeunes Ex Combatants avec autres Vulnerables (PEREX-CV), an NGO dedicated to bettering the lives of young ex-combatants, lead the Global Money Week 2014 celebrations. PEREX-CV collaborated with the International Bank of Africa by helping 100 children and youth in Butembo open bank accounts. The children’s parents were informed of the importance of savings through social media and traditional media (such as print and radio).

2013 Democratic Republic of Congo Global Money Week


  • Organisation des Jeunes pour Le Monde D’Avenir (OJMA)


  • University on Youth and Development
  • Ministry of Primary
  • Secondary and Professional Education (EPSP)
  • Youth Ministry


  • 15th - 21st of March


  • 200

The main aim during Global Money Week was to promote financial education and inclusion for children and youth. The activities were designed to assign two scholarships to young students. The activities included:

  • Selection of 1000 participant (s) numbered (s) for registration and dissertation.
  • Draw issues to vote in public by the participants.
  • Reading issue in public and before the jury.
  • Response / participant (s) in public and before the jury.
  • Listed by the jury in public.
  • Summation of the results obtained by the participants.
  • Decision of the jury members in public.

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