2021 Bulgaria Global Money Week


  • Junior Achievement Bulgaria, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Finance


  • 150 schools, 5 banks, 20 companies


  • 175


  • 11,474


  • 18,886


  • 26,878

During Global Money Week 2021, Junior Achievement Bulgaria, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education and Science along with partners reached 11,474 children and youth through several digital activities such as webinars, open lessons, innovation camps, and competitions. High-level discussions, seminars, and other educational sessions were organised online with JA Bulgaria and partners.

2019 Bulgaria Global Money Week


  • Junior Achievement Bulgaria


  • 12 Media Organisations, 12 Universities, 148 Schools, 21 Non-Profit Organisations, 45 Companies, 64 Public Institutions, 79 Financial Institutions, Bulgarian National Bank


  • 5 900


  • 41 500

Junior Achievement Bulgaria
Throughout Global Money Week 2019, Junior Achievement, together with its partners, visited over 400 organisations, including schools, kindergartens, non-profit organisations, financial institutions, companies, universities, and public institutions. During the Week, financial literacy awareness sessions were offered for children, youth, and adults, including sessions on financial literacy activities, games, camps, lessons, and much more! High-level discussions, seminars, and other educational sessions were organised in "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse. Throughout the Week, young people were able to visit the Bulgarian National Bank to explore the history of money. In addition, this year's students had the opportunity to participate in the national and international Countdown challenge.

2018 Bulgaria Global Money Week


  • Junior Achievement Bulgaria


  • Buglarian Stock Exchange (BSE), 1 media, 14 kindergartens, 17 universities, 20 financial institutions, 34 others, 56 non-governmental organisations, 7 business companies, 77 schools, 9 public institutions


  • 4 120


  • 33 374

Junior Achievement Bulgaria
4,120 students from JA Bulgaria programs participated in the Global Money Week 2018, including 70 schools from 38 regions in the country. The programme was fortunate enough to have 173 business volunteers who presented to young people various topics in the field of finance and financial literacy. The Week was opened by a presentation from a Citi volunteer, who explained the different professions one can have in the banking sphere. Among the leading initiatives organised by the Junior Achievement Bulgaria was a visit to the Buglarian Stock Exchange (BSE) for students, which took part place on the 13 and 14 March. On both days, the students opened the trading session by participating in the “Ring around the World” initiative. A short presentation on the history and the activities of the BSE Sofia, followed by a discussion with the students. In total, 13 innovation camps and 35 open lessons and workshops were organised during the Week. 27 visits to banks and financial institutions, 2 visits to local businesses, and 4 visits to money museums were organised. 900 students from the "G. Benkovski" Secondary School in Pazardjik participated in GMW2018, which was coordinated by the local teacher. Every day of the Week there were class events were organised, including an open lesson, workshop, lecture, financial literacy game, a bank/financial institution visit, and a bazaar of educational products.

2017 Bulgaria Global Money Week




  • 5 500


  • 200 000

Throughout Global Money Week 2017, JA Bulgaria, along with 69 schools, four kindergartens and four universities directly involved more than 3600 children and youth in 96 exciting events! GMW was celebrated with financial camps, competitions, financial challenges, lessons, workshops, lectures, visits to financial institutions, businesses and museums, exhibitions and online conferences!

Financial Literacy Day on 27 March opened GMW in Bulgaria. On this day, students took part in a budgeting challenge with guidance from mentors from financial institutions, and presented their solutions to juries consisting of high-level representatives from NN Bulgaria, Mastercard and UniCredit Bulbank.

Throughout the Week, young people visited a local museum and the money museum exhibition of the Bulgarian National Bank, where they learnt about the origin and evolution of money. The Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) again hosted a group of upper secondary students from Veliko Tarnovo and Montana who had the opportunity to explore the history and functions of the Bulgarian stock market. The students also visited the Financial Supervision Commission and had a meeting with the Deputy Chairperson and Heads of  departments, who explained how the Commission functions. The various activities were supported by volunteers from over 100 financial institutions, government organisations and businesses. All events in the country were covered by local media in 30 cities.

