2019 Benin Global Money Week


  • EurAfrik Benin
  • SIF-Groupe (Société d'Inclusion Financière) Benin


  • 15 Media Organisations, 4 Schools, Antenne Nationale De La Bourse Régionale Des Valeurs Mobilières (Société De Bourse), Association des Animatrices de Cantines des Collèges du Littoral (AACCL), Association des Conducteurs de Taxi Moto du Bénin (ACTM, Association des Journalistes et Animateurs pour la Promotion de l’Artisanat au Bénin (AJAPAB), Association des Motocyclistes d’Akpakpa Cotonou (AMCA), Association des Professionnels de la Beauté (APB), Association des Zemidjans Artisans du Bénin (AZAB), Association Professionnels, Attention Sécurité Pour Tous (ASPT), Benin Web Tv (Web Télévision), Caisse des Mutualistes d’Epargne et de Crédit des Artisans du Bénin (CMECAB), Communauté pour la Solidarité et l’Entraide Mutuelle (CSEM), Dbcom (Web Télévision), Ecobank Benin (Banque Commerciale), Fédération Nationale des Parents d’Elèves et d’Etudiants du Bénin (FENAPEB), Le Matinal (Organe De Presse), Maire D'abomeycalavi, Ministère De L'economie Et Des Finances, Ministère Du Plan Et Du Développement, Moov Benin (Opérateur De Téléphonie Mobile), Nsia Banque Benin ( Ex Diamond Bank Benin, Banque Commerciale), Programme Education Financière (Côte d'Ivoire), Sudpay Benin (Fintech), Union Régionale des Producteurs des départements de l’Atlantique et du Littoral (URP/AL)


  • 22 155


  • 92 000

EurAfrik Benin
EurAfrik Benin, together with Micro-Finance Institutions organised activities for young students to promote electronic microfinance and savings. The activities were held in order to promote the revenue generations for the parents of the students who have limited income. All activities were held in association with informal savings clubs. The programme is currently being held in 18 schools, and EurAfrik hopes to expand to more schools. During Global Money Week, the savings product “SUBA”, meaning “Tomorrow”, was promoted. The organisers went to different schools, to spread awareness about investment clubs and electronic micro-finance. In each school, an electronic finance session was organised, using SUBA.

SIF-Groupe (Société d'Inclusion Financière) Benin
Global Money Week in Benin was launched by the Societe d’Inclusion Financiere (Financial Inclusion Society) (SIF-Groupe), in collaboration with the State Ministry. Several government representatives, representatives of the financial sector, and educational institutions were in attendance. Throughout the Week, students were invited to develop saving habits and prepare for their futures, with the goal of improving their financial health and contribute to the sustainability of the country. Partner organisations, such as the NSIA Bank, encouraged students to open saving accounts and highlighted the importance of savings. Furthermore, students were able to visit the NSIA Bank, as well as the Regional Securities Exchange and the ECOBANK. A digital finance seminar was held for the students. Throughout GMW2019, games and competitions were organised and at the close of the Week, the winners of the competitions were awarded. The activities allowed the young people to engage in the banking and financial sector and ask questions

2018 Benin Global Money Week


  • EurAfrik
  • Société d'Inclusion Financière (SIF-Groupe)


  • Bénin WEB TV, DB Com, Diamond Bank Benin, Ecobank Benin, Finagnon Primary School, La Marjolaine School Complex, Le Beninois Libere, Le Témoin, OB-TV, Océan FM, UNCDF, Univers Radio, 18 Technical Colleges


  • 6 700


  • 13 500

Société d'Inclusion Financière (SIF-Groupe)
The Financial Inclusion Society (SIF-Groupe), in collaboration with the DB Com and the Côte d'Ivoire ’s Financial Education Programme, successfully celebrated this years GMW. Multiple activities were organised for youth in Cotonou during the week. Before the week started, interviews were done, to collect information on the knowledge on money matters and savings of children, youth and adults. The official launch event happened on March 12th, with support of UNCDF, in the “La Marjolain” building. A large audience was present, including representatives of EcoBank and Diamond Bank, several media outlets, and most importantly hundreds of young participants. In collaboration with the scholar group “Finagnon”, ‘La Marjolaine” organised an event called ‘A banker in my classroom’, where representatives of banks visited schools to meet children and teach them about money matters, savings and banking systems. Children and youth were able to open child-friendly bank accounts to continue the financial inclusion. Also, a psycho-technical test was created by UNCFD in order to determine the children’s entrepreneurship skills. After this, discussions surrounding the theme “The bank, its products and financial inclusion for children” were organised. Finally, students from both “La Marjolein” and “Finagnon” participated in a quiz about savings and the Benin’s banking system. The different activities were truly appreciated by all participants. As a result of the successful week, SIF Group wants to extend the activities to other schools in the country.

EurAfrik organised an election for a youth governing body, which will overlook a mutual saving group in technical colleges. In addition, EurAfrik provided assistance looking for and establishing a partnership with youth financial service providers in colleges. Furthermore, they provided assistance in establishing a youth craft association. The objectives of the events were to teach youth about long-term micro saving, to offer mobile money service in colleges, to prepare the youth for employment after their schooling.

2017 Benin Global Money Week



  • Diamond Bank Bénin
  • Organe Consultatif de la Jeunesse (OCJ)
  • Mouvement d’Action pour les Jeunes (MAJ/ ABMS-PSI Bénin)


  • 200


  • 2500

Throughout Global Money Week 2017, AIESEC in Benin along with Diamond Bank Benin, Global Investment Corporation (GIC) and UNCDF, reached around 200 young students directly. More than 2500 people were reached indirectly through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

During GMW2017, Financial literacy awareness sessions were offered to students at ESCAE and ENEAM. The session led by Diamond Bank and the Global Investment Corporation (GIC) highlighted the importance of having a savings account, and gave key information to students about the financial market and Investment Clubs. Following these sessions 3 students’ investment clubs have been launched and about 30 students have opened a savings account.

In addition, Benin participated in the launch of the #BankTheYouth campaign during GMW2017.

2016 Benin Global Money Week




  • 14th - 19th of March


  • 150

Various civil society organisations successfully joined forces to help implement GMW2016 celebrations in Benin for the first time! The coalition of leading organisations set up an extensive GMW programme, starting on 14 March, to bring the topics of financial education and inclusion closer to the Beninese.

AIESEC Benin already introduced Global Money Week on national television (ORTB) on Sunday 13 March 2016, and a radio talk show specially dedicated to GMW took place to announce the Week during a radio programme focusing on youth education. Several young people called this show to participate in the debate, thus showing the interest of the youth in this matter. This media coverage helped to raise awareness about financial inclusion issues and advertised GMW events.

On 16 and 18 March, the GMW partners held saving shops in schools – students participated in a “saving shop” challenge, a practical competition to teach youth to save while shopping. This challenge helped them understand the value of money and develop critical thinking, decision making, team work, leadership, communication and savings skills. In addition, students took part in financial workshops in Cotonou and Calavi. Various financial institutions, such as microfinance, investments and mobile money firms, were invited to give advice to students on savings and investments. The workshops also served as career advisory centers for high school students who may be seeking for a career in the finance sector in the future. The workshops were hosted by two universities as well to address university students and to inform them about financial services and budget creation, as well as youth funding and micro-entrepreneurship.

The extent of this programme ensured an exciting first Global Money Week in Benin!