2018 Argentina Global Money Week


  • Banco Macro Argentina
  • Junior Achievement Argentina
  • Security Exchange Commission of Argentina (CNV)


  • Argentinian Exchange (BCBA), Banco Macro Foundation, Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos SA (BYMA), Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Caja de Valores S.A., Catamarca Ministry of Economic Development and Employment, Catholic University of Salta (UCASAL), Colegio Santa Rosa, Tucumán, Electronic Bond and Forex Exchange of Argentina (MAE), Instituto Argentino De Mercado De Capitales (IAMC),, MATBA Foundation, Mercado a Término de Buenos Aires (MATBA), Mercado Argentino De Valores S.A. (MAV),, Pequeños Pasos Foundation, ROFEX, Rosario Board of Trade (BCR), Ruta 40 Foundation, SI Foundation


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Security Exchange Commission of Argentina (CNV)
During Global Money Week 2018, the Security Exchange Commission of Argentina (CNV) hosted activities on financial education and financial inclusion for youth regarding Capital Market activities.
The CNV coordinated multiple activities on financial education and inclusion, with institutions from the Capital Market, where more than 800 students participated. The objective of the activities was for high school students and professionals to learn about the Capital Market of Argentina, to understand the value of money, and how to invest their savings. The activities included six activities in schools and the Stock Exchange. In total, 1,000 people visited the website and social media platforms to explore GMW related content. The different themes of the talk included “Options for the future”, “Investing in yourself, learning to save”, “Introduction to the Capital Market”, “Studying in order to save”, and “Saving for more opportunities”.

Banco Macro Argentina
Banco Marco participated for the third consecutive year in GMW with its financial education program “Cuentas Sanas”. The different events included The Economic Health Games, which existed of 10 workshops, a webinar for teachers called “Healthy Accounts for your future”. The Economic Health Games consisted of a competition for youth, with the aim of emphasizing teamwork and healthy competition to stimulate a better comprehension of financial concepts. Through the activities, the youth strengthened their knowledge of economic planning, goals budgeting, debt, long-term decisions, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, an online workshop for teachers was organized, allowing them to understand and incorporate concepts of family economics into their personal lives and to give them the tools to help their students understand these subjects. Because the workshop was online, teachers from all over the country had access to the training.

Junior Achievement Argentina
Junior Achievement in Argentina organized two guided tours for secondary school students through the offices of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. The main objective of the tour is to inform the youth on the function of the capital market, how to channel your savings towards productive investment, and showing how training and learning combined with saving can help individuals reap the benefits of investing in the capital market. An emphasis will be put on the importance of having an entrepreneurial spirit, the creative entrepreneur, and the necessity of receiving finances to carry out projects. JA’s goal was to help students understand the relevance of the capital market as an indispensable factor for innovation, technological developments, and the growth of the economy. Additionally, the students participated in a Selfie Challenge. The tour ended with a talk on the GMW theme “Money Matters Matter”.

2017 Argentina Global Money Week




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During Global Money Week 2017, the Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV), together with partners, reached youth through visits to the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, the Argentine Capital Markets Institute and the Buenos Aires End Market in conjunction with the Foundation Term Market of Buenos Aires.

Financial education awareness sessions were offered to young people and adults, including sessions on "the dynamics of the capital market, financial assets, savings and investment," and "consumption and saving” by the Instituto Argentino de Mercado de Capitales (IAMC), “the capital market as a channel of communication of savings towards productive investment" by the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires and "the use of future markets to protect the price of grains and crops" by MATBA and the Matba Foundation. In addition, the IAMC festively opened activities on 27 March in a special class with 79 students from Esc. De Educ. Media Nº 03 Antonio Devoto DE 17 and Esc. De Com. Nº 09 Jose Ingenieros DE 11 with high-level representatives of the CNV, IAMC and MERVAL.

JA Argentina, together with partners, managed to reach 410 young people through an Economic Education Forum and visits to the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and the Central Bank. An Economic Forum was held at the Vicente López University Center, where specialized volunteers spoke about the themes of the Global Money Week ("Learn. Save. Earn.") and the students were able to actively participate in the forum. Additionally, the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires opened its doors especially for GMW on 27 and 29 March, making a tour designed for young people and concluding with a talk on economic education so that young people could reflect personally on the subject. On 28 March, two visits were made to the Central Bank Museum, showing students the importance of money and its usefulness as a means of exchange.

As a pioneer in the country, Banco Macro participated for the second year in Global Money Week with its Education and Training Program for Financial Inclusion "Cuentas Sanas” (Healthy Accounts). The 2017 edition quadrupled the activities carried out by the bank in 2016, including face-to-face and virtual activities aimed to teachers and trainers working with young people between the ages of 16 and 24, with the aim of multiplying the scope, impact and effectiveness. In addition, there were face-to-face workshops held by specialized counselors from the “Cuentas Sanas” team, in order to raise awareness and interest amongst youth.

Furthermore, four webinars were held in which technical tools (methodological and pedagogical approaches to financial education for young people) were provided to teachers and trainers from eight Argentine provinces: Catamarca, Corrientes, Mendoza, Misiones, Tucumán, Salta, Province of Buenos Aires And Capital Federal. The participation of the “Cuentas Sanas” program also offered a series of workshops aimed at young people between 16 and 24 years of age. More than 300 high school students took part in the six workshops, together with a club and a foundation from the provinces of Buenos Aires, Misiones, Salta and Tucumán.

All activities were based on the “Programa de Formación Cuentas Sanas para tu futuro” (Healthy Accounts Training Program for Your Future) which was declared as an "Educational Interest" by the authorities of the six provinces. The Program included practical tools and resources about personal economics within topics such as personal and professional goals, first employment and sources of income, economic decision-making, savings and entrepreneurship management. In addition, technical and pedagogical methodologies about notions of economics and entrepreneurship were shared

2016 Argentina Global Money Week




  • 14th - 20th of March


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The Comisión Nacional de Valores Argentina, with the objective of strengthening financial education in the country, took on the leading role for Global Money Week this year from the financial sector. The Comisión brought together financial institutions and primary school, high school and university students to become part of the Global Money Week celebrations. Various events were organized in a collaborative and participatory way with the educational institutions, such as visits to the Stock Exchange and PRO.DI.BUR, interviews on the radio and a selfie-competition. All of these activities were sponsored and co-hosted by the leading participants such as the Economy Faculty of the University of Buenos Aires, presidents from the Stock Exchange, authorities from the Professional Board for Economic Sciences from CABA, directors from the Argentine Institute for Capital Markets from MERVA, and the Argentine Mutual Funds Association. The Cuentas Sanas team of Banco Macro organized several separate events in their first participation this year in Global Money Week.

“Leading the first Cuentas Sanas’ workshop for trainers was inspiring, we could prove there is so much potential in them working as allies. At the same time, through technology we are able to reach trainers (and their students) all over the country” Webinar keynote speaker
“I liked the part where we talked about social networks related to job search, it was very useful” Male, 17 years old, Temperley, Argentina
“The most interesting was learning about the different types of bank accounts and debit and credit cards” Male, 15 years old, Temperley Argentina

2015 Argentina Global Money Week


  • Bettina Langerfeldt


  • 9th - 17th of March


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Family is one of the most important things in the life of children and youth. In this developmental phase, the example of parents and tutors are of utmost importance. In Argentina Global Money Week celebrations had a special focus on how the family context affects the development of children and youth's financial lives. Special workshops were given to heads of households, entrepreneurs, and youth. In these workshops different topics, such as budgeting, spending, saving and business planning, were touched on to illustrate what can be done in the different stages of a person's financial life.