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2019 Angola Global Money Week


  • National Bank of Angola


  • 17 Colleges, 2 Radio Stations, 28 Schools, Angolan agency for Insurance Regulation and Supervision – ARSEG, Capital Market Commission (CMC), EMIS- Interbank Service Company, Endiama Hospital, KERO- Supermarket, Police and Provincial Government of Huambo


  • 15 386


  • 15 000 000

National Bank of Angola
GMW2019 in Angola was launched by the Mr. José Cornélio, Deputy Governor of the Province of Huambo, in the presence of other representatives of the provincial government, financial institutions, teachers and students of both public and private schools. Children visited the Central Bank and were told about the role and mission of the Bank, as well as the operations of commercial banks, and were taught on topics related to personal finance management focusing on conscious consumption and savings. The children pretended to be entrepreneurs at kiosks, giving them the opportunity to experience what it entails to be an entrepreneur and how one must manage their financial resources. Additionally, lectures were held on themes related to savings, the history of the national currency, payment systems, tax obligations, and insurance and pension fund.

2018 Angola Global Money Week


  • National Bank of Angola (BNA)


Angola Business Women's Club, Angolan Banking Association (ABANC), Media organisations, Ministry of Education, Museum of Currency, Polytechnic Institutes, Schools, Universities


  • 15 022


  • 692 352

National Bank of Angola (BNA)

To celebrate GMW2018, the National Bank of Angola (BNA) held a Global Money Week 2018 event in Luanda, under the theme “Money Matters, Yes”. The opening ceremony was held at the Moeda Museum Square and was attended by the Governor of the BNA who gave the opening address to students and teachers from public and private schools in the province of Luanda. The inauguration was also attended by several high-profile BNA staff, such as the Secretary of State for Education, members of the Board of Directors, directors and consultants of BNA, and the President of the ABANC.

The Week was celebrated between March 12 - 18 and included several activities. At the opening ceremony, 30 students from public and private schools visited the BNA headquarters, accompanied by 15 heads of institutions. During the visit, students had the chance to meet with the Governor of the BNA. Students learnt about the main responsibilities of the BNA through a reconstruction of the Central Bank, called “Mini Central Bank”. Here, children, youth, and visitors learnt about the main roles and missions of the BNA in maintaining Angolan financial confidence and stability.

Students had the opportunity to visit the permanent exhibition room of the Moeda Museum (the money museum) where they were taught about the history of money in Angola. They learnt a lot about the influence of the Portuguese colonial presence, the emergence of the Kwanza as legal tender after Angolan independence, and payments in economic and financial transactions.

Two lectures were also held every day, from Monday to Friday, for students from Polytechnic Institutes and Universities. They attended sessions on topics such as "Finance Management Personal "and" How to be a good Entrepreneur ". About 1,572 young people and adults participated in this activity.

As part of the GMW campaign, several recreational activities were carried out during which children and teenagers acted as "small entrepreneurs" in several commercial and financial kiosks created for the event. The aim was to raise awareness on topics such as entrepreneurship, the importance of money, and conscious consumption.

In total, 140 institutions participated in the Week, including primary and secondary schools, polytechnic institutes and universities. More than 50 news releases went out through radios, newspapers, television channels, and social networks.