The Financial Literacy Initiative Foundation (FLI) held a variety of activities throughout Global Money Week 2017, including two one-day workshops entitled “Financial Literacy for Youth – How To Teach It?” which was attended by 70 teachers in the city of Pleven. The focus of the event was to present active learning methods that can be used in teaching financial literacy. FLI also organised a visit to the Bulgarian Stock Exchange for 50 young people from Sofia University “Climent Ochridski” on 28 March. FLI and BSE experts discussed the financial market and different investment strategies with the students. Financial workshops and visits to financial institutions were part of the activities held for 50 schools all over Bulgaria by FLI. Younger students, including kindergartens, took part in activities such as making savings boxes and drawings. FLI also supported global GMW challenges, and helped the coverage of the Week via Bulgarian media.

Integra Bulgaria Association (IBA), together with its partners, also actively supported the Week, reaching 250 children and youth! The organisation arranged visits to Business Incubator Burgas and a meeting with the staff, where students could ask questions about everyday business operations. IBA also organised a brainstorming game which asked youth to envision their futures and create a saving plan for social entrepreneurship ventures, a 30-second video challenge called: “I am, I dream, I will become”, and poster-making sessions with the GMW 2017 “Learn. Save. Earn.” theme which were displayed in every participating Aflateen school. Finally, visits to the branch of the Invest bank were arranged courtesy of IBA, which, for 96% of the children, was their first entry into a bank office!

Additionally, schools in Bulgaria took part in all of the GMW2017 Challenges! The Selfie Challenge was won by the students from the Secondary School “Dimitar Blagoev”, Provadia, and the Video Challenge was won by Secondary School “Vela Blagoeva”, Veliko Tarnovo. Furthermore, a lecture for upper-secondary students on the characteristics of Bulgarian currency was delivered by an expert from the Bulgarian National Bank.

2016 Bulgaria Global Money Week



  • 119 School “Prof. Michail Arnaudov” (Sofia), Primary School "Dr Peter Beron" (Sofia), 139 School “Zahari Krusha” (Sofia), Primary School “Sofroni Vrachanski” (Vratza), 12 School "Ivan Assen" (Sofia), School "Georgi Benkovski" (Pazardzik), School "Prof. Noykov" (Yambol), School "Hristo Botev” (Kukorevo), School "Dr Peter Beron" (Yambol), School „Ilyo Voivoda“ (Kyustendil), Municipal Children Center (Sredetz), Occupational High School (Kubrat), III School “Dr. Ivan Selimanski” (Sliven), Sofia University St. Climent Ochridsky, Financial Company Elana Trading, NN Bulgaria, Provident, Consumer Online Center (Yambol) and Municipality Sredetz (Sofia)


  • 14th - 20th of March


  • 15 072


  • 13 000

The Financial Literacy Initiative Foundation (FLI), a new participant of Global Money Week in Bulgaria this year, organised several different events to celebrate. The FLI Foundation developed lessons and activity methodology for younger students devoted to the savings topic of the Week and distributed it amongst the relevant schools. Over 1450 young students from 13 schools and educational centers from all over Bulgaria took part in a variety of lessons and activities based on the FLI Manual “To Save: How and Why”. They played and they “drew” their dreams, and learnt how to finance them. The students commented that they really enjoyed the activities and now they are motivated to save wisely, to spend wisely and to fill their piggy banks to achieve their dreams. Some of the first graders showed an amazingly deep understanding of money, savings and setting goals. Furthermore, over 50 young people from Sofia University's Faculty of Economics and Business Administration attended a workshop named “Smart money management on the stock markets” delivered by the financial company ELANA Trading.

Junior Achievement Bulgaria also joined Global Money Week for the first time this year, and organised many different events with 27 of its partner schools and other educational institutions that implement JA’s programs and 21 other organisations. For instance, students in Sofia visited insurance company offices and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, had lessons about banks with a bank officer volunteer, and students from arts and sports schools spoke with financial experts. JA also organised three competitions during the Week: an art competition for primary school students, a selfie competition for lower secondary and an essay competition for upper secondary school students. The art and essay competitions were announced on 1 March and the results were announced on 18 March. Moreover, a GMW media and social network information campaign was organised to promote the Week. The massive Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns exclusively targeted young people and their teachers to take part in the activities initiated by JA Bulgaria. In addition, a billboard campaign was launched in 15 locations in Sofia's city center. A television interview for the Bulgarian National Television, Channel 2, was conducted by JA Bulgaria representatives during one of the events and the news was broadcast in the evening news.

On 16 March, students from eight Bulgarian schools visited the Bulgarian Stock Exchange accompanied by representatives from the Foundation “Atanas Burov”. The students participated in a “Ring the Bell” ceremony and were then invited to two special lectures organised by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – “The historic development of the capital market” and “The economic role of the capital market”. Representatives of Bulgarian general, business and financial media were invited to cover the ceremony.

The Integra Association continued to take a very active part in Global Money Week. This year, the Integra Association conducted the savings campaign “Participate, Save smart!", which ran for three consecutive days. To take part in the campaign, each school was required to register one to three teams of students, each composed of two to six students. Each team received a "challenge" related to the campaign slogan and then had two days to explore the environment, to offer a plan of an innovative solution formed as a presentation and to submit the presentation to the jury. The jury determined the best team who received an award at the international conference, received certificates of participation from CYFI, and was interviewed by a local businessman. Moreover, Integra organised a Training for Facilitators "Aflateen saving in school clubs" in Burgas during the Week.

The highlight, and the closing of this year’s Global Money Week in Bulgaria, was the International Conference on “Financial education as a lifeskill in Bulgarian and European contexts” on 21 March at the House of Europe in Sofia. The Conference closed the Global Money Week celebrations in Bulgaria and brought together international experts, representatives of governmental bodies, educational institutions, private sector and civil society representatives in the field of social and financial education for children and youth in Bulgaria. In collaboration with CYFI, the conference was organised by Aflatoun International and Integra Bulgaria Association, supporters from European Investment Bank Institute and Erasmus+, the National Network for Children Bulgaria and the Financial Literacy Initiative Foundation.

“We are happy to host Global Money Week for the second time and show the students the importance of having financial literacy in this highly dynamic world. Only with sustainable financial knowledge and financial education can the young people save money and invest smartly. This, in turn, will give them the opportunity to have a better and more favorable future.” Georgi Bulgarski, Member of the Board of the Directors, Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Sofia
“It is great to be part of the initiative Global Money Week and to be here at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia. Learning from the financial experts is extremely beneficial for me. I am really excited to take part in this year’s financial event for the youth.” Simona Dimitrova, 18, student and participant, State Finance and Trade High School “Intellect”, Pleven
“I am really grateful for the opportunity to participate in Global Money Week 2016. Seeing first-hand what it is to work with financial mechanisms and meet the experts here on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange is an inspiring opportunity.” Hrisi Hristozova , 18, student and participant, State Finance and Trade High School “Intellect”, Pleven

2015 Bulgaria Global Money Week



  • 10th - 17th of March


  • 41

Global Money Week 2015 witnessed Bulgarian Stock Exchange for the first time join major stock exchanges around the world in the celebrations by hosting an Opening Bell Ceremony on 10 March for a group of students from the National Trade and Banking High School in Sofia, where they had a chance to symbolically open trading at the bourse. After the official ceremony, managers of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange conducted a seminar about the history of the Bulgarian capital market and held a discussion and lecture on ‘The Economic Role of the Capital Market’.

“It is great that we can be part of the global initiative Global Money Week as well as to be here at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange -Sofia. It gives us the perfect opportunity to see real life experts and for them to give us examples of their experience. Having a better financial education is important and Global Money Week is great way to stimulate this and to engage young people.” Toma, 18 years old, student of Bulgarian Trade and Banking High School

Integra Association in Bulgaria also conducted a variety of activities for Global Money Week and Aflatoun Day on 17 March. These included an open day at the business incubator in Burgas, training for “Aflateen” students and their teachers, the establishment of the Youth Aflatoun Council in Bulgaria, and a training session for teachers and professionals working with children and youth to implementat the Aflateen model at schools and after-school clubs.

2013 Bulgaria Global Money Week



  • 19th of March


  • fsc.bg
  • BTVnews.bg
  • 24 chasa.bg
  • dnevnik.bg
  • komentator.bg
  • focus-news.bg

Global Money Week in Bulgaria was celebrated on the 19th of March. For a day, the doors of the Financial Supervision Commission opened for everyone who would like to learn more about financial matters. Students from various schools visited the Financial Supervision Commission, where the chairman, Mr. Stoyan Mavrodiev, welcomed them with a speech.

With Global Money Week, the FSC presented and launched their new website www.tvoitefinansi.bg with the aim to educate young people about the non-banking financial sector and its mechanisms. To date, FSC is the only organisation in the country actively involved in educating people about the non-banking financial sector.

Tvoitefinansi.bg – the new website of The Financial Supervision Commission